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RE: Steemmonster New Additional Tourney Format?

in #steemmonsters4 years ago

It's an interesting idea, but wouldn't we just see a lot of the same splinters. There are very few that are balanced for most game formats.

For instance, black and red no longer have the depth and dominance they once had, due to some shiity reward card designs.

So I'd be thinking White, Green and Blue in that order.

No one will play dragons (crap in low mana games), so you might as well discount them.

But you won't know if you don't give it a try.


Whatever splinter I get for my daily quest
becomes my new favorite splinter after completing the quest. haha
With consistent play of a splinter you learn the nuances of how to best play those cards,
even with those rule sets that you would prefer to play another splinter.

And it never fails, just when I think I've got a splinter figured out,
someone comes along with their team and wipes me out!!! haha
Ugh! Why didn't I think of playing a double sneak attack under those circumstances...
Holy Cow! How in the world did their cocatrice "tank" last that long!!! haha
or just the other day, I forget who it was shared their battle using the 1 mana Exploding Dwarf as their tank and it worked! I was flabbergasted!!! haha

The more I think I'm getting the hang of this game, the more variations I run across that shouldn't, but do work...

That might've been me. Exploding Dwarf as a pre-tank has a lot of potential, particularly when he's unlikely to get clipped by magic or ranged (in 'Ranged and magic always snipe' for example). Excellent example here.

Yup that's the battle. haha That's pretty amazing!
Until I saw that I was only using him for Melee Mayhem and Super Sneak.

Thanks for the feedback @just2random... I think it would be ok if that happened (playing only one of 3 splinters), because remember whatever team you took into the whole tourney you are "stuck with it"... So if you took white, green, or blue, then I would at least know which one you took if you are my opponent so I could develop a countermeasure to your team. I also think that many people will find out that this is MUCH harder because right now everyone can "cherry-pick" the splinter that works best for each match. That wouldn't happen in a "single-splinter" tourney because you would have to choose from the team you entered the tourney with...

For instance, let's say you went white and I went red, then "broken arrows" comes up, you will be scrambling to find a team against say my red team that normally get its ass kicked by white (yet you would still have to play the white deck and couldn't opt out for a more suitable splinter)... That is only one example, but I think people will find that they will use ALL the cards more if that happened (plus get a truer picture of skill).

And on the Purple, in the Single-Splinter Tourney, you could still take the Dragons AND still pick one of the 5 splinters to go with it like you do now... The real disadvantage of going that route is that every opponent will know what you are likely to play and can develop countermeasures more easily.

And thanks again for the feedback and encouragement... would you like me to notify you if we do a test tourney?

You could certainly try me. And I misunderstood about purple. If i can use Selenia's dragons plus nominate another splinter then I know exactly what I'd choose :-D

lol... already getting my counter-measures ready for you ;)

and good... I will do that... I don't even know for sure if we will have enough interest, but as long as we get more than 10 I think its worth a try.

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