I can't HODL much of anything else, but I can HODL Steem Monsters!

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I've never been much for holding on to any specific crypto, just because I enjoy trading them so much I think. Sure, it has cost me a significant amount of money to do it, but it's been an enjoyable learning experience that has taught me many things over a very short time. If I were to calculate the value of information I have gotten out of it versus the amount of money I spent, I would say I came out on top.

Since I learned so many of my lessons the hard way already, by selling things that went up 2-3x where they were when I bought them, I have since learned the true value of what it really means to HODL. Lucky for me, this was right about the time that I first learned about Steem Monsters. Unfortunately it wasn't at that exact moment, because I did sell some pretty sweet cards for waaayyy too cheap.

It happens. We live and we learn. So, what did I really learn before that made me want to hold on to my Steem Monsters as long as possible? I learned to never doubt my instincts. Almost every single time I have bought something for whatever reason I had come up with at the time, I end up selling it (usually for less than I bought it for).

Just to be clear, everything I have sold has not come at a complete loss, I was able to make some profits on some of the cryptocurrencies I've recently traded. I made almost 300% one night during the first big KEY moon on Binance. At the time I had bought about $15 and when I woke up it had sold (at too low of a price to be honest) but I had made about $45.00. I then had about $60 on Binance to trade and play with so I ended up buying some STEEM and some Bitshares and have since done several other swaps/transactions.

You might be wondering by now, what the heck all of this has to do with Steem Monsters. I'll get straight to the point now so you can relax, it'll all be over soon and you can go back to the Steem Monsters market with glazed over eyeballs, waiting for someone to put up a cheap card for sale. :)

Okay. Here's the point I was getting at. First off, if you believe in something, you should always stick with it. No matter how hard your beliefs can make your life, if you don't follow through, then they aren't really beliefs to begin with. What makes your beliefs any more special than anyone else's? They're yours. It's up to you what you want to believe and how willing you are to create a life for yourself based on those said beliefs. If you think that you are destined to be a failure, then you almost guaranteed are going to end up failing at everything you ever do.

BE A WINNER. Don't just be a winner. Believe you are a winner. Some people would say (and believe) that's what separates those who continue to fail, from those who win. If you do the things you need to do to prove to yourself that your beliefs are indeed your reality then you have successfully molded your own reality.

All it takes is the determination to carry on, remember why you are doing what you're doing. There is almost always a reason for the things we choose to do. Pay attention to those reasons, listening to your own intuition is by far the best advice I've ever been given. My intuition about pretty much everything I have spoken about involving Steem Monsters has (so far) been pretty on point. Not that I am perfect or some kind of oracle, but I do have faith in my judgement and my own ability to spot upcoming trends.

Hence, my reasoning for investing virtually everything I own into Steem Monsters, mainly the gold foil ones. I believe the value of those specific cards will end up tremendously higher than it is now, or has ever been in the past.

If you know anything about card games (specifically Magic the Gathering and similar games), or if you know anything about what it means to be First Edition, then you probably know that the prices of these cards right now are considerably lower than they ought to be, when one is to look at the amount of them actually available in existence, you will see that many of them have less than 100 currently even available, in the world.

The game hasn't even launched and people are already starting to combine their cards, once this happens on a large scale the amount of actual cards in existence will be divided into very small fractions in comparison to what's available right now. In my humble opinion, you will be pretty damn lucky to find any alpha gold cards on the market at all for less than $20 (Including Alpha Gold Commons)

When you consider the scarcity, the amount of people who want to play this game, and the amount of money you can make with these cards.. Is there a price too high? I mean seriously, if you can use these cards passively every single day, either just playing a game which is mostly automated, or delegating your cards to other players who are willing to pay you just to be able to battle with them, what more could a person ask for?

Owning Steem Monsters (especially maxed cards) whether gold foil or regular, will potentially make anyone who owns them hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per month! It's true! I'm not just crazy! You can check for yourself, the tournament prizes are quite high and will be continually happening, forever! As long as people still play Steem Monsters (which, why wouldn't you?)..

I could go on forever about how amazing of an opportunity this is and has been for those of us who were able to get in early. Owning a few of these cards has made me happier than any amount of STEEM being in my wallet.

