Promote Your Posts with the Dark Energy Crystals Steem Engine Token!

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The Splinterlands, Post Promoter, and Steem Bot Tracker teams (they all include Matt and Aggroed) are excited to announce the first Steem Engine token-based post promotion service (a.k.a. voting bot)!

Read through to the end to see how you can promote your posts with DEC, or even participate and earn DEC with this new setup!


  • Send a minimum of 100 DEC tokens to @splinterlands to purchase a vote from the @steemmonsters account.
  • DEC will be valued at $0.0015 for calculating vote values, so there should be an instant profit buying DEC on the market and using it to purchase votes.
  • Delegate Steem Power to @steemmonsters to earn a portion of the DEC taken in each day for buying votes.
  • Initially, all DEC earned from the account's existing ~360k SP will be distributed to the delegators to encourage and attract more delegation.

What is it?

Matt has edited the Post Promoter software so that it can now accept Steem Engine tokens to purchase upvotes. This is a great step for both the Splinterlands and the entire Steem Engine and SCOT community.

You can now transfer a minimum of 100 DEC to @splinterlands with a post URL in the memo and it will vote exactly like a bid bot. Note that even though you must send the DEC to the @splinterlands account, the vote will still come from the @steemmonsters account.

DEC sent to @splinterlands to purchase a vote will be valued at $0.0015 when determining what size vote to award. At current market prices this means it should be instantly profitable to purchase DEC on the market and use it to buy votes.

Please note that vote values in USD terms are not guaranteed and will fluctuate with the STEEM market prices.

Like a typical bid-based voting bot, it will vote whenever it gets to 100% voting power, and divide the total vote amount among all the bids that have been submitted since the last time it voted. It will limit the votes to a maximum 20% ROI (based on the $0.0015 DEC value) and the round will be limited to 110% filled. If a round is filled then any new bids will be pushed to the next round or refunded.

This is live. It works now. Have fun!

Steem Keychain makes it easy!

Chrome and Brave Extension
Firefox Extension

Steem Keychain (created by Matt, Stoodkev, and Aggroed) makes interacting with Steem-based apps a breeze. It stores your keys in an encrypted format in the browser and then when you want to transact with the blockchain the website or app simply requests that the extension sign and broadcast the transaction on its behalf. This is simpler and more secure than the method typically used in the past where you had to copy and paste your key into the website you wanted to use.

Keychain already integrates with in addition to many other Steem-based apps and websites, making it easy to use and manage multiple accounts in a secure way. Now you can also use it to get votes from the DEC you're farming!

More Than Just DEC

All token economies rely on faucets, sinks, and use cases. Distributing tokens is the easy part. Getting people to actually use them for something is the harder part. Starting with DEC and then later spreading spreading this to other tokens, you'll be able to use tokens earned from SCOT rewards to promote your posts!

It means that every Steem Engine token is not only tradable as soon as it's live, but it can also can be used with the Post Promoter software to immediately add utility to the token!

Please note that the Post Promoter software is separate from the @postpromoter account and voting bot which was originally created as the initial test for the software.

Voting Bots are a Tool

Some people may not care for this, but keep in mind that voting bots are a tool. Like a gun or a car, don't blame the object, blame the system and the actions of individuals. With Steem Engine tokens you can build systems designed to incentivize curation better than what's happening on steem(it) right now.

Figure out a way to use this ability for good and watch how we as a community can pool resources to reward content that benefits the Steem ecosystem.

Added Value for Dark Energy Crystals

The @steemmonsters account currently has ~400k steem power on it. 40k or so is currently being used for delegation, so there's about 360k available for voting. At current market prices, the account's votes are worth approximately $80 USD / day. This means that the Dark Energy Crystals tokens are now "backed" by an additional $29k per year!

It also presents another way to convert your DEC to STEEM POWER / SBD, and typically at a very attractive rate as compared to the market.

Earning DEC Through Delegation

In addition to "burning" cards, or purchsing DEC on the Steem Engine or Tron markets, there will now be the ability to earn Dark Energy Crystals by delegating Steem Power to the @steemmonsters account! Each delegator will be awarded DEC on a daily basis from the amount taken in from users buying votes in proportion to their delegation.

