Steem Monsters New Year 2019 Bronze League Tournament|Steem Monsters 2019新年青铜联盟锦标赛

in cn-malaysia •  17 days ago

Hi to all Steemmonsters players,

There's a good news for everyone - a brand new tournament is about to begin tomorrow - For more details, please check the below information:

@travelgirl and I decided to host the very first new year "Bronze league Steem Monster Tournament" tomorrow night at 11pm Sydney time for the Australian players | 8pm in Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, and many more Asian cities (GMT +11 )

The registration is FOC (Free of Charge) and the League we are having at is Bronze - Single Elimination

The tournament link:

Prizes (total of 20SBD + Gold cards):

1st Place: 10 SBD
2nd Place: 5 SBD
3rd Place: 3 SBD
4th Place: 2 SBD

Gold cards: TBA

Some of the very important steps to be performed, before you join the tournament:

Please ensure you use your Steem Monsters "Real username" to play and if you are like me, where the username has been taken, use an underscore behind your name which is also accepted and we will know (eg: wilhb81_)

@travelgirl and I will be around our Telegram group during the tournament so feel free to join us here if you have any questions as we prefer you to be there when the tournament commences. -

Check in commences 30 minutes before the game starts so this will ensure we can all start on time. This will also ensure that all players are there when tournament starts. (If you fail to check in after the tournament has started - your name will be removed from the participants list. Any objection is ignored and overruled. PS: Don't hate or curse us, because we don't remove you from the list if you don't check in, the system does it)

Rules to remember:

Please wait for our instructions to start each round (in particular round 1, 2 & 3)
The top player of the assigned match always initiate the battle
Wait the full 9 minutes to declare yourself as winner if your opponent doesn’t turn up for whatever reason after they checked in
Depending on the size of the tournament, round 1 and 2 can take a bit longer so please be patient with the whole process
Please be a good sport and put in the correct results as we are all here to have some fun

Special thanks to @SteemMonsters for the prize money & @contestkings for the gold cards and we hope to see you all there!!


在这里给大家捎来一个好消息 - 一场全新的锦标赛即将开始 - 有关详细信息,请查看以下条规:

@travelgirl和我将在明晚悉尼时间晚上11点为澳大利亚玩家|马来西亚、中国、香港、台湾以及更多亚洲国家则是晚上8点(GMT +11)举办“新年Steem Monster铜级别锦标赛”。

完全免费注册,我们所在的联赛是铜级别 - 单人淘汰赛


奖金合共(20SBD +金卡):

第一名:10 SBD
第二名:5 SBD
第三名:3 SBD
第四名:2 SBD


请确保您使用你的Steemit用户名参赛。倘若你的Steem Monsters用户名已经被录用了,请在你的用户名后面的下方放个横线,(例如wilhb81_)这可让我们快速分辨出你们。

@travelgirl与我将在比赛期间,一直会在电报群(Telegram)。如果你有任何问题,请随时加入我们的群组因为我们希望你在比赛开始前能够出现在现场。 -

在比赛开始前30分钟开始办理登入手续,这样我们就可以准时开始。这也将确保比赛开始时所有玩家都在场。(如果您在锦标赛开始后未能办理登入手续 - 您的姓名将从参赛者名单中删除。任何异议都会被忽略并被驳回。PS:请不要憎恨或咒骂我们,因为我们不会将您从名单中删除,但是系统会自动这样做)




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吃了吗?欢迎在steemauto里设置跟赞 @cnbuddy 给整个cn区点赞假如我的留言打扰到你,请回复“取消”。


多谢支持,希望你可以胜出 :)


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Really awesome iniciative. I wish i would play if i have internet again someday.
Thankyou for your support on the Santa Venezuela event. I am very gratefull and on need of help. Again god bless you.

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You're welcome and hopefully, you and your loved ones will be able to go through the harsh moment.

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