Steem Monster Card Giveway (1UP Fundraiser) - Post for Beta GF Naga Warrior + Alpha GF Haunted Spirit + 4x BONUS cards + 25x BOOSTER PACK for about $130!

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Hello Steemit friends,

UPDATE!!! FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS PEOPLE! CAN YOU IMAGINE WE GOT A GIFT FROM @oliverschmid .. an unbelievable Naga Warrior Gold Foil Edition Beta Card with a market value of about $50!!! RAISING THE GIVEAWAY TO ABOUT $100!!! Big Thanks goto @oliverschmid!

UPDATE!!! WE REACHED NOW 30 PARTICIPANTS AND YOU UNLOCKED +15 BOOSTER PACKS!!! BIG THANKS GO TO @the01crow who saw the chance to help out the community in the last minute! and TO TOP UP THE GIVEAWAY TO $130!!! AMAZING, I FEEL HAPPY!!!

or should i say Steem Monsters! In my last post i created a bit confusion but now I decided to bring more attention to Steem Monsters and 1UP with this giveaway of a Gold Foil HAUNTED SPIRIT with a market value of $10 AND a GOLD FOIL NAGA WARRIOR BETA with a market value about $50!!! Reddit links can get another Gold Foil and please read about unlock another 3 Gold Foil cards and 10 Booster Packs below!!!

So all you have to do can you read below.. nice rhyme! 😁

reminder: Please read the rules at the end of this post before you participate

To participate in the giveaway do the following:

  1. Upvote and Resteem this post
  2. make NEW post about Steem Monsters with the tag #steemmonsters on Steemit
  3. LINK this post in a comment here below [name](link)
  4. Reddit users only (Steemians feel free to create an account to support Steem Monters to get additional gold foil s. below) LINK their post in the OfficialSteemMonsters subreddit and LINK it here too

You are new here and like what you see?! Please join Steem Monsters and sign up via this Steem Monsters Link Thank you!

We want more fun! What can we do?

LEVEL1: If this reaches critical mass of at least 15 participants then i throw in another 3 Common Gold Foil cards for about $12 AND 10x BOOSTER PACKS for $20 with distribution of 5-3-1-1 (additional 4 winners) for the giveaway! Please spread the message! - DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LEVEL2: If this reaches critical mass of at least 30 participants then i throw in another 15 Booster Packs for $30 with distribution 1 for every randomly chosen winner (additional 15 winners) for the giveaway! Please spread the message! - 10 MORE TO GO!!

Discord discussion channels:
Steem Monsters #steemmonsters-post-promotion-only #sm-giveaways-posts
1UP #steemmonsters
TSMG #steemmonsters-posts-only
Dappsify #giveaway-contests



..and if this is not enough Reddit ONLY users have the chance to get a Gold Foil SPINEBACK WOLF with a value of $5!


  1. No shit posts allowed. Write something useful, e. g. cool deck, your collection, market, monster art,.. must not be lengthy but with some value
  2. Just one per person and new posts after my post allowed
  3. Points 1. 2. 3. are mandatory to participate in the giveaway
  4. Up to 25 randomly choosen winners will be announced after post payout in a separate post

So i hope this makes sense and you'll have fun!

Don't forget the Steem Monsters Kickstarter and Fundition

I'm excited to see your posts about Steem Monsters

This is a special Steem Monster bounty post for 1UP, the Curation System for Communities with its own Smart Media Token. Check out the fundraiser to learn more about it and how to earn bounties yourself:!/@steem-1up/0xxjea70g.


Thanks for the giveaway !

I had some Steemit members ask how to do card transfers so I created a post on it.

Reddit Posting below :

Nice work mate I will keep these links for new comers

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cool! Just a quick reminder, please resteem for the giveaway.

Resteemed, cheers @onetin84

Boom ... Bonus @steemmonster Post : How To Purchase A Starter Pack

Resteemed yesterday :)

Thanks a lot, need more traffic for this!

Good luck to the winners!

It's not new new but it's new. I would prefer the card went to someone else though, preferably someone with less than a few gold foils already. :)

cool! thank you for participating! 👍

I am Cornholio! You will co-operate with my bunghole!

Can't argue with that! :D :D

Fantastic! We made it to level 2 unlock +15 Booster Packs, 30 participants! Big Thanks to you @the01crow to help the community!!!!!

Upvoted, resteemed and linked in the below article :)

Einen Absatz hab ich den Monstern gewidmet, habe auch eben dein Gewinnspiel noch dazuverlinkt. Besser spät als nie. Coole Aktion!

Vergangene Woche auf der STEEM-Blockchain... #1

Liebe Grüße,

Klasse! Vielen Dank für die Unterstützung, nur noch ein Teilnehmer fehlt für das Booster-Upgrade!

Hey, i'm not tufkat 😉. I just shared a link on reddit for him because we talked about and i have a account there. I recognized that many have no reddit account and they are happy if i can do this for them and for SM.

Ah okay my bad lol. Yes I'm new with reddit. It's a different feel...

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Weird, someone familiar with it said about reddit, after using it, i agree! 😁 but if it helps to reach out to people i'm fine with it.

Yeah I'm down with that need more organic flavour on here

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great, thank you for participating!


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big thanks to you for participating!

Glad you joined and shared your link! Just 1 participant more and i can unlock the extra cards and boosters!

This is the kind of giveaway post I was hoping for, it actually succeeds my expectations. Very nicely done. Have fun everyone and good luck!

Thanks @flauwy for stopping by, yes i love the energy people putting in here for contribution! Thank you all supporting my giveaway!

