Details on the Upcoming SEEDGerminator Campaign

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We know that there was a lot to take in with the partnership announcement yesterday, but now that it has had some time to sink in we wanted to post some more details specifically regarding the upcoming fundraising campaign through the SEEDGerminator platform and how the Steem community can participate.

Contributions to the campaign may ONLY be made using either TRX or SEED tokens. There will also be a very significant advantage to contributing using the SEED token over TRX. Details on where and how you can obtain SEED tokens are included below.

For each 500 TRX or SEED contributed to the campaign, each contributor will receive a specified number of Beta edition booster packs plus a specified number of the new, exclusive cards. As mentioned above, contributions using the SEED token are expected to receive significantly more exclusive cards per token contributed than for contributions in TRX.

There are also expected to be additional bonus tiers for larger contributions of TRX or SEED from a single TRON wallet address. The exact details of the contribution levels and rewards will be released no later than 24 hours before funding opens.

Additional Campaign Information

The campaign is scheduled to open and start accepting contributions on Monday, April 15th, at 4:00 PM UTC.

The campaign will have a hard-cap of 5,000,000 TRX or SEED contributed. Once the total contributions reach that cap the campaign will be closed.

Please note that in certain past SEEDGerminator campaigns it is our understanding that the hard cap has been hit very quickly, and it is possible that that may happen again in this case. If you are interested in participating, we would suggest that you make your contribution as soon as possible after the campaign opens.

The campaign will also be split into two parts, so if you were not able to participate in the first part starting on April 15th, there will be one additional opportunity to contribute and earn the new exclusive cards at a later date. More information can be found about the split listing in the full campaign details released by Sesameseed here:

Two Way Partnership

It's very important to understand that this partnership goes two ways. Steem Monsters, and potentially the Steem platform in general, stands to benefit immensely from the support, promotion, and funding provided by Sesameseed through listing the game on their SEEDGerminator platform.

Our goal, at the very highest level, is to reward our players - you - as much as possible. Based on the recent trend in card prices, it seems that we're doing a decent job of that so far, but we feel that this partnership has the potential to take that to an entirely new level.

Similarly, Sesameseed's goal is to reward their SEED token holders as much as possible, and the upcoming crowdfunding campaign is designed with that goal in mind. Basically, in exchange for the fundraising opportunity and huge growth potential that Sesameseed has to offer, we are offering SEED token holders an opportunity to get these new, exclusive cards at a significant discount as compared to TRX contributions.

How to Participate

Of course, the Steem community is able and highly encouraged to participate in the campaign as well. In order to contribute to the campaign and receive the rewards, you will need to set up a TRON wallet and acquire TRX and/or SEED tokens in it. To set up a TRON wallet we recommend using the TronLink browser extension or the TronWallet app for iOS and Android (links below).


You can buy TRX on pretty much any major crypto exchange including Bittrex and Binance, and you can trade TRX for SEED tokens in a number of ways:

Places SEED is available for trade:

TRON tokens have unique ID numbers. To ensure they are buying real SEED, buyers should confirm the token ID they are buying is 1000001. This should only be a problem if trading person to person as exchanges will have guaranteed it is real SEED.

Don't Miss Out!

We want to reiterate what said above that we expect that the opportunity to contribute to this campaign will not last long, and we really want our existing and loyal players to be able to take part in it, so please get your TRX and/or SEED ready. The SEED token is already relatively thinly traded, so the sooner you get some the better as our guess is that it will only get harder to obtain as the listing gets closer.

Sesameseed has a great team and community who are excited to be a part of this with us and are always available for anyone who has any questions or needs help with contributing to the campaign or learning more about their organization and token. You can get in touch with them on Telegram in either the Sesameseed channel or SEEDGerminator channel.

Thank you for your continued support!

Steem Monsters Contact Info:

Steem Monsters Blog

Steem Monsters Website

Steem Monsters Discord

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Thanks for the additional info @steemmonsters or should I say splinterlands!

There will also be a very significant advantage to contributing using the SEED token over TRX.

Please explain the advantage, or will this only be revealed at the last minute?

Who is raising money, this is Steem Monsters raising funds? if so what are the funds being used for?

