Short Story | Malric, infernal flames.

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Malric, infernal flames.

Flames was not prepared for what was about to happen, not even the nearby kingdoms knew of his arrival, for me, it was too late.

— Caler, what is happening in the woods?

— We do not know master.

— Gather the team, I will go as soon as possible.

The gates of the castle of flames opened and my carriage departed in the darkness toward the east, the forest of Urt had been strangely illuminated for only a few hours, since the gray moon rested upon us. Something was happening and I felt deep within me the cries of the old guardian of the earth calling out to the rest of the guardians, no doubt I was the only one capable of reaching that place so quickly.

— Keep going Caler, we're close.

In the darkness, I could feel through my flames how "something" was happening, it was a sensation of fear that apparently none of the warriors of the realm could perceive, however, it was too late to report it, only one thing mattered, to get there.

— Stop!

The carriage stopped quickly and the doors opened into the darkness of the forest.

— What is it, master?

— It is here...

— There is nothing here.

Caler could not see it, around him there was only the darkness of the forest, but I was very clear, the elves had done an excellent job hiding their people, using the wisdom of the great guardian and his mystical strength to create a magical barrier capable of keeping them isolated from the rest of the world for their own protection.

— Back all...

I raised my fist and burned every part of my body, slowly placed my hand on an invisible space in front of me and after a flame all that mirage was incinerated by my magic, giving way to what was really hidden behind that place.

— Master?!

— Go quickly!

The soldiers ran among the flames that began to consume part of the entrance to the village, a fatuous fire of purple color that devastated everything in its path, in it two small elves were already completely turned into stone before our eyes.

— Caler accompany me as soon as possible.

— Yes master!

Observe the color of the moon, something was not right, with each step the cries of anguish of my firstborn, the guardian of the earth, became louder and louder.

— Can you hear it Caler?

— What master thing?

— It is the cry of the earth.

The great tree was represented in front of us, surrounded by great ivory walls and long branches that went through the whole forest. On the other side was the village but there was no time for it, it only mattered to save him.

— Sehizar Alt Cuertz...

The fire sprouted like a wave from my body and wrapped the great walls in front of us, the intensity with which it emanated quickly melted the walls, opening a complete passage to the interior of that building that functioned as a temple for my brother.

— Master?

— Let us continue.

My movements were guided by the scream of anguish that was present in my head, an echo that in desperation cried out for help.

— You are a useless Gilian.

The 4 guardians born in the first era were all raised as brothers for more than a millennium. Our existence gave way to endless tests that succeeded in awakening what the monks called "the essence", a mystical power that would lead us to the protection of this land and its people. Gilian was the youngest of my siblings, a foolish and frightened child who only thought of peace in the face of the immeasurable fear that dwelt within him. He always got into trouble and we ended up covering for him to avoid some punishment.

— Gilian!

— Malric!

— What did we tell you?

— Do not leave the temple...

— Then why did you go to the village of the Elves?

— I just...

— Never leave the temple again! You are not yet a guardian!

— But I want to protect them!

— And you will, in the future.

That same night, the temple was attacked by dark troops, demons of death capable of destroying everything in their path.

— Gilian!

— I will protect them!

Zintar had wiped out the entire village, there was no monk left, no teacher, just the four of us, the young guardians who were not prepared to fulfill their destiny.

— Petty little brats...

— From... Leave them alone!

Zintar's shadow turned his gaze to one side, I watched Gilian with a small green stone in his hands.

— Stop Gilian!

It was too early, we were not ready to take on such a mission and Gilian was just a child.

— What will a brat like you do?

— I will protect everyone...

The light from that little stone began to shine just as Zintar levitated in its direction.

— Fucking brat!

— Gilian!

After that, thousands of roots destroyed the shadows, the light covered the darkness and one by one the demons of death were disappearing, as for Gilian, he had a high price to pay for his interference.

— What is this master tree?

— It is the guardian, Gilian.

The tree furrowed the top of the forest, reaching a size out of the normal, with its power the balance of the world is kept in synchrony with that of the other guardians, it was a mystical force capable of driving away evil.

— What do we do?

— Protect it, they are coming.

The shadows appeared around the inside of the temple, the plants began to die and various creatures growl and sneak around.

— Master?

— Use your magic Caler, there is no time.

The magical fire of our combined forces managed to keep them away from the great tree, on the outside different cries were heard through the wind, something bad was happening outside.

— Malric...

— Gilian?

— Protect them...

A drop fell on my cheek and became steam with the heat of my fire, Gilian was still fighting to protect that people, it was my turn to protect him.

— Charming Malric.

— Zintar...

The shadow of pale skin crossed the threshold of one of the entrances to the center of the temple, showing the rotten face of that creature.

— Do you remember me? What a detail...

— I could never forget you.

My eyes gleamed with fury and became more and more inflamed as I watched that creature that had finished with the monastery. An abominable being with an insatiable thirst for death.

— I came to finish what I started, if I may...

— Caler, get out of here and take the army with you!

— But master!

— Carry out my orders!

Caler made a small bow and crossed the corridor leaving that place quickly.

— What can you do alone?

— What I should have done a long time ago...

— No Malric...

The moonlight reached its peak, bathing the great tree are its energy. There was no time.

— Zeic... sarh....

— Do you really think you can stop me?

If I wanted to finish with Zintar I had to use the maximum of my power and end everything in its path, for the good of the world and the natural balance of things.

— No Malric!

— ... caelum.

The fire of my body shines a scarlet red, expanding around, embracing with its flames the creatures in its path and heading for Zintar. Ending with a great supernova capable of destroying everything.

— Pathetic...

Zintar made a movement of his hands and wrapped himself in a blue flame that burned the glow of my flames, running through space and turning my own fire into an intense blue color.

— What are you doing?!

— Your power belongs to me Malric...

The flames ran through the temple covering each of its parts, continuing to come out of my interior without stopping, turning my own body into a blue flame that ended the life around me.

— Together we will end them all.

The explosion of energy continued to expand, covering the temple and everything beyond its walls.

— Mad...ric.

— Master? Are you all right?

My flames had turned blue again that night. The creatures at the bottom of the temple of fire were terrified of my own presence.

— All is well Caler...

Zintar had disappeared and the memories of that night followed one another in my head, Flames was not prepared for what was about to happen, not even the nearby kingdoms knew of his arrival, for me, it was too late.


The story is completely of my authorship for participate in the
Steem Monsters Rare Card Fantasy Story Contest!

The images used were extracted from the following sources and edited by myself for composed art:

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