Steem Monsters Facebook & Telegram Update!

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Hello everyone! I am happy to let you know the winner of this week's Facebook contest giveaway was @TonyGreene113! You are the new owner of a Gold Foil rare medusa card!

Come visit us in the Steem Monsters Facebook below for your chance to win a Gold Foil Rare or Legendary Card! You also get to pick the prize in a FB Poll for the contest each week!

We are spreading the Steem Monster Love all around! We are so happy to have you here in the Steem Monsters community!
I hope you all are having a wonderful day in Steem Monster Land! Every week we have a list of a few different prizes and a poll up for you to decide the weekly prize!
This week we had a selection of Gold Foil rares or Legendaries, they picked a Angel of Light Legendary card!

Angel of Light (841px, 12fps) (1).gif

Here are the charts of the past month until 8-31-18! We are continuing to grow thanks to all of you! The goal is to let new people find out about Steem Monsters!
When we find new players to join the game it helps out the entire community. Everyone benefits as Steem Monsters gives back 80% into the game development and community!

Thanks to @merej99 for being amazing in the Steem Monsters group! I just wanted to show appreciation so check your Monsters for a gold animated corpse! Thank you everyone for helping us grow bigger!

Screenshot 2018-09-02 01.19.02.jpg

Screenshot 2018-09-02 01.19.33.jpg

In the video below, The Demon is checking out all the Golds and somewhat grumpy he can't buy all of them!lol! I try to smile but he does not know smiles at all! Check out the Facebook Giveaway and the Monster Market with The Demon! Telegram is going well with a total member count of 60!
I'm happy all of you are here and I've met so many cool Monsters through Discord, Steem, and streaming. I'm lucky to be here so early with all of you in this great community! See you next time with all the new community updates and Steem Monsters news!
Have a great day and we will see you in Facebook!

Thanks for the great Steem Monsters community dividers provided by @calumam See more HERE
Join us in Facebook for Weekly Giveaways!

Steem Monster Discord HERE

Steem Monsters Official Facebook HERE

Steem Monster Official Telegram HERE
Monsters For Life!

Chris Love @clove71
Steem Monsters Rep.
The Giveaway Post info. HERE

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Congratulations @TonyGreene113, that's a nice Azmarian Rare  card you've won there. Here's a pic of a Gold Foil wrapped Medusa for you, haha. Thanks for this contest, @clove71. I'm looking forward to seeing what card gets selected next week for the Facebook #SteemMonsters giveaway.

🙚   SteemMonsters: • Site   • Discord   | • Site   • Discord   |   Chibera:   • Site   • Discord   🙘

Easiest Facebook like I'll ever give. Love ya, Steem Monsters!


Great, I'll add you to the giveaway! Steem Monsters is awesome right!? I think we all have that in commonm, glad you are here with us all!


yes, it's a shining light on the steem blockchain haha

hey nice video :)
check out my dtube channel

Hey steem monster i read your steem
Your steem is very helpfull for me and other so keep it up.
And i want to become a member of your community.


Great! Welcome to Steem Monsters! :-)

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upvote back please!!

I've really been missing out on all these awesome giveaways! But I'm in it now :)


There are a ton of them! :-) I just gave away a Angel of Light in the Steem Monsters Facebook group! All you have to do is join and spread the word about Monsters! You all pick the prize each week! There is a poll up right now. :-)

Hey hey @steemmonsters! Is there any chance the Monster Master Early Bird will be reactivated? The 800 one is just beyond my tipping point.

awesome stuff kind regards


I am not sure but I would join the Discord and someone may know in there, I know I heard aggroed say there will be another one but not sure when. Here is the Discord link: You won't be billed until Oct. 1 as well.