Kobold Miner - Poetry Piece - Splinterlands Art Contest

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Precious metals are attraction from ages, about hidden treasure there are many books and pages
Treasure hunters dig deep in places, to find precious metals and minerals
But every hype is not true, out of all mentions may there are few
Some lands are blessed with abundance, it hides so much wealth that it can spread dependence.

Miners play great role in extraction, they know under the earth interaction
But sometimes they deal with unknown situations, which meets with limitations
Ever heard about the unknown entity under the earth, may be there is world of unknown birth
When we deal with something ancient, then we need extraterrestrial agent.

This time mining has to done to bring out hidden ancient world, but no knows a single word
So scientists called the help of extraterrestrials, started the communication trials
Then they received the message from a red planet, the alien creature started from there world with the whole cabinet
No one knows how this creature will look like, also they don't know what they should give as a hike.

This creature arrived on earth with torches and hammers, when this creature saw the map of ancient world called as steemmonsters
This creature was master of mining, when mining is about to finish from under the earth there was so much shining
Now the steemmonsters world started visible, it's touchable
Extraterrestrial creature started returning as per timer, before leaving gave introduction as kobold miner.

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"This is my original work."

Stay Blessed.

Spread love and spread kindness.

Thanks and regards, Chiranjeevi Sarikonda


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STEM rewards have been removed from this content.

No problem team. I've added the STEM tag because I've wrote some aspect of Extraterrestrial 👽 in this poetry. Keep up the great work and strengthen the community.

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Hi @chireerocks

Be careful with all these tags - stem is for science not steemmonsters :)

Yes brother. Actually I've wrote about the Extraterrestrial 👽 in this poetry and about Technology in other poetry both got downvoted. But definitely i am taking this positively and will be careful. Thank you brother and stay blessed.

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