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RE: Steem Monsters Pack Giveaway! Celebrating 500+ Followers!!!

in #steemmonsters6 years ago

Niceeee 500 followers is an awesome milestone :D congrats. Upvoted, following and resteemed. Looking for inspiration for some steemmonsters art, you sound like your digging them. Any monster ideas pop to mind for you?


I have one niko.. Beastman... A cross between Blanka from Street Fighter 2 and the Guys from Altered Beast.
Siick. :D

Aha that's some classic monstering right there, might give that a go Jeff ;-) I was just about to post my first Steem monsters inspired art :D keep yer eyes peeled.

Just Blanka on his own would be a wicked monster!

Too true :D
a splaendid looking beast indeed :D

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