Steem Monsters VR Front End CONCEPT.

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Markegiles Solo Building SM Market.

  • This is the building where you will buy Steem Monster cards! When you walk into the brick building across the lawn; you will see a wooden vendors stall with a man holding a Steem Monster card. When you walk up to the stall a menu pops up. then you can start selling or buying!

  • The building is actually cylindrical on the inside like a silo. There is a circular ramp that leads to a little door 20 feet up. Then there is a little balcony around the outside of the building where you can look down at the whole property! :)

Monsters Spawn Here

  • The concept here is that when you buy a new Monster Card, a 3D model appears on the lawn and walks around! When you are logged into dlux, you will have to WALK THROUGH your Steem Monster collection to get to the Market! You can actually LOOK at your teams right before you buy new cards! You can buy, sell and look at your cards without refreshing or hitting that pesky back button!! This is truly one stop shop; all on one screen! :)

Dlux Coin Exchange

  • Dlux coins are what you need to use this Steem Monster Market. Dlux coins are tokens whose system was developed by @shredz7 @disregardfiat and @markegiles. This building is where you can exchange Steem for Dlux Coins to purchase cards and perform other functions. REMEMBER you can always just SELL cards on the Market to make Dlux Coins! It works both ways! :)

Information Center

  • This is your basic, run of the mill visitors center. A NPC Characher behind a booth will talk to you about the things in this very article. There will be pictures on the wall with text popup {click x to read etc.} This building is the simplest but the most important. there will be plenty of room to walk around in and lots of help for beginners. There will also be links to and sites like @peakmonsters if they would like free "advertising."
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