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RE: Steem Monsters + Poker = Life.

Heh @crystalhuman ! been so busy including playing the new automatic tournaments and steem monsters I have just had no time yet to check out the poker site and figure out how to play lol, my sons the poker player in my house lol, but I do play black jack!
Anyways im glad to see your hosting this awesome tournament, and im on my way to sign up for it soon , I have not won much yet so maybe I will get lucky in this one!Best of luck with your tournament, I hope its on when im not sleeping, fingers crossed! 👍❤🃏🎰🃏
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w00t! Thanks Karen! Best of luck in the tourney! :) Sent your tokens ;)

Cool! I just paid the 1.00 steem entry fee, now I just have to wake up in time to play , lol! Im also signed up for the big ne for 296. USD at 9:00 am so I better get to bed and stop playing Steem Monsters hahahha!❤😎👹😜

haha well good luck with that! #TeamNoSleep See ya later!

Lol, thanks, just waking up now and playing first tournament of the day I think, lol👍😂😎👹

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:) Good luck! We just got beat up by @glory7 :D

Glory7 wins everything, I'm not surprised 👹😎 some people never sleep and manage to play and win in almost every tournament! They must have a pretty hefty Red Bull bill, lol!😂👍

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lol I've seen people beat him before :D It is rare though

I can't seem to get into play the tournament!? I checked in but now it's not coming up for me to play?

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