DEC Earned from @steemmonsters SP

Initially we are planning to distribute the DEC earned buying votes from the ~360k SP available in the @steemmonsters account to all of the other delegators. This is to encourage more people to delegate as they will be receiving additional DEC rewards compared to their delegated SP.

In the future we may decide to use the DEC earned from @steemmonsters own SP for other things. It may be burned if we feel we need to reduce the supply, or potentially be used to fund additional tournament rewards or other promotional items.

Steem Bot Tracker

While it is not available yet, the new Splinterlands DEC-based voting bot will be added to the website so the bids and rounds can be easily tracked and new bids can be sent directly from the website.

As more Steem Engine token-based voting bots come online we will work with the creators to add them to the site as well.

How to get them in your steem-engine and keychain wallet

How to send them with keychain?

How to send them with Steem Engine?

Click wallet, click the send icon for DEC.


I'm glad to see this, I'm personally happy to see more uses for DEC and feel that this is a good way to use your SP. I think it was amazing that you waited as long as you did and gave out all those free upvotes (even when many people were long gone from the game but still got their votes).

So my hat is tipped to both @yabapmatt and to @aggroed for both being generous for the past and visionary on the future!

Well done :)

I also like it ... I think it could be even better if they burned some of the DEC they got in.

And i'm not sure what long term effect pegging it to $0.0015 will do it may help immediate value in the open market however those prices are kind of nicely pegged to things like actual products like Skins, Orbs, Potions and if it negatively effects those purchases and makes the price go out of the reach of normal players I'm not sure how that will impact things in the long run.

I'm just not sure if there should be a peg and if not then what method for valuing? Perhaps a 24hr average purchase price (of DEC) average and then perhaps if they want to stamp on top of it a 15-30% premium that may be nice.

Again I guess we don't really know what pegging it to .0015 will do I'm just speculating.

I hear you there @jarvie the 1/10 of a cent valuation of the token is very simple to convert though unfortunately it has shot up on us. This also puts the value of an orb at $4, which seems a bit high but the conversion rate of those cards to DEC are higher and the odds of pulling golds and legends can be increased substantially on a percentage basis as before. There are a ton of moving parts here and yes I agree we will have to see whether that pegging of value is high, low, or right in the "Goldilocks Zone."

Cool. I’ll have to check it out!

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Hi. I delegated 100 SP a few days ago. Just wondering (since it doesn't seem to mention payout dates in this post) what will be the payout schedule for the delegations? Weekly, like "Steem Hunt"? Also, where will we be able to see the payouts (and history of payouts)? Thanks...

Like a gun or a car, don't blame the object, blame the system and the actions of individuals.

The hell are you guys doing?

You picked the gun analogy.
Sure, youre right, dont blame the gun, but you can sure as hell put some of the blame on the weapon dealers and war profiteers.
Which, in your analogy of choice, you guys are.

You really dont need to taint the SteemMonsters name by associating it with vote buying and diminishing the value of content on STEEM.

At least restrict the bot to Steem Monsters related content. You can at least do that. That adds some level of curation.

They continue to demonstrate their unwillingness to deliver upon the promises they have made.

That's exactly what I wanted to ask first, without blaming anyone:

Do the posts still have some specific tag like before? i.e. #steemmonsters, #steemmonster, #splinterlands, or #splinterland? And if yes, what tags exactly?

And second: The bot has been restricted to apply a cooldown to every Discord user. This has been awesome, because even if someone has a multitude of steem accounts or wanted to upvote stranger's posts, how many discord accounds do you have!? Likely only one, two, three, or fore right? LOL

What about cooldown on a per account basis? Either the paying account or the destined author account? The next rounds list might be long without. But you bet. It is your list.

Great news, so steem on!

Aggroed claimed a little over a month ago that the bid bot would be stopped. The steempower of steemmonsters was promised as tournament rewards since the beginning of steemmonsters. This is yet another failure to deliver the product that investors bought into.

