One Million Dollars

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While the team was prepping our upcoming Splinterlands UNTAMED Kickstarter with physical products and the pre-sale of UNTAMED booster packs we were looking at some numbers.

We were having a look at the amount of transactions that have occurred on the market and realized we hit a milestone... a big one!

It turns out that the Splinterlands community, you the players, have collectively completed over 1,700,000 card transactions for more than 1,000,000.00 USD with each other!!!

How crazy is that! We've been around a little over a year and you guys have been furiously buying and selling cards this whole time! Who knew?!?

Since there's a 5% market fee (which is used to purchase dec off the market and is then used for prize pools) this impacts another great number: the amount of prizes we've awarded. Stay tuned for an announcement about that shortly!

To Celebrate we're hosting a tournament!

There's another announcement post that will be linked this one, but we're giving notice that we're putting together a 250,000 (two hundred and fifty thousand) DEC tournament to celebrate (~$250). We've purchased that off the market today and will be setting up this tournament and one other. One tournament will be open to silver league level cards and the other will be for gold level gold foil cards.

We'll also sprinkle in some legendary summoners we got from the airdrop so the total prize pool of each of these tournaments should be over $300 each.

They'll start in early September, which coincidentally is when we hope to launch the Kickstarter campaign!

Many Thanks!

As per usual we want to thank the players for being awesome and passionate fans of the game, helping us build out one the most active gaming communities in all of crypto, helping us grow through the long alt coin winter, and pushing us to excel.

You're the best! And here's to the next million (USD) monsters traded!



I think it's very important to note here that that $1M USD all went to players, not to the Steem Monsters / Splinterlands company. Even the 5% market fee was all put right back into tournament prizes paid out to players.

Do you see that happening in Hearthstone or Clash Royale? This is exactly the power of a decentralized game where YOU own your digital assets.

Splinterlands is really fun. It's not like other blockchain projects where you just play because you want to try something on a blockchain. Well done.

The only drawback it has on non-blockchain games is the fact that battles are not interactive. You can't do something during the battle, just watch.

I know this would be very hard to implement, since players already value cards based on their stats, and changing how cards play will inevitably the change the value of the cards relative to each another, but this would really make splinterlands the perfect dapp. Better go through that before it goes viral (after this crazy bear market).

This is my son's complaint relative to Magic The Gathering. I'm not really up to speed on these things.

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The only drawback it has on non-blockchain games is the fact that battles are not interactive.

I have an idea concerning this: maybe at first step one could allow players to change the order of their teams after every round? Does that sound interesting? It wouldn't be a huge intervention ...

I tag @yabapmatt so he might read the suggestion.
(Actually, I am not convinced that it would improve the user experience of the game, I am just collecting ideas ...)

I think this is a really good idea. It’s way simpler to code.

But this should still affect the prices of cards relative to one another.

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I just wish someone would communicate this eloquently to a non crypto savy audience. If nobody else manages, I'll have to!

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We need the game like Clash Royal on steem.

Sooooo true well said! Glad I found this game and community!

this is incredible! then how do you cover costs? Is it just the same, you guys also get profits from trading like others?

We make money from pack sales.

oh i see. now I realized that i actually didn't read the post carefully. thanks! is there any way to see the revenue? I saw posts about revenue from time to time, and i also once calculated on my own, but wondering if there's a place to see it more easily.

We Have The Power!

SteemMonsters is truly revolutionary.

Great news! I bought a couple cards on the market this morning. Hopefully tournaments will get bigger and more bad ass!

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SM has been to date the most profitable and fun blockchain games I’ve had the opportunity to play in. I see this product as one that looks for constant ways to add value to its players. Even in the current downtrend cryptocurrency has been facing they are still holding decent value.

Thank you for all the hard work. I look forward to seeing this game grow even bigger in the years to come. This is quite the accomplishment. Cheers!

I so much agree with everything you said Enjar. Upvote!

Fantastic and Congratulations. Now If I could only get some more Legendary Summoners...........

O great, I already never get to play you anymore and with those summoners, I'm glad I don't!

Splinterlands is on FIRE!!!!!

062 - Phoenix (663px, 5fps).gif

Good Job Splinterlands! Next milestone...

What's steemonstes?

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Congrats, that's a nice 5% profit too.

We put all of the market fees back into tournament rewards...also that $1M includes sales through both the Splinterlands and PeakMonsters markets, so not all of the market fees were earned by us. The only revenue we earn is through pack sales, but we understand that bigger tournament prizes and higher market prices translate into higher pack sales, so it's truly a rising tide lifts all ships type of situation!

Oh I didn't mean it negatively, I keep hearing from many players how they're earning from playing daily. It's nice to see the future of blockchain games and its advantages to players start in full force!

Yea I didn't take it negatively, just wanted to point out that we don't keep the 5% market fee as profit.

Tbh I wouldn't mind if you did keep a small %, its a more sustainable model

We earn money from selling cards, not from market fees. The business is currently quite profitable and likely the most sustainable on the Steem platform.

It's also great to see how well SM have done without any outside/steemit help, so kudos to you.

Greetings, @steemmonsters

Excelent notice. Thankl you for share with us!!!!

1 million Trading Volume is very impressive considering that we are still in Bear Market, congrats!!!
I just wonder, if Tournament prizes get funded by Booster Pack Sales plus Market fees, how come that the prize structures of the Tournaments didn't increased recently?
Or are you holding back a certain amount of the prize pool? How big or large is the total Prize Pool which is available for tournaments currently?

I think he said they get paid via packs. Market feed fund tournaments.

I think he said they
Get paid via packs. Market
Feed fund tournaments.

                 - sinistry

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Sounds great!!!! I love being a part of Steem monsters. Exited to see what the the UNTAMED packs look like.

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This looks intresting :)

I’m looking forward to the new untamed cards! 😎

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Woot Woot !!

This is fantastic. I hope I don't miss these tournaments like I do with the other ones :D

Totally awesome Milestone! Cant wait for the Tournaments .upped 💯 and resteemed 👹👾💕🙋

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This is evidence that a good job has been done. @steemmonsters very well designed in such a way that no matter how recently a new player gets involved, he ends up passionate about the game.
Esto es evidencia que se ha hecho un buen trabajo. @steemmonsters muy bien diseñado de tal manera que por más recién que se involucre un nuevo jugador, termina apasionado con el juego.

So dope, with our community we can do anything regardless of a .17 Steem price. Hopefully people start understanding what we are capable of together.... Should be no reason we don't see a $10 Steem price...... Congratulations @steemmonsters and @everyone 🚀🍻 Here is to another MILLLION.........

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love to hear the news! been pretty new to steemmonsters and looking forward to more content!

Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!!

This is really great news! Also note that the awarded tournament prizes are approaching 50k dollars!

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so when will be the event will on we really excite to here it where i am just keep my foot in the streemit and there isevent ready to start i am so pumped up

Here is to the first BILLION :)

It's perhaps steem will be well known because of splinterlands.

@steemmonsters, Congratulations team and this is really amazing journey till now but the most important aspect is continous updates and innovations which boosted the Adoption Rate. My good wishes are with you team. Stay blessed.

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