🙋💪 It will be so awesome to see Steem Monsters listed on the SEEDGerminator Platform!! I would love to contribute to this awesome campaign although it does sound complicated to get these SEED Tokens. I will be checking out more links you provided for more information on this . This is so huge for Steem Monsters that im glad to be a member of from the very beginning!
🙋I have been upvoting and resteeming all posts concerning this to help spread the word

Ya too bad ya just can't buy seed tokens :/

I find Its always complicated to do anything when it comes to crypto! If i could just easily buy some SEED Tokens on Steem Engine I would , maybe in the future we will be able to do things much easier!👍💪🙋

I'm sure we will. :)

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You can buy SEED tokens on several exchanges including where it has BTC, ETH, and TRX pairings.

Very good to know!! Thanks :)

I bought them on tron trade, super easy to do.

Thanks. I'll try and get that squared away this weekend. :)

Your balance is below $0.3. Your account is running low and should be replenished. You have roughly 10 more @dustsweeper votes. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here:

It would be great to see the upcoming campaigns on SEEDGerminator, as well. Also, it would be great if this campaign teaser would include the details about what people are actually getting for their contributions.

Anyway, it's great to see Steem Monsters run another campaign to attract people from other ecosystems.

I've been toying around with TRON a bit and, while it's not as good from a UX perspective, it will probably bring some new people to the Steem ecosystem.

Really more "exclusive" cards this is getting ridiculous. Did you learn nothing from kickstarter?

What is the issue with the promo cards?

Posted using Partiko Android

They draw value from existing alpha/beta, with kickstarter the intent was to get thousands of new players which of course did not happen. So investors lost value and the founders made a few grand. In my opinion this is not a good trade off.

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hola a todos

Is there Tron wallets for Firefox aswell ?

I don't really want desktop nor mobile

Tronlink is the official wallet by Tron. It seems it used to be available for Firefox, but not anymore:

:-\ not sure what happened

hopefully they will bring it back to firefox

TronLink is available as a Chrome extension

The Steemmonsters Telegram channel is already going very well. The Tron guys really like Telegram and they also have a Telegram tippin Bot.
I would love to see something like that for Steem as well! Imagine a chatbox where I could sent Steem Engine Tokens like DEC :-))

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So is this the right SEED token?

I would like to just confirm it since I didn't know anything about TRX or SEED an hour ago.

Also I read

For each 500 TRX or SEED contributed to the campaign, each contributor will receive a specified number of Beta edition booster packs plus a specified number of the new, exclusive cards. As mentioned above, contributions using the SEED token are expected to receive significantly more exclusive cards per token contributed than for contributions in TRX.'

SEED trades for ~3.3 TRX so will the rewards be 3.3x bigger for every SEED or will they be like 5x bigger i.e. better value for money or equal value if using SEED over TRX?

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Price of packs still going to be $2?
Making sure you're not devaluing what people own too much.
Bringing in other players is good and some incentives should be good... but they should mostly be coming in because they actually want to play not because of huge bribes. Though promo cards are totally understandable bribes. Just not bribes to some that hurt everyone else.

Just two questions:

  1. Starter Pack and Booster packs you can easily buy at steemmonsters-website with Crapto-Currencies OR Paypal, why not to offer this possibility also for SEED token or TRX ?

  2. Is at advisable to buy booster packs now or you should wait for SEED token / TRX, because you get than better conditions ?

You will be able to use TRX when it becomes Splinterlands I'm sure.

OK, but you think it will not be possible f.e. to buy (like now) with PayPal ?
In my opinion (for me) it would be much easier just to pay with PayPal also if till now all prices are offered in USD and not in crypto currencies.

well, they have a small team working on updates, so it'll take some time before they'd implement something like that I would think.

ok so in the moment stay the hope.


Sorry but one more question come in my head:

If I understand correctly in the moment you get "maverick-status" if you buy the big promotion offer (1000$ for 500 Boosterpacks + 75 bonuspacks) - will it be also possible by this crowd founding to get "maverick-status" and how ?

The cards and booster packs we receive for contributing, will they be available on Steem Mosnters website with the rest of our collection? How will the migration work. Is it going to be a merge? Or SM previous cards only on Steem blockchain and new cards on Tron blockchain? It's not clear.