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Steem Monsters Trading

Hey guys! @cryptoeater here and I’ve been invited to talk a bit about my experiences trading on Steem Monsters.

Trading Cards on the Blockchain

Firstly, how does it all work? Well, Steem Monsters now has the feature to gift users cards! This essentially just means our cards can be traded, and that our cards are OURS, and we can do whatever we want with them! Send it to @null if you want! This is done through editing our JSON data which allows cards to be traded between other cards, or sold for Steem of SBD between players!

My Trading Experience

I like trading, I like card games, I like the market, thus trading Steem Monsters cards was an inevitability for me. However, what I didn't anticipate was how profitable (it first was) and how addicted I became.

Day one - opening packs

I bought 20 packs at the start, got gifted 5 from @aggroed for some nice suggestions (you know how you can click outside of the card to exit instead of JUST that little "x"?? That was my suggestion amongst many others!) and got 5 epics and 0 legendaries from those 25 packs. Mathematically, this was TERRIBLE luck. I was content with this terrible luck for a few days and didn't buy anything more, especially since Steem prices were tanking and it costed more Steem/SBD then compared to when I first started.

A few days later

I wake up, check Discord and see that TRADING had been announced! This is where the story really begins.

I quickly hopped on my laptop and began scouting the markets (on the Discord), there wasn't much action, a lot of buyers and not many sellers. I did some maths, and at this rate buying and opening packs would yield massive profits statistically, so it's like gambling, where YOU have the edge! I thought to myself, fuck it let's buy some more packs! 20 more packs, $40 dollars more down the drain and still no legendary??? Considering legendaries were at 1.1% each (1% + 0.1% presale bonus), there was only an 8.3% chance where opening 45 packs would not yield a single legendary. Angry, I bought more and more packs until finally, at my 56th pack I revealed my first legendary. What do I do with it? Sell it of course! (Feel free to check out the post here!!

I soon open a couple more legendaries and my Steem Monsters MANIA was in full swing.

Steem Monsters Community

This was when I first started getting involed in the community! Chatting, trading and discussing Steem Monsters on the Discord. I've had my Steemit Discord for months (I only use this Discord account for Steemit related stuff), and had PMed 14 people before Steem Monsters, I just counted! In the short days played Steem Monsters, I've talked to 25 individuals, many just for trading, but many others who I felt we bonded with a bit and started talking about other stuff, you know who you are ;)

Actual Trading Experience + Market

So, interested in how much your cards are worth? Look no further, or keep looking because honestly, I have no fucking clue.

I, like you, am just testing the waters. I've had so many people come to me asking for the price, but honestly I'm new to this too! However, I will talk a bit about my personal history of selling cards, ripping others and myself off :)

It all started a few days ago, back when there was actually a nice spread between buyers and sellers.

I first sold 11 epics for 28SBD. This was the market price at the time, as others were selling them for around 3 Steem each, which was around 4 SBD each! I bought packs with the SBD I just earned and opened many more epics and 2 legendaries, I was on a roll! I would like to point out that I did NOT use a merchant for this trade, in fact to date I've traded over $2000 USD worth of cards with no merchant, sorry @alucare ;)

The markets soon turned sour though, as I started selling epics for 2.5 SBD, then 2 Steem (hoping people would think it's cheaper when it's actually more expensive haha), then 1.5 Steem, then 1 Steem, then 0.5 Steem, then 0.35Steem. Each time I made a transaction, the price per card was lower than the last time I made a transaction :(

However the market is alright now, and stabilizing at the rates I'll list below

I made a lot of trades, but I don't remember them all so I'll just tell you guys a few stories :D

When I ripped myself off, but not really HAHA

I sold all my epics (48 at the time) at 0.35 Steem, opened more packs and got 11 epics back + 5 legendaries with the packs I opened, I'd say it was quite worth because I got lucky, but honestly whoever bought those epics at 0.35 Steem got a MASSIVE bargain, since they're at 1 Steem again now haha

When I bought a shit ton of summoners

I forgot how many I've bought, but I'm sure I've spent over 100 SBD buying summoners HAHA
Here are all the rare summoners I have

Why I collect summoners

Speculation! A lot of people have asked me why I am hoarding summoners, it's basically just game sense. I feel like if they are literally summoners of monsters, they will be in very high demand. Especially if they are the ones who generate mana, and monsters cost mana, you'd want as much mana as possible!! This is just my personal opinion though.


