Usage/winratio for monsters and summoners for each league | Season 26th

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I like game addicted people.

omg , so much calculations ...

i always use lord and chicken ... lol

Great post, thanks! I am relatively sure that the bowing splinters with Untamed will be a little less popular. Peakrider, Mage and Fire will perform better in my opinion. I believe that the new Splinters can be played with two classes. :-) (fire / mage)
I do not know the exact combination. If the information turns out to be correct, would it be quite a coincidence, right?
In my memory some players get their card packs later delivered because the Fundition PayPal payments can not be easily assigned.
@clove71 please check that this event is avoided and everyone gets their cards in time.
Sounds crazy? I know... ;-)

So much data to analyze. Thanks for pulling that out and presenting it to us!

This is so awesome! Thanks for doing such a great Splinterlands post. I am giving this an upvote from Steem Monsters!
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Lord Arianthus - Usage 33.93% :/ Game becomes boring if every third game you use the same card for the same spot.

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Lol ... furious chicken is the most used card in champion league :)

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