[SteemMonsters] : Vertical banners for the community

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Little bit on the side

Did you see my last post which had vertical banners and explained how to use them? I've shared a mixture of these banners below so you can try out some different formatting techniques for your SteemMonsters posts. There are two heights, 800px and 450px.

All background images used in the vertical banners are from Unsplash.com. The SteemMonsters artwork was provided by @yabapmatt in the form of pngs. The banners are free to use as long as credit is provided back to the post (see license below).

Creative Commons Licence
The images below are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.



Not enough?

I've only made a handful of these banners to see what the response is from the community. If it's positive I will make edits to the banners including:

  • Different widths
  • Horizontal variations
  • Blank banners without monsters

Let me know in the comments if that is something you'd like to see.


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source - photo taken from grantcoin.org

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These are so amazing!! :-)Thank you!

I'm glad you like them! Thank you very much :)

I seriously love the banners @caluman ! especially #1 ! and just checked out your post on how to use markdown to place them thanks for the info I will upvote and resteem this one so its in my feed, Im going try it out maybe in my next post! who do i give Banner design credit to!? I would like the first one in short as well!👍👍👍👹👾

Sorry for such a late reply! I'm trying to get a good routine going for my comments. I'm pleased you like the banners, I'll be able to get you a shorter one knocked up soon. My plan was to make more with monsters and some without so I'll drop you a comment when I have that post out 😀

Thanks and no worries you will find i do the same all the time! Steemit and life can be very time consuming Lol!✌💕👍😂

I really like them. Great new way to break up a post a little. Haunted Spirit is probably my favourite; as the background looks like an actual scene.

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