We put all of the market fees back into tournament rewards...also that $1M includes sales through both the Splinterlands and PeakMonsters markets, so not all of the market fees were earned by us. The only revenue we earn is through pack sales, but we understand that bigger tournament prizes and higher market prices translate into higher pack sales, so it's truly a rising tide lifts all ships type of situation!

Oh I didn't mean it negatively, I keep hearing from many players how they're earning from playing daily. It's nice to see the future of blockchain games and its advantages to players start in full force!

Yea I didn't take it negatively, just wanted to point out that we don't keep the 5% market fee as profit.

Tbh I wouldn't mind if you did keep a small %, its a more sustainable model

We earn money from selling cards, not from market fees. The business is currently quite profitable and likely the most sustainable on the Steem platform.

It's also great to see how well SM have done without any outside/steemit help, so kudos to you.

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