Fundraising for our future. Win a Shin-Lo and $500+ in other prizes!

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Hello! You all mostly know me as @crystalhuman, but my birth name is Eddie, and my wife @ascendedmonkey AKA @munkiioh's name is Simone.


I am happy to say that it's been just over one year since we first joined the STEEM platform and we are still very excited to be here!

My milestone post - Simone's milestone post

Things are finally starting to come together, I'm thrilled with our progress over the last 365+ days.

Simone's 27th birthday is coming up in 11 days so I wanted to do something extraordinary for her this year. We have both spent this last year working very hard, she really deserves something nice.

I will be holding a Fundraising Raffle over the course of the next 11 days.

You may want to read this and learn how to use Keychain

SMPT and STEEM will be used as raffle tickets.

To obtain SMPT you can simply log in to

Then you can deposit some STEEM which will be converted to STEEMP

Now you simply go to the SMPT Market and place your order!

Each SMPT or STEEM you send to me (@crystalhuman) with the memo, "raffle", will be counted as 1x entry into the raffle drawing. However, you will get a bonus for using SMPT.
  • 1 SMPT = 1 Raffle ticket
  • 5 SMPT = 6 Raffle tickets
  • 10 SMPT = 13 Raffle tickets
  • 50 SMPT = 70 Raffle tickets
  • 100 SMPT = 150 Raffle tickets.
    There is an overall minimum of 500 raffle entries, otherwise all "tickets" will be refunded.

This raffle will be for a Steem Monsters Starter Pack, my entire @masterbeta alt account's collection of cards + 1000 SMPT.

You can see all the cards I have in the account here.

Number of cards: 100

Beta: 73 - Promo: 1 - Reward: 26
Common: 36, Rare: 32, Epic: 22, Legendary: 10

Current Market Value: $512.00 + $50.53 + $10.00 = $572.53 USD

Second place will receive a Steem Monsters Starter Pack + 500 SMPT!

Current Market Value: $266.00 USD

Winning either of these two prizes will also land you directly in the HODL'ers Cartel where you will be able to earn future rewards by HODL'ing your SMPT.

Once it is time to do the drawing, I will double check all the names and amount of entries each person has on the list then send them to @yabapmatt and ask him to use this random name picker to select the winners.

This raffle pick will be held Friday, March 22nd, 2019, at 12:00 (noon) Eastern Standard Time.

Thanks! :)

Gifts are appreciated!

ETH 0xc1fa7da2739d1219c291c90438a4ea31ba107355
LTC LW6USk9cJNMcKCXyn4X6P4CdPfBrpnaPrd

Follow me for updates!

resteem this post for 1 SMPT

If at least $500 is raised in total, then three random entrants will win a Shin-Lo exclusive promo card, currently valued at over $100!

Join this Steem Monsters tournament for a chance to win up to 25 entries!


w000t w000t Im in!!
even noobs can do it!!

Happy Birthday today and everyday!

Dawww, spanx yew! :3

I sent in some smpt tokens! Glad to help!

Upvoted + Resteemed also bought 1 ticket 😁 hope to win

Thanks! Good luck :)

welcome and hope you get more entries

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Resteemed :)

Fingers crossed that the fundraiser is a huge success.
In the meantime here is an early Birthday Cake !

EEEEPPPP!!!! Thank yewz! X3

NOM NOM NOM NOMz, le-digital-cake*

Just sent in 50 SMPT. Good luck to all participants!

Oh my goodness! Thank you very much! :D

No problem. Happy birthday! You and your husband are awesome people :)

Thanks bro :) Likewise!

Well played :-D I hope the owners of @keychain give you a sizeable donation for promoting their product :-P
I guess it's time I final install it and give it a run. Donation coming soonish...

Ha! Thanks! I don't expect anything from anyone for that lol but Keychain is essential to STEEM for me, like @ginabot. Wouldn't be the same without them!

Thank you for the support too! Good luck!

Thank you for your support good sir! :3

Bless your wife, happy birthday.
This is a pleasant event.
Wish you happiness.

Wishing you happiness also dude, and thank you very much for the bday wishes in advance. :D

hi @crystalhuman! ..and Happy Birthday to Simone too!

by the way, Just now I have won your steemmonsters tournament (1st place). As from there I have won 25 smpt, is it already gone to the raffle or I have manually send you the tokens via steem-engine?

also, will there be more tournaments ? :)

If you would like for me to add them to your raffle entries I can do that instead :) Sorry for the late reply. And yes I will have a few more. :) Thanks!

Hi @crystalhuman ! Ok so I have 76 SMPT On Steem Engine. If I want to send you 50 SMPT FOR 70 Entries do I just :

click on the arrow Then TRANSFER TO @rystalhuman , AMOUNT 50.00000 , Then MEMO: Raffle . Thanks .👍😎 Also I just installed the Keychain extension and Im trying to vote for stoodkev as witness ( i all ready vote for yabapmatt and aggroed a long time now, but I cant figure out which key it wants!? it just says to use my active key but when i do it says use "nul" !? anyways no biggie, thanks again! Like I said before, nothing is ever easy for me, lol!

Yep, that's it, you will need your private owner password to allow keychain to have full functionality. :)

Thanks but I tried that and it now says "not a private wifi" lol. and im at home on my private wifi hahaha! maybe thats just to vote for witness which I can do without using keychain. Anyways can I send you the SMPT directly from Steem engine as I said above!?

You sure can :) And you might wanna check your wifi settings :D

Its all good. I just voted for @stoodkev from the hamburger menu instead of keychain and had no problems, ok cool I will send you SMPT now thanks! 😎👍

w00t Thanks for the support!

just sent!! thanks , hope I win, my fingers are crossed!!👍👍👍😎

🎂🎈🎀 Wow happy anniversary Cheers to one year you guys!! And a very happy Birthday to your wife Simone @ascendedmonkey in 11 days !
🙋 I am definitely going to try and figure out how to buy raffle tickets ! Im really bad at figuring out these things maybe im just tired! lol, but how many tickets can I get per 1.00 steem !? Thanks! upped and resteemed!👍👍👍👹👺👿😎
BTW my birthdays on the 16th and my son Matts is on the 18th.!

EEEEP!!! Thank ye for the constant love and support, and happy birthday to you guys too!! <3

Your very welcome!! Just read your last anniversary post, following you now!🎀🎈🎂👍

Thank ye for the follow! I don't post very often but, it's usually because I don't feel compelled to write unless there's something I REALLY want to say... Hopefully my artist's/writer's block will pass soon and I'll be able to start posting more frequently.

Awe thanks and your very welcome!👍😀

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w00t w00t! HBD! You can purchase more raffle tickets on, if you need help shoot me a DM on Discord :)


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