Finally Completed My Rare Collection Of Steem Monsters

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If you have followed along you know that I'm spending $500 on Steem Monsters. I've been close to completing my rare set but for some reason, I couldn't get the Medusa card. I finally got it last night.

Medusa Rare.PNG

I'm pretty happy with that so now I just need 2 more epics to complete that set and then on to the legendary before I start worrying about the gold.

Here was the rest of the packs:

Pack 56.PNG

Pack 57.PNG

Pack 58.PNG

Pack 59.PNG

Pack 60.PNG

Also, I'm giving away 5 booster packs. So if you are interested head on over to this post and get entered before Saturday:

As always, please Upvote, Follow, ReSteem, and comment below.


Which epic cards do you want? We might have some.

Selling all of them for 25 STEEM or pick and choose.

I'm missing Magi Of The Forest & Screaming Banshee. I still have a couple hundred packs to open so I'm sure eventually I'll get them. I'll probably have to do some trading or buying to complete the golds though but that's a month or two down the road. Thanks though.

LOL okay well yeah a couple hundred packs to go, I'm sure you will! Hope we don't run into you in a tournament :D

Congrats on completing the rares!

If Steem Monsters gets big, you'll have a gold mine ;)

Hopefully. Or I will have pissed away $500. lol

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