Steem Monsters Alpha Packs and Free STEEM Giveaway [2]

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Hey guys! During my previous giveaway (which hasn't ended yet), I got around 30 new followers and 3 new referrals on Magic Dice! Therefore, I have decided to create a new giveaway with very similar entry conditions.

You can win up to 3 alpha packs AND 25 STEEM from this giveaway!

Firstly, a bit about myself

I post a lot of Steem Monsters stuff! The series I put the most effort in is my semi-regular update on the expected value of rewards cards. I also occasionally post an ad for cards that I'm selling/buying, but out of the 10+ ads I've posted I don't think I've ever gotten a decent offer/reply, but that won't stop me from trying!

I also post some miscellaneous stuff, usually maths related or just random thoughts I have.

I might occasionally post some referral links, as I do enjoy some passive income! However, one rule I have is that I'll only refer products/services that I personally use and enjoy. I'd NEVER advertise something I don't think is worth using purely for the money.

For this giveaway, I'll be promoting Drug Wars, a new take on a classic! It's a free to play game, but pay to win. However, by winning you can earn real STEEM and thus make but your original "investment" in the game. I'll provide a personal guide tomorrow on how to play tomorrow!



  • Follow me (no action required if you already follow me)
  • Resteem this post and comment "resteemed" (for 1 alpha pack and 2 STEEM)
  • Optional: Upvote this post at 100% for an additional 3 STEEM if you're the winner
  • Optional: Become one of my Drug Wars referrals for an additional 20 STEEM and 2 alpha packs if you are the winner! I'll provide a guide on how to check if you've been referred below
  • Note: this giveaway will only happen if there are at least 15 resteems in the comments!

Drug Wars Referral Guide

  1. Log onto Drug Wars
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the sidebar and press "help"image.png
  3. Check to see if you have @cryptoeater as the referrer, if not you can manually enter it
  4. Note: If you were previously referred by someone else, I strongly advise against changing it to me purely for this giveaway as that would be extremely unethical on yours and my behalf.

I will publish a Drug Wars guide tomorrow, including the basics and a tips and tricks section!

Choosing the winner

The winner will be randomly chosen by the volume of the STEEM/BTC pair on Binance on the 25th of February. Each entry will be ordered in the order of their comments in the comments section. The volume of that day will be divided by the total amount of entries, and the remainder will be the person who wins! I'll post an example of this tomorrow when I announce the winner of the previous giveaway!


Followed, resteemed, upvoted.

Magic Dice has rewarded your post with a 49% upvote. Thanks for playing Magic Dice.

Followed, resteemed, upvoted, and I checked the referral. Screenshot 20190217 09.45.35.png

Thanks and good luck!

Resteemed and upvotes. Just sorry, already fully involved in DW madness ;)

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Magic Dice has rewarded your post with a 73% upvote. Thanks for playing Magic Dice.

Are you part of a clan yet? Check out The DownWithClowns[DWC] Posse 🤡 @dwclowns

Anyone could join up, with clans and battles coming soon get ready to protect your assets.

We are more than just a DrugWars gang. We are a community of fellow Steem Clowns. 🤡

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Followed, resteemed, upvoted, not into Drug wars

Upvoted 100%, followed, and resteemed 😁


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Thank you.Which gang are you in?

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resteemed and upvoted!

On my blog / dtube channel you can find many different free accounts :)

my blog (just click)
my dtube channel(just click)

About your passing by, I would be happy, if necessary, about upvotes :)


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followed, upvoted & resteemed

Followed, resteemed, upvoted

Resteemed. I'm gonna signup on Drugwars now with your referral mate :)

This is amazing news for Steem, we're getting new games and new services. Hopefully these dapps are succesful

Hello, I follow you
I hope , you'll sent a personal guide tomorrow.

P.S. Also upvote & resteem this post.

Upvoted, resteemed, followed.

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Resteemed :)

already following , upvoted 100% and also resteemed this post.
I also used your referral . here is the ss.

I also have joined your previous giveaway just now. am i listed ?

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Follow, resteemed and full upvote! Good Luck everybody!

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Follow, upvote, resteem done

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Resteem. Follow. Upvote. Referall. Thanks! Screenshot (1).png

Followed, upvoted and resteemed. Thank you for the contest and see you around in Steem Monsters.

Resteemed, followed and upvoted.

Followed, resteemed, upvoted,referral.


🎁 Dear @cryptonewslife,

SteemBet Seed round SPT sale is about to start in 2 days!

When our started the development of SteemBet Dice game, we couldn’t imagine that our game would go so viral and that SteemBet would become one of the pioneers in this field.

In order to give back to our beloved community, we’ll distribute 4000 STEEM to SPT holders immediately after Seed sale. Plus, investors in this earliest round will be given 60% more tokens as reward and overall Return on Investment is estimated at 300%!

Join the whitelist on SteemBet webiste now and start investing! Feel free to ask us anything on Discord


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Followed, Resteemed, Upvoted ✌

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Followed - Resteemed - Upvoted.

Followed, 100% upvote and resteemed I’m already in the trenches with SM, Magic and DW. Cheers man!

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I upvoted, followed and re-steemed! I love steemmonsters and hope that LOTS MORE people come join us to play.

I already started playing drug wars too. I have invested 10 steem and earned 1.6 back. I hope it keeps growing because I would love to have a little passive income stream from gaming.

I love the steem blockchain more every day.

Resteemed! Already follow you. Already playing Drug Wars, too. :)

Will upvote 100%

If you don't have a referrer yet, feel free to change it to me!

Oh, that's what I meant. I already have a referrer. Loving the game!

That's alright, good luck for the giveaway!

Resteemed to the crew! Looking for some #steemmonsters gold cards?

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