As a true sign of my faith in Steem Monsters, the current price of STEEM is incredibly low right now! If I were to sell all of my FIRST EDITION ALPHA GOLD CARDS right now I could end up with quite a bit more money out of it in the long run in terms of what the STEEM will be worth later as I believe it is destined to go up much higher than it is now. But, I'm not going to sell my cards for STEEM. Even if I did and kept all of it until it was worth $4-5 each, I still think my monsters that I have now would have far surpassed that.

Maybe I am overly optimistic when I talk about what's going to happen to market prices with these cards, but to be truthful, I don't believe that I am. I think all of us who have kept our faith and held our cards will be very happy we did, those of us who aren't happy already. (not sure who that would be)

Anyways, I know this post is way too long for most of your attention spans. So, I'll just end it here and pretend like I don't have another 5 miles worth of things to say about Steem Monsters. Resteem this post, let me know in the comments. Tell me why you HODL your Steem Monsters, I'm going to give out Steem Monsters at random!

Ciao for now.

Your favorite human.



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I thoroughly enjoyed being able to listen to that. Thank you @tts, I think you are an undervalued bot.

I think keeping the Alpha and Beta cards separate was a smart move. Especially for those of us who have alpha cards. Steem monsters has me super excited and I love seeing all different aspects of the the steem community come together for it.
As far as cards go.. I'm going to hang on to my good ones. :)

well I just HODL most of my cryptos now, because it was always the case of 'whenever i buy it dips, whenever i sell it moons'... same is the case with my steemmonsters collection, i'm just waiting for the gameplay to start.
glad you shared your feelings, long yet enjoyable post ;)

'whenever i buy it dips, whenever i sell it moons'...

Isn't that the truth!

I can't wait for the game to start either! I really want to play, and I also want to travel, pay some bills and have some fun. With a little luck (if there is such a thing) this fun little investment might enable me to do so :)

Thanks for stopping by @jznsamuel :) Good luck with your monsters! Ps. Check your Epic collection ;)

yup the game has a lot of potential, once the marketing push kicks in and more people get to know about the game's awesomeness, there is no stopping the monster :)

wow, thanks for the gift!!

I believe that soon we will be so happy we have these monsters, not even our own preconceived notions about how great they will be will compare. :)

You are very welcome!

Yep, that was a looongg post lol... but well worth the read. You have learned some valuable lessons it seems, and that is more valuable than money long term.

I hodl because I've been like you and traded too often in the past and so now when i believe in something, i want to keep in the game so hodl hodl hodl.

That is way I'll be hodling my gold foil monsters - I just luv em 😊

Sent a few beta commons your way ;)

Nice mate - that was unexpected, and very generous of you.
Thank you :)

I Hodl because I see the crazy value of other card games like this. But the potential value isn't the only reason I Hodl. I also am hoarder by nature and like having odd or rare things. If its an odd shape rock or an old bill or a Gold Fold Legendary Dragon.... If I get it .. I usually keep it.

Sent a few miners, to mine your monsters in your collection :D

Cool ... thanks !

I hodl steemmonsters, hoping that the delegation market will be where the money will be made

Keep HODLing all the cryptos and Steemmonsters cards :D

If the value of cards is X when we only have a few thousand players, then what is the value of X when we have hundreds of thousands?

It's just a matter of time and smart marketing that'll see these card values increase over time.

Once the battles start we'll soon see what is needed to propel this game forward. Turn-based battles selecting cards randomly from your deck is probably the obvious path forward and would interest more strategic players in the long run.

As with limited cards, I suspect there will be quite a few mirror matches from the onset.

The real puzzle is working out which will be our 'Black Lotus' as that'll be the one to buy and HODL.

So HODL'ing is a sure bet either way at this stage.

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I played MOTG and VS a lot and wish I had some of those Alpha Cards. This game has me wonder just how much a card can be worth. None of those game every had daily tournaments for pay. Yet cards could be worth hundreds of dollars. They idea that cards will be reprinted might keep the cost down a little but true collectors will want to own the alpha cards. Also your point about how cards will disappear to leveling up is a good one. You are going to see rares and commons that are used in a good deck disappear fast and be worth far far more than they are now. 10 Cents for a rare that could be the key to a winning. I plan on spending a lot of time going over each card to try and figure out what ones those are and I will take a gamble and buy extra of those. Good stuff thank goodness for the audio comment I was going to give up reading it but I was able to just listen to it.

An alpha Medusa card was just randomly gifted to you :D

wow thank you so much again for the stuff you do for steemmonsters

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