Steem Monsters Voice Actor Casting Round 2!!!

We're back with Round 2 of our Voice Acting Auditions!
The judges have listened to all the entries and we have placed each entrant with what we feel is the best fit.

If you have been selected, please be sure to read the entire post for further instructions.

Without further ado.....let's meet the Steem Monsters cast!!!

Red Team

Malric Inferno - @riversandroads
Cerberus - @balticbadger
Goblin Shaman - @flauwy
Giant Roc - @skunkybum
Talia Firestorm - @sunravelme

Blue Team

Pirate Captain - @darrenclaxton
Sabre Shark - @jedau
Xia Seachan - @dayleeo
Frost Giant - @doctorcrypto

Green Team

Stonesplitter Orc - @averagewanderer
Flesh Golem - @doctorcrypto
Goblin Sorcerer - @reseller
Minotaur Warrior - @theadmiral0
Xander Foxwood - @shookriya

White Team

Air Elemental - @indigoocean
Silvershield Paladin - @csquint
Kiara Lightbringer - @staceyjean

Black Team

Spineback Wolf - @jeffjagoe
Jarlax The Undead - @agr8buzz

Neutral Team

Elven Cutthroat - @snook
Centaur - @daveonarrival
Peaceful Giant - @alnedkov
Enchanted Pixie - @katrina-ariel
Cocatrice - @dreemit
Magi Sphinx - @krystle

Congratulations to all cast members!

There will be 2 stages of the voice acting process:

-A short quip to be played when the card flip animation occurs
-A short character story

We will be starting with the short voice quips.

We need confirmation from each cast member letting us know that you are still able to participate.
Please leave a comment on this post or leave a message in the voice-actors channel of the Steem Monsters Discord.
We will need confirmation by Friday, November 9th.

Recording Details

Please refer to the appropriate link to find the quips you need to record:

Neutral Team, Talia Firestorm, Kiara Lightbringer, Xia Seachan, Xander Foxwood, and Jarlax the Undead will use the Beta Voice Quips Link.

Red Splinter Voice Quips

Blue Splinter Voice Quips

Green Splinter Voice Quips

White Splinter Voice Quips

Black Splinter Voice Quips

Beta Voice Quips

Please record and submit by Sunday, November 18th.

Each voice actor will receive 15 Steem upon completion and approval!

How to Submit

Please submit an mp3, wav, aif, flac Here.

Recording Tips from @harrisonmr

Some things to remember going forward into the recording process.

  • Don't talk directly into your microphone. Better to look slightly past (2 o'clock) to avoid pops and distortion. A pop filter will help greatly if you have one.
  • Be mindful of background noise. Quiet environments, and rooms crowded with objects are best. Try clapping in the room you're in, if you hear a lot of sound bouncing around, maybe a different room. Blankets/pillows can help to muffle sound, whether you hang them up or hide in them (just don't let them rub on the mic).
  • The best thing to do is just take the time to test and troubleshoot first. Always mic check, and listen back to your recording through familiar headphones to make sure it sounds clean and clear. Better to have a test take ruined than an exceptional performance.

We look forward to hearing your recordings!

If you have any questions please contact @isaria or @harrisonmir in the Voice Actor channel of the Steem Monsters Discord.

Thank you for your continued support!

Steem Monsters Contact Info

Official Account: @steemmonsters


Woohoooooo!!! 🎉🎉🎉 Congrats to all the new cast members! I’m thrilled to be cast as the Enchanted Pixie 🧚‍♀️ and am looking forward to recording her part when I return from Steemfest! 🦋😈🦋

Myself and @skunkybum accept!
Can't wait to get it to you guys!

Just to be clear. Do you already have my frost giant takes? Or would you like me to re do them?

Wayhay! Congrats to everyone who participated!

Sabre Shark reporting for duty! I think I've already recorded my quips here when I auditioned? But, I went ahead and submitted the wav file for it on the link as well. Looking forward to the next steps!

Awesome bro!!

WOOOOOOOOOOOOT! I'm so excited!! Thank you for picking me!

I am in! Just sent over some clips.
Let me know if you want anything revised.

Yay! I'm so excited to be cast as Talia! @riversandroads and I are both ready to move forward!

Congrats my friend!
Very exciting isn't it?

Congrats to the other voice actors!!
I'm really honoured to have been selected as 'THE PIRATE CAPTAIN' in THE BLUE TEAM.
I've already recorded my short quip, and sent it over to the appropriate link up there in this post.
@harrisonmr Please confirm that you received it please chap.
Thanks again.

Congratulations Darren!!! 😀

Cheers my friend!
All good harmless fun!

I always new you were a pirate, congrats @darrenclaxton, fun is good for the soul...congrats to all,GO BLUE TEAM

Wow! This water sign is super stoked! Thanks team, going to get on this asap!

Very cool!! Looking forward to voicing Jarlax The Undead!

Posted using Partiko Android

I'm a centaur? Cool. I'll get this recorded after Steemfest when my voice will be more energized.

Sure, I'm in! Fun times! :)

Excited to be here! I'm looking forward to recording more as an Orc or any other role that could be assigned to me.

Sweet! Here's my voice quips for Kiara Lightbringer 😄

Listen to Kiara Lightbringer take 3 by SpaceStace #np on #SoundCloud

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Awesome! I’m glad you liked my take on Xander Foxwood, that was my favorite too ;) I’ll work on these quips this week.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Tell me you're trying to get James Earl Jones for Lord of Darkness.

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I'll have to be a day or two late in submitting my voice quip. I'm sick right now and also not in a good place to record anything.

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I'm so sorry, I never got the notification that I was cast.
Yes, I would like to stay on-board as the Silvershield Paladin.

Okay, so the mic I use to record broke, I did manage to get to my brother's and record but if you need me to redo anything I'll be getting my new mic on Monday-
I recorded them separately- the battle and death cry:
The lines:
The grunt:

Woohoo, it is an honor to voice the Goblin Shaman for Steem Monsters. You just don't stop to make us all more and more addicted to your game, do you? ;)

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