Steem Monsters Alpha Packs and Free STEEM Giveaway!

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Hey guys! I've been quite active on Steemit recently so I've decided to do a little giveaway to increase my fan base! First, here's a bit about what I post.

I post a lot of Steem Monsters stuff and the series I put the most effort in is my semi-regular update on the expected value of rewards cards. I also occasionally post an ad for cards that I'm selling/buying, but out of the 10+ ads I've posted I don't think I've ever gotten a decent offer/reply, but that won't stop me from trying!

I also post some miscellaneous stuff, usually maths related or just random thoughts I have.

I might occasionally post some referral links, as I do enjoy some passive income! However, one rule I have is that I'll only refer products/services that I personally use and enjoy. I'd NEVER advertise something I don't think is worth using purely for money.

While we're on the topic, if you haven't played Magic Dice yet, click here to play! You'll be awarded an extra alpha pack and STEEM if you're on my Magic Dice referral list.

Quick word on Magic Dice, it's been a very buggy lately and there's been a lot of FUD, but things seem to be back online now and running smoothly again. At this point, if you haven't staked much in it I'd recommend using it purely as a gambling platform rather than an investment since it's development has been a little slow and uncertain.


  • Follow me (no action required if you already follow me)
  • Resteem this post and comment "resteemed"
  • Optional: Upvote this post at 100% for an additional alpha pack if you're the winner
  • Optional: log in with my Magic Dice referral link.
    If you've already logged in before, log out then click on this link then log in again.
    If the winner of this giveaway is on my Magic Dice referral list, I've award them with an additional alpha pack!
  • Note: this giveaway will only happen if there are at least 15 resteems in the comments!



  • Base: 1 alpha pack + 3 STEEM
  • If you also upvoted this post at 100% OR you're on my Magic Dice referral list: 2 alpha packs + 5 STEEM
  • If you both upvoted AND you're on my Magic Dice referral list: 3 alpha packs + 10 STEEM

How the winner will be chosen

The winner will be randomly chosen by the volume of the STEEM/BTC pair on Binance on the 19th of February. Each entry will be ordered in the order of their comments in the comments section. The volume of that day will be divided by the total amount of entries, and the remainder will be the person who wins!

I know it seems quite complicated, but it's a fun and transparent way to prove this contest is unbiased. I'll elaborate on this technique on the winner announcement!

Quick Ad

If you don't wanna wait for luck, I'm also selling some alpha packs at the following prices:

  • 1-10: $3.75
  • 11-25: $3.70
  • 25-50: $3.65
  • 51-100: $3.60
  • 101-250: $3.55
  • 250+: $3.50

I'm also selling two Steem Monster alpha sets. If you want an example of a full alpha set, click here. A full alpha set is around $1447 market price right now.

  • One alpha set: $1250
  • Two alpha sets: $2400

If you'd like to buy an Steem Monsters alpha package, I also have the following deals:

  • 100 alpha packs and 1 max alpha set package for $1500
  • 250 alpha packs and 2 max alpha sets package for $3000

If you want to purchase something, feel free to arrange payments in the comments below, or contact me on Discord @cryptoeater#5209

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Hi @cryptoeater, I upvoted!

Resteemed, upvoted and entered MD :) Let's cross fingers


Confirmed you've done all three, good luck!!

Hello @cryptoeater i resteemed and followed


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upvoted and resteemed. :)

Did all three!

I just resteemed, upvoted, logged into Magic Dice and am now hoping for some free packs!

It's done

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Resteemed, and upvote.
I dont understand how magic dice works, but i think I did it.

resteemed & upvoted. Thank you.

Upvoted and resteemed Done!

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Cool contest.

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resteemed, cool action!

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Resteemed.. and all the rest too!


Confirmed you've done all three, good luck!!

Resteemed,, upvoted & followed.

Resteemed, upvoted and entered in magic dice using your referral link too. I am already in MD but as you instructed I logout and played using your link. Hope it showing in your referral section.

amazing contest @cryptoeater.


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All done

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Sup Dork! Enjoy the upvote!!!

followed,m 100% upvoted and resteemed this post. Also, I have used your referral.... if there any mistake.. tell me! @cryptoeater
i saw your present giveaway just now and u told there that it is still running , so i came and have done all the things.. hope i get listed

followed, 100% upvoted , resteemed and also used your referral to log in magicdice. p-lease count me in sir

Upvoted resteemed and followed.

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