Free Steemmonsters LEGENDARY Card Giveaway: Sacred Unicorn. No Upvote, No Resteem, No Follow Required

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Hi guys. Do you play Steemmonsters? Then join this FREE giveaway and win a LEGENDARY card. NO upvote, resteem or follow is required! (but appreciated)

In this giveaway, i'm giving away the LEGENDARY card 'Sacred Unicorn'

sacred unicorn upload.png

How To join this giveaway:

All you need to do to be eligible to win this LEGENDARY card is to leave a comment, and tag one person who might be interested in this giveaway.

No Upvote, No Resteem, No Follow Required (but appreciated)

If your SteemMonsters username is different from the account you are commenting with, please leave it in the comment.

I will be using steem comment picker to pick the winner after 7 days.

Good Luck.

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Thanks for tagging @soyrosa! And not to forget @macbaren🎉

Tagging @slobberchops still playing?:)

No thanks at all. What leagues are you playing? Never met you on the battlefield? 😅

I hover around the upper edges of Silver and lower Gold. Level 4 summoners, so not high level at all. How about you?

OMG we just had our first match 😱👍😀 GoldIII is my highest I've ever been with my lvl 3 summoners (one at 4 since this week)

LOL, noticed... just finished my dailies... you were #5. Some tough opponents on there tonight.

Indeed though opponents tonight. Happy to be your number five, I was fighting against you for my number 5 for the Daily quest to. I needed a little longer to kill my number 5 battle tonight...😅

Had some nice rewards from your quest?


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Thanks for tagging me bro 😁

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目前你总共有: 3枚SHOP币

查看或者交易 SHOP币 请到

One card from leveling up, that would be great. @tydebbie

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Thanks and I tag @minloulou

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目前你总共有: 13枚SHOP币

查看或者交易 SHOP币 请到


Try your luck here!

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WOW! I'm IN! @liuzg

@funnel and @blind-spot I know you want to win this

Thanks for the opportunity!🙏


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Thank for the tag man

👍 You're welcome bro 😎

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Wow. That's a great giveaway @macbaren. Thank you.

Give it a go @lightningjohn.

Maybe @bafi might need a uni?

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that is surely a cool one @wonderwop

I'm one card short of leveling up. @ssg-community


Nice card! Thanks for the giveaway!

Give a shout out to @elizacheng

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@jrvacation Add another LEGENDARY Sacred Unicorn to your pack. 😊

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How cool, @chrstnvli come and see

Thanks for the giveaway,I am tagging @aiyumi.

Thank you very much bro 😀

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very nice of you..... i'm tagging @koskl

I am in .. i am taggin @cryptofiloz

Thanks.I tag @ericet

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