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“Warmest of greetings, traveler from afar! In the spirit of unity and healing, we have opened our beautiful lands to you. Open your heart to us, and as you walk our sacred grounds, the blessing and fortune of Khymia shall be yours. May you be filled with Life, and may your time with us be as enlightening as your journey hither was arduous.”
-from Essential Khymeria: A Traveler’s Guide


ANGEL SUMMIT - Situated in the far northwestern corner of Khymeria, Angel Summit is the home of the earthly Angel of Light. She is the right hand of Khymia Herself, but lives in this realm, giving her lifeforce to healing the people and fostering the children. Many Khymians take pilgrimages to this remote and holy place to request a child. The Angel of Light makes final decisions about children, and a popular heresy called Angelism claims that it is the Angel who creates the life, not Khymia. Khymians are not permitted to live in Angel Summit, but anyone from any Splinter can be brought there for healing.

CRYSTAL FOREST - Large forest between Shimmer City and the University of Illumination.
This large wooded area must be traversed before one can reach the Stairway of Solace. There are unknown dangers in the forest, as well as plenty of known ones. Large predatory cats still live there, having survived the Obliteration of Light napping underground. There is a small town situated on the eastern edge of the forest, called Crystal Forest. Its inhabitants are quite rugged compared to the typical Khymian, as they find their resources in the dangerous forest.

CLOUDGARD CASTLE - Overlooking Crystal Harbor, the one vulnerable point of Khymeria, Cloudgard Castle is the fortress of the Silver Shield. The castle barracks can house more than a thousand Silver Shield Warriors at a time, and the grand armory there contains enough weapons and armor to outfit every Khymian citizen. The castle is a frightening and ominous sight in the clouds for any visitor to Crystalline Harbor with ill intentions.
It is rumored that somewhere within this towering castle is a portal to the Earth Splinter, hidden and closely guarded by the Silver Shield. This portal would explain not only the great wealth of the Silver Shield but Khymeria’s extent of collaboration with Anumün over the years.

BALUTHAR’S DEPTH - Labyrinth of flooded caves east of the Crystalline Harbor.
Little to nothing is known about these caves, as many are underwater and far too dangerous to explore.

CRYSTAL MOUNTAIN - Huge mountain in the middle of Khymeria; the source of all crystals and much of the magical energy found throughout the Splinter. The Khymians are only beginning to understand its power.

KORSIGON GRASSLANDS - Peaceful grassy area on eastern edge; home of Unicorns. Somehow, after the Splintering, the intelligent white Unicorns ended up in the safety of Khymeria. Because this lies outside the protective mountain walls, the Unicorns rarely venture into the cities, and though abundant are rarely seen.

CRYSTALLINE HARBOR - The only official entrance to the Splinter; trade headquarters.
This harbor town is the only Khymian settlement that exists outside the safety of the surrounding mountain walls. Nearly every shipment of goods and every visitor passes through Crystalline Harbor, for it guards the entrance to the caverns that leads through the mountains. Crystalline Harbor has shown great resilience through the years as they have weathered many invasions and disasters.

PEACE OF LIGHT MONASTERY - In the green countryside between Shimmer City and Cloudgard sits the Peace of Light Monastery. This massive compound is the home to most of the fully studied Silver Shield Priests. In this quiet location, priests and deacons can peacefully study the Kavyata and are within walking distance of the Library of Enlightenment. Those who have mastered astral travel never leave the monastery but travel the world in spirit.

STAIRWAY OF SOLACE - Five-mile stairway leading to the University of Illumination found with the Crystal Forest.

SPRINGS OF COLORADO - Healing springs north of Timbersea.
Maintained by Peacebringers and Divine Healers, this haven is perhaps the most restorative place in the Splinterlands. The Springs there, bubbling up from the Elemental’s Deep, are widely known for their healing and enlightening properties. The Silver Shield has never taken control of the Colorado Springs, even though they could represent a new source of revenue for the Order. Occasionally the Magi of the Forest can be found bathing in the springs for months at a time.

In the Springs of Colorado, a portal was discovered soon after the Splintering. This portal allows residents of the Water Splinter to travel one-way to Khymeria. The return trip has always been problematic, as no portal from Khymeria to Λzmaré has yet been discovered.

TIMBERSEA - Large forest east of Crystal Mountain; woods are dark, thick and mysterious. Few are brave enough to venture in too deep and those who do may never be seen again.

VICTOR’S COLOSSEUM - Grandest arena in the Splinter; located outside Shimmer City.
This magnificent Colosseum in Shimmer City is home to the largest gatherings in Khymeria. The arena can seat thousands, and the spectacular shows and tournaments of the Silver Shield always draw a crowd. Since the Mount Mox tournament began, the Colosseum has hosted numerous Summoner Exhibitions, inviting summoners from other Splinters to show their abilities.

TOWER MOUNTAINS - Tallest mountains in the Splinter; along the eastern edge.

WHITE CLIFFS - Eastern sheer cliffs that drop into Splinter Ocean; not climbable.

QUARRY OF KORLAX - West of Timbersea and South of Crystal Peak; stones and sometimes gems are mined here. Most don't venture there at night as there are rumors that it is where the Crystal Werewolves play.

RIVER OF KHYMEVE - Flowing west from Tower mountains, it provides water to all of Cloudgard.

LYVER CREEK - East and West branches of this creek flow from Crystal Mountain, feeding the Springs of Colorado.

UNIVERSITY OF ILLUMINATION - Beside Crystal Mountain; academy for Silvershield Priests.
All initiates into the Silver Shield Priesthood study at the University of Illumination. Located atop a giant hill halfway up the Crystal Mountain, the University houses hundreds of Silver Shield priests during their education. Priests often study at University for as long as twenty years, depending on availability of space.

The initial journey to the University is a difficult one; the entrance to the Stairway of Solace can only be accessed from deep in the Crystal Forest, where initiates must face real dangers. All initiates must walk the Stairway of Solace in order to reach the University. It is a grueling walk of five miles in the sun, uphill along a path of countless stairs. Typically, priests do not leave during their university time; the Stairway of Solace is always remembered as a traumatic challenge.

PEACEBRINGER’S CAMP - Moves around, but always north of Crystal Mountain.
Peacebringers are mysterious warriors, skilled in martial arts, who spend their daytime hours in community service or special work for the Silver Shield. By night, they represent the underground resistance to the Order of the Silver Shield, determined to bring peace to the land by ridding themselves of corrupt rule.

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Map designed by @chrisroberts, art by HugoBoss1019 on Fivrr.
Edited, formatted, and text dividers by @carrieallen.

Lore taken from the upcoming CAMPAIGN GUIDEBOOK, and pimped up to post by @carrieallen.
@chrisroberts & @carrieallen have finished up the backstories and lore for all the Splinterlands, and working with @zipporah to complete the book. They will be offering sneak peeks, accompanied by brand-new artwork created by the Splinterlands Team. Both Carrie and Chris prefer you refer to them as The Lore Masters.

They are also releasing a website for all things lore-related. It's gonna be fun AND helpful. Bookmark it.😎


It's LIVE! But not ready for all eyes yet. Go ahead... You can go look. 👀

Let me (@carrieallen) know what you think!

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