Is the Steem Monster Dark Enchantress looking for Mene Gold: Finally Answered Here

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@steemmonsters is a glowing example of success on the Steem Blockchain. A combination of brilliant ideas, community feedback, artistic collaborations and management execution have already made the project thats less than six months old a smashing success.

With over $600,000 in card sales, this project is raging across every corner of Steemit. Recently mainstream adoption has been augmented by the kickstarter campaign, of which I was the #2 backer:


Check out the video summary of the project by founder @aggroed

Today I am discussing the third installment of Steemmonsters looking for Mene!

Here is part I & II

Here are the reasons the Dark Enchantress is looking for Mene:

First, just look at all the gold she is wearing indicated by the yellow arrows...


Next, look at all the eye contact she is making with the gold foil:


Clearly there is an “M” for Mene hidden in her hair:


As a reminder, this is what a “M” looks like:


And finally the most compelling piece of evidence that the Dark Enchantress is looking for Mene comes from this artwork by @mariandreapf

CF79FACF-084B-45F7-8747-9FF2486640E5.jpeg art by @mariandreapf

On closer examination because of the fine detail brought out in this art we can see THIS:


Clearly this the Mene 24k ETERNITE gold medallion seen here!


We can only conclude that the Dark Enchrantress is looking for Mene gold.



Earn $5 in Mene credit for signing up for Mene with this invite link:

To find out more about what Menē 24 karat gold and platinum investment jewelry is from your fellow Steemians :

To find out more about what Goldmoney is from your fellow Steemians :

To sign up for a Goldmoney Holding start here:

For Menē 24k investment jewelry here:

I am on a personal mission to spread the word about Goldmoney and Menē through any means necessary. Goldmoney allows individuals to empower themselves by protecting their savings by owning small or large amounts gold previously inaccessible to regular people like you and me.

All images sourced from Menē and Goldmoney.

Read more about Goldmoney:

See Steemians unbox Mene:

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😂😂 I love the creativity. I think I have to look at my monster cards closely now


Lol thanks for always reading and following my shenanigans @travelgirl


I wake up to it so it’s a nice read over breakfast 🥞


Can we call it..... Breakfast at Mene’s? ;)


sounds posh!

I've only received 3 gold foils in my arsenal if SteemMonsters cards. However, I'm going to keep harvesting my Mene gold as diligently as possible.
The medallion shown is on my "wishlist" too.

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Awesome, can’t wait until you get it :)


Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day for a comment.
Can you point me in the right direction for the purchase of a #GoldMoney t-shirt?

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Send me your information on discord or Steemit chat . Size and mailing address :)

I think she would love a MENE ring to put on that broom stick of hers.


Good idea

I think all the steem monsters are looking for MENE. Except those silvershields, all they care about is stacking their silver. I bet they'd like platinum.


Hmm sounds like a good post idea...