Play Poker, win raffles!

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Welcome back poker fans! This is

If it's your first time here, I do hope you enjoy the experience!

Tonight's poker tournament is a special one, as it will be another version of Munkiioh's Birthday Bash! Except this time, instead of Steem Monsters we're playing Texas Hold'em!

Click here for more information about Munkiioh's Birthday Fundraiser Raffle
We have already reached the first goal of 500 entries, guaranteeing that some lucky entrant is going to get every single card I have stored over in my alt account.

I will keep an updated list of entrants on This Post

Are you ready to see the prizes?

  • 1st Place: 25 Raffle Entries
  • 2nd Place: 15 Raffle Entries
  • 3rd-5th Place: 5 Raffle Entries
  • 6th-10th Place: 1 Raffle Entry

As far as the actual fundraising goes, well, we're nowhere near $500 yet, let's just say that. But there is still time! If we get at least $500 USD raised during this 11-day-fundraising-adventure I've been on, rogue-wizard-@yabapmatt is graciously sponsoring 3 SHIN LO LEGENDARY PROMO CARDS! These things are not cheap either! Right now they are about $140 USD on the Steem Monsters Market.

Entry Fee: 1 STEEM or SMPT

Send entry fee to @crystalhuman with the memo poker, if you are using SMPT, you can log in to and send from your wallet there, alternatively you can use Keychain.

for instructions on how-to use Keychain, click here

To log in to you simply use your Keychain extension, or enter your STEEM credentials on the Log In page.

To participate you will need to sign up at

To receive the raffle prizes or to play in any of the upcoming Steem Monsters Tournaments I am guaranteed to be hosting, you will need to make sure you have a Steem Monsters Starter Pack

Having a starter pack also gives you your very own STEEM account, if you do not already have one.

Make sure you join my CHILL Discord for announcements, passwords, and table updates!

I couldn't possibly shout enough times how much I appreciate all of your support for this project of ours, I am looking forward to being able to give out many more, even bigger prizes in the future. All we need is a little participation, your resteems & upvotes!

Tonight's game is at 10PM Eastern Standard Time



Good stuff !!
Happy Birthday Munkiioooooooh!!!!

wow 500 entries

At what time is the tournament ?

10 PM Eastern Time, had to make a few edits. Should be fixed now :D

Happy Birthday