  • Commons: 0.05 Steem
  • Rares: 0.25 Steem (summoners 0.50 Steem)
  • Epics: 1.00 Steem
  • Legendaries: 12 Steem (Selenia Sky 25 Steem)
  • With buy in bulk discounts :)
  • Contact me on cryptoeater#5209 on Discord if you're interested :)

Overall Experience

Overall I've had a great experience. The community is great, excited and very actively involved in Steem Monsters. I have never been scammed, because people value their Steemit reputation far more than a few Steem, which is understandable. Everyone is friendly in the Discord and share the same enthusiasm for the project! Honestly, I just love how much community support and involvement is behind this project, and almost everything here on Steemit in general haha

Good luck to everyone in there quest to get some legendaries ;)

And remember, for cheap cards PM me on Discord c:


Agree with yah bro that openning a monster packs is a bit addictive. I openned 50 packs already but unfortunately no legendary in it - only epic cards but my target was to own at least 1 legendary cards. but I will not stop til I get one. hopefully soon.

Im just wondering, how to play this cards esp those common cards - I have a bunch of it, I hope we can use it also fo the trounament or at least use it in any way and not just being a garbage in our collection tab, lol

You can level them up and through levelling them up they will become much more powerful! I'm also discussing with @aggroed about certain pathways to allow us to burn cards, for example unlocking bonus lore/fights by sacrificing cards to grant that specific monster permanent stat boosts just for you!

I think it would be fitting too if at some point @steemmonsters stops producing legendary cards or significantly lowers the drop rate (from the 4 that it is currently to something like 0.25 or even less), but make it so that you "birth" a new card of the same type once you level it up all the way to max XP.

No matter the rate of gaming events, the amount of XP to be obtained is limited, so the supply coming out of that side ("birthed" cards) should be relatively low, depending on just how much XP can be earned per day on average.

My thought on this is that it adds further incentive to keep playing in the events. The idea that you can double the number of your legendary cards without having to pay a cent more, by simply gaining more and more XP with every event that you play in, should cause the interest in the events to significantly increase, versus not having the added motivation of "increasing position".

Thanks for the invitation to write @aggroed! Had a lot of fun trading and writing :)

These rates are pretty old since the article above was written quite a few days ago!! Below are the new rates:


Buy 50 or more for 0.75 Steem each
Commons 0.05 Steem
50 or more for 10% off
Rares 0.25 Steem
25 or more for 10% off
PM me if you want to buy/sell summoners
(Typically summoners around 0.4Steem)
Epics for 0.6 Steem each
10 or more for 10% off
Selling Legendaries at different rates
Normals: 9.5 Steem each (9 Steem for 3 or more)
Golds: 12 Steem each (11 Steem each for a set of all goldens apart from Selenia)
Selenia: 20 Steem

Seems like the cheaper option to collect the epics through trading rather than trying to get lucky buying booster packs.

Legionaries is another question... wow 12 - 25 Steem.

According to the data from opening 1,000 packs you need to open 14.5 packs on average to get a Legendary. This means that it will cost you $29, just roughly the same as 12 Steem. So it seems like it might be possible to buy cards and sell the Legendary cards, and make a profit from it :)

And remember, for cheap cards PM me on Discord c:

Aw c'mon, this seems a little conflict of interest to advertise cards for sale on the main/official account unless every single one these #SteemMonsters auctions going on get a reblog too!

Of course I'm saying this as someone with two auctions currently going ;)

I get where you're coming from, but I was invited to speak about my experiences and talk about the prices and my overall time here. I guess you could see it as an interesting read about the internal workings of trading, or a conflict of interest, up to you! And btw, I've had no PMs from here asking to buy ;(

Hey :)
I'm looking for flesh golems. How many do you have for sale?

Akox grins widely as he exclaims

Summoners are great, cheap summoners are better... can they only be bought cheap in the "PM" ? Akox does not care whether it is AM or PM, it is always a good time for deals by my shop.

Akox laughs from his throat, flashing a toothy smile. He cuts the laugh short with a grunt and a scowl

I have to agree with @cryplectibles on this one. It's a bit of a weird standing point for the official account to be posting @cryptoeater's content directly.

I have no fucking clue.

When I bought a shit ton of summoners

(hoping people would think it's cheaper when it's actually more expensive haha)



I was invited to write by @aggroed, so I just wrote something I'd post on my own blog.

I can not get it because there is no money to buy a card😣

you can always trade your upvote for cards. :)

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Awesome post, thanks for the inside look. :D
I've been thinking I should get more involved in the trading aspect, as much as I love everything about this game. You've nudged me further in that direction.

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