Steem Monsters Pack Giveaway! Celebrating 500+ Followers!!!


Ok Guys First off I want to Thank you all for getting me to 500+ Followers
I have to say its been a awesome achievement and I couldn't have done it
without all of you for not only believing in me but also believing in my work.

No words can describe feeling of appreciation I have for all of you.

Now that we got that out of the way...Lets celerate and what better way to do so but to have a

We all know that STEEMMONSTERS has totally broke the blockchain! Who knew that something that is still on a pre-release would have made 30k+ in a matter a few weeks.
Being a fan of Magic the Gathering, it was like a walk down memory lane when I saw the concept of the game.
I would love to thank @aggroed & @yabapmatt for helping me relive
my childhood again!

Rules are simple:

  1. Make sure you are FOLLOWing me - How else would I be able to choose you if you are not.
  2. UPVOTE This post - Shows that you appeciate the work as well as this contest.
  3. RESTEEM - The more interaction I have with you all, the more contests will come in the future!

I will be giving away a few packs at random!


Niceeee 500 followers is an awesome milestone :D congrats. Upvoted, following and resteemed. Looking for inspiration for some steemmonsters art, you sound like your digging them. Any monster ideas pop to mind for you?

I have one niko.. Beastman... A cross between Blanka from Street Fighter 2 and the Guys from Altered Beast.
Siick. :D

Aha that's some classic monstering right there, might give that a go Jeff ;-) I was just about to post my first Steem monsters inspired art :D keep yer eyes peeled.

Just Blanka on his own would be a wicked monster!

Too true :D
a splaendid looking beast indeed :D

Well done man.
The only way is up!
It won't stop growing :D
Keep it up.

Hell's Yeah Buddy
We may not be in the high zone now but as they say what goes up must come down and on the chart when ever its down its bound to go back up, to many of us here for it to die!

Right on man, congratulations, you do put out great content and deserve that following!

This is awesome for you to do such an awesome giveaway for your milestone, I have my 60 rep milestone coming up soon and if I win I will be using your gift to me as a regift with a giant shoutout in video featuring one of you recent posts with links in the description as a thank you! Should gain you a little more visibility and also promote @SteemMonsters further, its all about paying it forward and promotion of what you love.... and you know so far I LOVE STEEMMONSTERS

Upvoted & Resteemed

First of all congratulations for your achievement... Hope you will get mine in near future

very nice to see you there. congratulations

This is how u will earn on steemit!

Pls following me,I will back follow

Congratulations on your acheivements so far, i have followed ,upvoted and resteemed to celebrate with you!!

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