I Missed The Tournament Finale... Because Of Bad Luck

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I was battling for a place in the semi-finals of the Steemmonsters tournament when it happened: my laptop screen turned completely black...

Steemmonsters bronze league tournament.png
Images used from the Steemonsters website and Pixabay

Bronze Tournaments

Although I've already won a couple of Silver League tournaments, the Bronze tournaments haven't been kind to me. I don't think I ever made it further than the second round.

So you can understand I was very excited when I made it to the 4th round in the 'Steem Monsters New Year 2019 Bronze League Tournament', hosted by @travelgirl and @wilhb81.

I love their tournaments... @travelgirl is always willing to listen to good suggestions and adapt to situations when needed, which makes that her tournaments run pretty smooth.


Disaster strikes

In order to get to the 4th round, I needed to get past @itdog and @tailcock. Then, I could commence my battle against @wilhb81.

Click the image to see it in full size

In the middle of my battle, my laptop screen went completely blank....


I hadn't noticed the power cord had gotten disconnected, and during my playing, the battery of the laptop had been completely drained.

Now, my laptop is pretty old, and it takes a while for it to restart. Waiting for it was not an option.

So I quickly dug up my tablet, searched for the correct Challonge page and opened my Steemmonsters account. Fortunately I had the Telegram app installed on my phone, so I could at least warn everyone.

Apparently I had won the battle...



Unfortunately, I was so stressed out by the time we started the semi-finals, that I didn't even read the battle rules.

weak magic.jpg

I just set up the first team that came to mind.
As a result, I was no match against @minloulou, who was playing a very strong tournament and won 1st place.

Fortunately, by the time I had to fight @jacksartori for 3rd place, I had calmed down again, and was vivid enough to play the trick I had only learned yesterday from my opponent in another tournament.



So far my best result in a bronze tournament.

You can bet that from now on, I'm going to tape the power cord to my laptop. The thing isn't going anywhere anymore...

See you in my next post!

SteemMonsters is a really fun game. If you don't have an account yet, you can create one using my (affiliate) link:



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You played good, thank you for battling with me!! See you next time

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Thanks, @minloulou. Congrats on winning the tournament

Better luck next time. No hard Feelings

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Congratulations again, you still have next tournaments waiting for you. Just be careful with the laptop battery though 😊

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I will! I'm going to use some duct tape to make sure it will never get de-attached again! 😊

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hey you did really well last night and I'm glad you really like our tournaments. Doing them manually is not easy and you have been a great participant!

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