Announcing Past Winner and New Contest Giving Away - 3 Gold Cards CLOSED

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Congratulations to @schachoberhessen for winning the contest. I hope you have a lot of fun in this game. Another starter set giveaway is planned for the near future, so keep your eyes peeled if you didnt win this time.

Three Gold Card Giveaway

In the mean time, allow me to introduce a chance to win one of three gold cards. Too enter, please follow me, and leave a comment with your favorite common or rare card. Who ever is the first to match with one of the winning cards will recieve it for free. Those who are kind enough to resteem this post will also recieve a second attempt at guessing a correct card. If you make 2 guesses without resteeming, then only the first will be counted.


I have encrypted the names of the three gold cards being given away. When they have all been claimed, or 3 days have gone by, I will reveal the key. There is 1 rare and 2 commons up for grabs.

Edit: Thanks to everyone for participating. I will be holding many more gice aways, so if you didnt win this time then keep your eyes open!

The key for the encryption is SMTCG and you can decrypt it here

The correct cards were Medusa, Goblin Shaman, and Sea Genie.

Life hit hard this week, so I did not get as much work done on the pen and paper rpg for steem monsters as I had planned. All of the skills and abilities have been worked out however.

I mostly just need to Iron out the summoning and economics system. If you would like to share some ideas or play test then feel free to hit me up on the SM discord my username is nomadic-maverick.


My favorite is the sabre shark because he's a real cool guy. Like me. So follow me too.

hello my card favorite is divine healer

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Hi, i like the card Sea Genie

Congrats! That was one of the correct cards, I'll be sending in a few minutes.

Wow!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,
received with much love, thanks

And my second attempt would be Cerberus

Flesh Golem is great :D

Second would be Haunted Spirit :)

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Kobald miner is an underrated monster he may seen weak but boy can he do some damage

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Thank you for participating, dont forget to leave a follow though.

My bad! Followed you now :-)

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Hi, my cards favorite is Elven Cutthroat and Haunted Spirit

first try: Grumpy Dwarf

second try: Flame Imp

hello my card favorite is Silvershield Warrior

hello my card favorite is Minotaur Warrior'

hello my card favorite is feral spirit

Thanks for the resteem, don't forget to leave a follow though.

I follow you)

second try: Spineback Wolf

Is it available to crack your hash via brute force all common and rare card names?

That's a good point, I'm not sure. There was someone who messaged me on discord a few hours ago asking how I devided the card names though lol.

Next rounds I'll have to make it more unique, but obvious what cards I am referring to. Thanks for participating and bringing that up!

It was me =). I think this is a good challenge to do so for programmers. Also, another solution is to find your account and explore your collection. I think puzzles are more interesting than just lotteries.

Rusty Android =)

Congrats! You are correct! Will be sending in a moment

Many thanks! I'll play with it, and will make puzzle with a prize of this card for others.

card favorite is Clay Golem

card favorite is Goblin Shaman

That is one I picked! Congrats, will send in a moment

Silvershield Knight

First thank you very much for the packet !
I started playing and now I'm in Silver 2.
My first try would be: Earth Elemental

second try: Twisted Jester

first: Dragon Whelp
second: Neb Seni

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first try: Rexy

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