Daily Steem-Monster Card Giveaway !

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I will be hosting a daily @steemmonster card giveaway. Starting with the @gablinshaman and ending with @spinebackwolf. Depending on how popular this becomes I may do a rare collection giveaway next. To learn more about Steem-Monsters click here to visit their official site. Use your Steemit details to log in.

How Do I Win ?

Each day will have slightly different rules. Today I would like for you to advertise your blog / Steemit content in the comment section. How you do this is up to you. Ex. Leave a link to your latest topic / describe your blog. One random entry will be given a beta @steemmonster card about 24 hours after this post creation. At that time a new post will be created and a new giveaway will begin.

For More Chances To Win Free Steem-Monsters Click Here !

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I'll take one! Great game and thanks for the give aways!

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Your welcome .. good luck in the draw. It will be a daily one so if you don't win today's draw there is always the next one :)

Hi - I am @minimining and I love to make money online. Every monday I publish a guide in how to earn crypto and every week I have contests.
Most of all I like my "Last Man Standing" Contest where you can win a golden steemmonster and some Steem


I love your opening line ...... " I love to make money online " :)

Thanks for participating and good luck in the draw !


I'm assuming you mean my Steem blog.... here it is:
Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 22.22.23.png

I also have a WP blog called *Pandora's Lost Gift', and anything I post there gets syndicated to Steem anyway - it's mostly philosophy-inspired mental wanderings around topics including life, wellness, rock music, pop culture, and a few esoteric topics, including my love of ancient Chinese philosophy and the I Ching.

There are some things that I publish exclusively on Steem, mainly related to the various communities I'm part of.

Very much getting addicted to the Monsters.....

Cheers for the contest!!


All blogs are welcomed to be advertised.

Thanks for participating and that's an interesting blog you have.

Hey guys and gals, I’m @definethedollar and mostly blog about philosophy and occasionally politics. I’m also active with the Actifit community.



Actifit has become popular. I see lots of post regarding it.

Love your community support @rentmoney We all know what you do :) I'm the flower picture guy mostly. With some other things thrown in on occasion. Here are todays flowers https://steemit.com/colorchallenge/@steven-patrick/color-challenge-tuesday-orange-orange-marigolds


Nice bright orange .... and that spider ...

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your blog with everyone.

Greetings, @agr8buzz here. I don't use steemit any more because steempeak rocks! [am assuming @rentmoney is cool with any STEEM blog]


These days I mostly curate art and tech content from the STEEM blockchain, I run a UFC Pick Your Winners Contest, am really enjoying a couple play by post style RPG's, and am working on my very own play by post apocalyptic adventure survival RPG @apocalyptica that should be in test mode later this month.

Thanks for the contest!


Any blog at all Steem / Steemit or other.

Thanks for sharing your blog. Anyone who watches MMA may want to give @agr8buzz a follow as he runs the best MMA contest on Steemit.

Thanks for the giveaway ! :) i'm mostly a curator, and an amateur photographer!


Nice, you should check out @steven-patrick. He also does allot of photograph work on his blog.

  • Thanks for entering and good luck !

Nice giveaway .. I'm on my way to enter :)