Steem Monsters + Poker = Life.

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I can not stress enough how much I love Steem Monsters, and poker! I've been hanging around in the Steem Monsters Discord for MONTHS waiting for the automated tournaments to go live, and now that they're finally here I can't stop thinking of new and fun ways to utilize them!

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Since I've been working and chatting with some of the guys over at NoLimitCoinPoker (NLCP), namely @gravytrain, and @theycallmedan, I've been fortunate enough to be able to host my Steem Monsters Poker tourneys on

Now however, the tables have turned! With automated Steem Monsters tourneys, I will not only be doing what is usually done with Steem Monsters Poker, I will also be hosting an actual Steem Monsters Tournament, where you will be playing to win poker chips! AKA (NoLimitCoin - NLC2)

Today's big game!

Thanks to a couple incredible sponsors, I have a fair amount of chips (NLC2) to give away as prizes for Steem Monster tourneys!

I've allocated $20 USD worth of NLC2 for this particular tournament to see how things go, and if I can manage to find some more poker players within this Steem Monster community there will be more coins to come!

Here's how you win!

Sign up at

Join the NLC2 Discord

Tag me (@crystalhuman) in #general chat with your NoLimitCoinPoker and STEEM usernames.

Sign up for the No Limit Monsters tournament.

Complete all the steps above & I will refund 50% of your entry fee into this tournament.

If you should choose to resteem this post as well, I'll refund another 25% of your fee which then brings the total to only 0.250 STEEM to enter.

NoLimitCoin YouTube NoLimitCoin Twitter NoLimitCoin Telegram

Follow me!

BONUS: Resteemers get 10 SMPT (Steem Monsters Poker Tokens) to be used as entry into the Steem Monsters Poker Tournaments being held on NLCP.

Everyone should know about nolimitpoker, woot! Resteemed :)

But I won't be here at 3pm, I'm leaving right after the noon tourney :( Next time!

Good schtuff!!

Just signed up for the site. It looks interesting - so NLC2 is a coin that is the currency for the site?

It sure is :) Hope to see ya in my poker games :)

sounds great - I guess the only issue is time zone difference. When are the games usually?

Once I'm not so scattered I plan to randomize the times which they are held so that everyone that wants to gets a chance to participate. :)

곰돌이가 @glory7님의 소중한 댓글에 $0.013을 보팅해서 $0.010을 살려드리고 가요. 곰돌이가 지금까지 총 3397번 $40.428을 보팅해서 $42.386을 구했습니다. @gomdory 곰도뤼~

hey, thanks for introducing me to that poker site through my other passtime monsters...but the tourney on monsters unfortunately didnt fire too few people mayb...but let me know when the next one runs..lookin forward to winning some NLC2. Thanks!! @twigg

Really enjoying NLC2. Sign up everyone!!

Yep, will do a lower entry fee with slightly smaller prizes next time and see what happens.

Awesome site that more people need to know about. Resteemed to help spread the word.

Thanks! Sending ya some tokens :)

WOW! - I have always loved poker. And I can't say I am not addicted to Steemmonsters atm! I actually am the first one to sign up :D

Bildschirmfoto 2019-03-02 um 07.05.13.png

Need to register at the poker Site later, thx for the great suggestion! No rake is awesome :D

My pleasure! See ya at the tables!

Heh @crystalhuman ! been so busy including playing the new automatic tournaments and steem monsters I have just had no time yet to check out the poker site and figure out how to play lol, my sons the poker player in my house lol, but I do play black jack!
Anyways im glad to see your hosting this awesome tournament, and im on my way to sign up for it soon , I have not won much yet so maybe I will get lucky in this one!Best of luck with your tournament, I hope its on when im not sleeping, fingers crossed! 👍❤🃏🎰🃏
Upped and Resteemed

w00t! Thanks Karen! Best of luck in the tourney! :) Sent your tokens ;)

Cool! I just paid the 1.00 steem entry fee, now I just have to wake up in time to play , lol! Im also signed up for the big ne for 296. USD at 9:00 am so I better get to bed and stop playing Steem Monsters hahahha!❤😎👹😜

haha well good luck with that! #TeamNoSleep See ya later!

Lol, thanks, just waking up now and playing first tournament of the day I think, lol👍😂😎👹

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:) Good luck! We just got beat up by @glory7 :D

Glory7 wins everything, I'm not surprised 👹😎 some people never sleep and manage to play and win in almost every tournament! They must have a pretty hefty Red Bull bill, lol!😂👍

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lol I've seen people beat him before :D It is rare though

Awesome to see some NLC and Steem Monster love going around! I'd love to use the NLC platform, but currently isn't available for me to use where I'm at, so I'll stick with Steem Monsters for now.

Excellent friend @crystalhuman and I am very attentive to your next Poker tournaments.

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