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Wonderfully new changes to

Including some nice UI and bid market backend updates.



Technically it's open to all PeakMonsters users... and technically tier 1 users which is our lowest tier which you hit once you spend $5 on the site ($5 of cards or $5 of packs)

Let's recap how the market works.

  • No fee to use the bid market.
  • IF and only IF we save you money on a bid then we'll split the savings 90/10%
  • Bids are only active on NEW cards listed.
  • For cards already on the regular market just use the normal shopping cart functions. (Including new bulk feature)

You can see a lot of recent articles about bid market on @peakmonsters account



A couple nice solutions in one system.

  • You can see the top active bids (up to 150 top bids)
  • You now have CONTROLS on the card


If you have the highest bid there will be only 1 number and it will be Green.


When you select "Update Bid" all the info is already pre-populated
Keep in mind each change is an addition to the blockchain so make sure to have resource credits



If you don't have enough credit to cover a bid after it's placed it basically goes into Time Out (aka "On Hold") and will no longer be shown on the Bid Market.

Therefore no Ghost Bids as a seller you can be confident that if you buy out a bid it will all be fulfilled.
To the buyer it's a nice system because all you need to do is add more credit and it's active again.

Considering the STEEM price fluctuation please keep a bit more credits than what it's strictly required by your bids to ensure that we don't put your favorite bids on hold.


One reason we did a slow rollout was because we hadn't programmed in bid limits until now.
But here they are.

  • Can't make a bid that exceeds what you have in your account
  • Can't make a bid that exceeds your bid commitment limit
  • Also don't forget if steem price changes or your PeakCredit balance changes ... and consequently you can't cover a card it will no longer be considered an active bid until you add credit to your account.



By default a new user is required to have as much PeakCredit in their account as their bid commitments... steem value fluctuates so that's not entirely possible since bids are in USD so there is some lenience. But when they make the bids they are required to cover them all.

Because of the nature of a card market together with low volume and understanding that people are motivated for sometimes dozens of different cards we have given some Bid Commitment lenience.

So to our more loyal customers we're giving you even more bid commitment lenience.
Your lenience will be 1x whatever your Tier is.

And what's awesome about our system is that this will not lead to any Ghost Bids ... if you spend your PeakCredit and don't have enough for high bids they will go on hold and not be listed on the public market until you add back peakcredit to cover the bids.

So yes PeakMonster users at tier 2+ can make have bids with commitments above their PeakCredit. So make more bids it won't harm anyone and will help you get more cards if you are able to have the higher bids



This request was motivated by a request from @aggroed

  • We also rearranged the order
  • And made it just one column for attack and the symbol above represents the kind of attack


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I saw the base cards count yesterday which is great. It makes it so much easier to cost everything and it's a feature I asked him for a good while back. Glad to see it in place on your site.

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Uuuaah super news! Thank you!

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Glad you like it

Very impressive Update @peakmonsters from the UI design and the way you are handling the tiers for the bid market it all sounds very logic to me.
Steem now has its own truly full automated NFT market in place, with bids, charts, volume etc... Imagine other NFT projects will come to Steem and try to achieve something similar like Steemmpnsters.
You could provide them all with a fully automated market place. I have to say it once again, I'm not aware of any other platform that handles trades for NFT as good as you guys!!! Chapeau!!!

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We should set up a press release for some Crypto news websites.


PS: If you could manage to create an max Team Alpha Card Index or any other kind of Card Index to measure the value of Steemmonsters that would be the cherry on cake :-)

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Great featured, keep up good work. BTW, it seems like

7 Days qty sold/listed: 5 / 9

Listing quantities are not properly updated. There seems to be more unicorns sold than five and obviously more than 9 listed - there is still ~20 on the market.

You don't have enough credits to place this bid. You need to deposit....

Apparently I miss something trivial... how to deposit?

Found it - had to visit my profile


Yes we're looking at adding that info to the site because not everyone will see our posts

Also even i'm not entirely certain when the market trends get updated. They will but the timing i'm not sure about for each of the 3 time schedules.

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Is there a way to unlock the bid function without spending 16 Steem on cards first?

Awesome update , great job @jarvie ! upped and resteemed💁👍👍👍