It's looks cool.
I don't have much to delegate but will try with small amount of may be 50 SP.
How we will be able to check the amount of DEC we earned against our delegattion, as I can see the DEC tab shows the total amount not the history,?
DEC is cool but it effect some other ways also, as I can see that there are certain account how regularly post giveaway cards and get upvote from SM. Now as there is not uovote so there is huge reduction if giveaway posts.
Giveaway cards is a very good tool to promote the game as it attract more people and I m also one of those people how comes to SM because of those giveaway (before that I was just collection the cards from giveaways). I know the cards from giveaway are mostly very starting level or the common cards which doest not cost huge but still I love that.

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Just delegated 1200 sp... I think it will end up being worth it.

Hello, I sent DEC according to your description and got them back - why?


How much Dec we get if we delegate 1k SP .??

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I think it depends on how many people bid for votes.

Can you explain it briefly ?

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The way it seems to me, is they are going to collect DEC all day long in a bid type fashion, then at the end of the day they are going to divvy up those DEC to all of the people that have delegated in a fair distribution based on how much you have delegated compared to everyone how much you earn depends... with that being said, there are probably people way smarter than me that can actually give you some sort of estimate.

Thanks 😊

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Awesome! Is there a minimum on the SP delegation?

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Love it! Going to try it out right now!!
021 - Hydra (676px, 10fps).gif

  1. How many DEC per day per SP delegated ?
  2. Any minimum criteria defined ?
  3. The vote amount of $0.0015 is per 100 DEC ?
  4. Can I exchange DEC for Steem ?

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This sounds awesome, can’t wait to start using my DEC.

Have an awesome day!

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Wow! I am really excited about this. The first ever steem-engine Token based voting service! That's really a great unique movement by @steemmonsters and thsnks to the mods and devs!
I have some questions about it, if anyone knows plz help me.

  1. Is the steemmonsters tag necessary like before or I can use the bot to vote my non-sm posts also?

  2. Is there anymore 30 hours cooldown factor or like other bidbots this also votes every 2.4 hours (100% vote distribution) or 1.2 hours (50% vote)?

And last but not least I want to thank the whole team for this revolutionary step. Last night I redeem a 0.510$ vote from sm with 250 DEC tokens! I think this is the best service in the market even for the non-sm players. Even if you are not playing sm, you can just buy DEC from market and use them to draw upvotes.

keep it going steemmonsters!

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Nice I tried it out sent over 500 dec and got a vote for over 1 dollar. Also I gave you some of my SP

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How long did you have to wait before the vote came in?

So how much is the DEC received for delegations? Can be a percentage, I'm just looking for approximate numbers for say 50SP or 100SP delegated?

Wow! loving it DEC are BOOMING! Nice use case scenario, a Token worth hoddle, trade and Earn!

Hi. I have delegated 100 SP, and tried FEW times to send 500 DEC via Steem-Engine (through SteemConnect) but keep getting an :

Oops! Something went wrong!
Missing Active Authority transcript-junky


message. Can anyone help me sort this out ASAP? Thanks.

Hi, You must add your active key.

Steem Keychain..
Manage Accounts..
Active Key

Yeah. I had to use Chrome to install Steem Keychain. My default browser is Opera. Succeeded by using Chrome. Thanks...

Bravo. Bravo. Way to turn a useful tool into one that is all the more integrated and aligned with the vision of both game and blockchain. DEC value is now well supported beyond internal game use only and the incentives to gamers now extend beyond mere in-game play.

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Hey, this is a bit complicated yet understandable. It was easier to upvote with discord though ... )

Anyways, I tried to upvote 4 days old post and got an error? Can you tell us what the upvote limits are? Thanks!

Since it is based on the post promoter code, I believe it should be 3.5 days. I am not a rep but that is what I figure it is.

Just delegated 100 SP!

That's awesome!

@tipu I want to delegate 100 SP to @steemmonsters

Hi @justatouchfey! Special squad of highly trained hamsters prepared this delegation link for you:
steemconnect 100.0 SP delegation to @steemmonsters.

A lot of info 80% of it I do not understand so I will save it till I might need it.

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how can i delegate my steempower to you?