More Steem Monster Booster Packs Bought & Booster Pack Giveaway

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I'm a little late posting this but last week I bought another 25 booster packs on my way to spending $500 on the Steem Monsters game. So far I've spent $105 so I still have a ways to go.

Unfortunately, I didn't run hot and get any legendaries like I did the week before but I did pull out my first Gold Rare card which was awesome!

Marlic Inferno Gold Rare.PNG

Head over to Steem Monsters to get your cards -

I love the art on this card. The flames look really good with the gold too. This game is so addictive. Anyway here is the whole 25 packs.

Pack 26.PNG
Pack 27.PNG
Pack 28.PNG
Pack 29.PNG
Pack 30.PNG
Pack 31.PNG
Pack 32.PNG
Pack 33.PNG
Pack 34.PNG
Pack 35.PNG
Pack 36.PNG
Pack 37.PNG
Pack 38.PNG
Pack 39.PNG
Pack 40.PNG
Pack 41.PNG
Pack 42.PNG
Pack 43.PNG
Pack 44.PNG
Pack 45.PNG
Pack 46.PNG
Pack 47.PNG
Pack 48.PNG
Pack 49.PNGPack 50.PNG

Lots of cool good looking cards and my collection is starting to round out. I can see it's going to be tough completing the gold and legendary cards so I'll probably have to start trading at some point.

Anyhow, on to the giveway. I'm going to give away 5 Booster Packs. This will be to 5 different people so each person gets one pack. To enter, all you have to do is comment below with what you love about the game and the best card you have pulled from a pack. I will randomly draw the 5 names 5 days from now on Saturday 7/7/18.

Good luck in the game. Please Upvote, Follow, and Comment below.


Well, I've been writing lore for this game so what I love is the world being created :)

Best pulls are a Gold Tyrus and a lightning dragon

Dragons are awesome. I have one.

Yeah, I was pretty happy that my only legendary pull was a dragon :)

What I love about SteemMonsters the most is the idea behind it - collectible card game on a blockchain. I've only opened one booster pack so far and the best card was a duplicate rare Stonesplitter Orc.

Sweet. I do think it will help bring some people to not only the blockchain but Steem.

I love the characters art on this game that's why I decided to join & started making some fanart, check out my blog for the one I did of Pit Ogre I guess that was the best one I've pulled so far as a newbie. and if you liked it, feel free to let me know which one you'd like to see next.

I checked it out. That was a great job! Save up for that drawing tablet and make your life easier.

Thank you very much. You are right, that's my plan and my first priority, hopefully, I'll be able to get one soon ;)

I love SteemMonsters because its doesn't have many transaction fees like Cryptokitties does

I agree and the transactions are fast too with Steem.

I love steemmonsters because it has the potential to bring together many communities that might not have otherwise and oh, it looks like it's gonna be epic!!

The best card I've pulled so far is the screaming banshee, hope I get finally get myself a legendary this time :)

Cheers for the contest btw.

I agree. Good luck in the drawing.

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