Thanks for the giveaway! Really excited for the prizes ;)

My Gold Steemmonsters

My reddit post

Thank you for contributing! 21 people now in, with 30 i throw in another 15 booster packs!

YES!!! We did it, 15 participants. So i can unlock 3 more gold foil + 10 booster packs!!! Thank you!

Happy to participate =)

Here it is: A Fun Way to Earn STEEM with SteemMonsters

Will see if I can add this on Reddit. I don't really use that, but will try. I have already shared the post on my FB profile and in a couple crypto groups there.

Awesome prizes!

Wonderful! Thank you for contributing. You just need to register there and then you can use the link tab - put in the steemit-link (title is automatically recognized by reddit, if not copy&paste) - post, that's all, done in 10 s. Thanks to @oliverschmid who provided the golden Naga!

Just got it to work under my old business account. I never added a link there before. Was super easy as you said. Thanks.

Cool, cannot see the link here, wanna add it?

I don't know what link you mean. The article link is above. Do you mean some other?

I missed your reddit link because i thought you linked it on reddit too. If yes, please post the link here below, thanks!

How weird that it seems no one is seeing it. You don't see it in the channel, huh? Here it is directly, but too bad it doesn't seem to be getting noticed just browsing:

perfect, i add you to the draw for reddit!

Yeaah! sure, thank you!

Great! Thanks for contributing here!

SteemMonsters post link:

Reddit link:

One thing about the reddit though.. I find it kinda strange how it's called the Official SteemMonsters subreddit, yet we find a reflink instead of the direct link in the sidebar..

Hey cool, thx for participating! Ah i saw you already discussed the reflink with @reseller and @jarunik, solved?

Nah, me & reseller only told him not to do that, but he already did it before that. It wasn't really a discussion nor a conversation, more of a talk-to-a-wall kinda situation, but I suppose Jarunik may simply have missed our words about it.

Thanks for doing the giveaway by the way, looks nice :P

You got me worried there for a second. Sounded like I didn't save my update ... removed it quiet a while ago already. :-)

Yeah, I saw you removed it some time ago, but at the time of posting that comment, the reflink was still there.

Thanks for doing so though :)

Never thought it would be so much fun!

🏆 [Contest] Win A Free SteemMonsters Starter Pack Or A Booster Pack

Upvoted and resteemed and submitted to subreddit

Cool, now i think 3 more to unlock the extra cards and boosters! Thank you!

just one per person, but thanks for sharing. I will add it to the rules to make it clear.

Wow! @rondras that's simply great! I will promote your winning contest! Thank you for contributing!

Well, I did not know about this giveaway and yesterday I made a post to motivate the activity of the Steem Monsters in Bitcointalk, so here it is:

Great 23 people now, 30 to unlock the additional 15 booster, spread the message! Thank you for participation!

Ich hoffe ein Post in deutscher Sprache ist auch in Ordnung?
Reddit hab ich nicht, bin auch sonst nicht so aktiv auf anderen Social Media Plattformen... aber hey^^

Liebe Grüße,

Aber klar! Vielen Dank für's Mitmachen! Reddit nutze ich auch nicht, ist aber echt einfach, wenn Du einen account erst mal hast, nur Link im Linktab im Steem Monsters Subreddit posten, Titel wird automatisch eingefügt, das wars. Aber natürlich kein Muss!

Nice giveaway! Made a new entry to the card's writing contest, here is the link:

nice one, thank you for participating in the giveaway, helping to spread the message!

Hey, great giveaway. I really like the 1UP initiative and may make a giveaway of my own.
For now, I've written a post about my thoughts on the new cards. It follows a pattern of an Overwatch youtuber that I watch when he's rating new skins, so it's really long in text :)

Although I am very against forced upvotes/resteems in contests, this is actually a very good attention getter, and I will participate...

thanks for participating, i get your point, thought about that too, but it is part of the giveaway to spread Steem Monsters as one of the greatest dapps on Steem! Much more important now when projects like DLive sneaking away..

I'd love that. Gold cards are awesome.

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please post, vote, resteem to participate.



nice, thx for participating!

Test Battle Are Live

Thank you for the giveaway

nice one! Thanks for your contribution!

Yes, it shows a cool community giveaway! You are in!

Great, thanks!

Great, thank you! Til payout, still some hours left for more participants!

Here we go


Viel Spaß :-) und Danke für die Promo und den Support^^ Geile Community, ich sag es ja immer wieder :-)

Klasse @bearded-benjamin das Du mitmachst, vielen Dank!

okidoki buddy - I will give it a go - bear with me! Point one done, the others in the making.

Thanks @uwelang, cool!

yeah, new participant, thx!

I have to thanks Sir!

Hey @onetin84,

I created the following SM's related post:

😇😃STEEM MONSTERS - NEW Alpha & Beta Card Level Charts!

Thanks for this contest/giveaway!
Upvoted & resteemed.


nice! glad you participate!

That was a really helpful post! Hope you're one of the winners.

Thanks, @indigoocean! I'm so happy it's helping others! 😀

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Hi @onetin84, this must be the best and coolest giveaway for SteemMonsters I have seen yet. Awesome work by you and @oliverschmid - very generous of you both to support the community like this.

Inspired by this post, I've gone ahead and created mine here:

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.

Thanks again.

Heyhey! The fun is just starting, great initiative! Thank you for participating!

nice post :)

Hi, this is not Steem Monsters related content and fits not here. Thank you.

Very nice i like it
That's really great

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I did it for you
Kobold Miner vs The Haunted Spirit

It's now up. Sorry about the mistake. Thank you very much! @onetin84

fine, thank you!

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