Free Range Rexxie, or A Fowl Collision

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After winning the Steem Monsters Goblin Shaman contest, an honor of which I am quite proud, I decided to sit a week out. I had entered the Steem Monsters back story writing contest every week until then. Sorry, Pirate Captain, you're the odd monster out!

So this week, I decided to re-enter the race and offer up this piece for the Rexxie back story.

Steem Monsters Rexxie
From the Steem Monsters contest announcement

Rexxie Steem Monsters

My kin and I started as nothing but lowly fowl. Chickens. Our only lot was to peck the ground, munch on worms. We did our jobs well enough, keeping the soil clean and free of vermin that did no good. The rest of nature was happy to oblige and conform to our happy service.

The field was our humble home. In Lyveria, between Palavan Village and the Fields of Finkeldei, amidst the unicorns and the soft grasses of a farm community rich in fertile rows. Everyone, including the creatures, were friendly. We knew no such thing as war, only peace.

One day, eternal peace turned to chaos. Storms erupted, earthquakes shook the ground, and all manner of destruction reared its ugly head. There was no warning, no time to prepare. It seemed the whole fabric of our world was ripped apart.

The Spirit of the Forest created the rivers, then magic stopped. After a brief pause, the magic began again, and the unicorns returned to their natural state of grace.

Oh, but the goblins. They turned mean. While my family and me were working our business, cleaning the fields of worms and other nasty critters, a band of goblins invaded our space and snatched a handful of us up, threw us into the backs of wagons with our legs and feet tied fast. In a matter of minutes we found ourselves going from free range to captive, and some of us were killed. My mother took a cudgel to the heart.

Bound, gagged, and tied, and separated from my loved ones, a wagon train carried us across the land to a very strange place.

I do not know how long the journey was. It was longer than I would have liked. And not pleasant at all. But at the end of it, we were kept in pens, though free to roam as long as we stayed in our cells. And the goblins in this side of the land fed us well, though we were soon to find out it was not for our own good. Rather, they were preparing us for their stews.

When my number came and the goblin chef came to my cell, clasping his hands about my wings, I sensed a foreboding that I had not felt in a very long time. He bound my legs again, and I was about to have my head lopped off when a strange-looking creature, a horse with a human head, rode in and rescued me. In fact, an army of them rode in so swiftly we hardly heard them coming, and rescued my entire clan. Hundreds of us chickens suddenly found ourselves free again.

But it was not a freedom like before.

We somehow got caught up in a war between the horse-people and their enemy, the minotaurs. I have no idea who won, but in a rash temperamental outcry, a certain horse-creature cast a magic spell. I believe it was intended for one of the minotaurs, but it missed its target and lit a few of us chickens up like some primordial light show.

What happened next is difficult to explain. I believe that I and a few of my fowl brothers were fused together by the lightning spell. In an instant, I felt myself being pulled by some unseen force, and I collided with more momentum than I ever thought possible with several objects at once. There were squawkings and screeches and howls unlike any I've ever heard, and I'm sure that my own squeaks were as much a part of the raucous as anyone's. So loud it hurt my ears and nearly deafened me.

When I emerged from this event, I did not recognize myself. There were a dozen chickens or more in my immediate vicinity, but upon the culmination of this wild event, which ended with a huge explosion, there were none. Only me. Us. A very large creature with a voracious appetite. They call me Rexxie.

Immediately, I was hungry. The calamity ended and I seized upon the minotaur, devouring him whole. And after minutes of crunching bones, feasting on blood and flesh, I shrunk away to the grasslands where I now call my home.

It wasn't long before I began to see others like me. And a few more after that. Now, we rule Anumün with appetite and size and numbers. We roam wherever we wish and no one argues. No one ever dare argues.

Review Me, Please

Rexxie Steem Monsters

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Good story. Cannot wait for steem monsters to start!

Thanks. Yes, I can't wait for it to start either. I think it's going to be the bomb.

Chickens?! Nice :D
I liked this one.

Thank you, sir. I'm enjoying the creative process. :-)

This post is sponsored by @SteemitBloggers in collaboration with @appreciator. Just keep up the good work.

Love it Rexxie!

No one ever dare argues.

Nice :) I've been following a few people writing the background stories for steemmonsters and must say that I really enjoy this one :)

Thank you very much. I enjoy writing them.

  ·  last year (edited)

Now they will not be fed on, they feed... I like it!! 😊


LMAO the war of the chickens vs the horse people....

Cool story! Love it. :-) Can't wait for next!!


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That was a cool concept, chickens becoming the dinos, instead of vice-a-versa. Nice story, I enjoyed it.


I remember vaguely a cartoon movie, was it an Arthurian legend story where they had a chicken and it was blasted by some orc magic and got transformed to a beast who proceeded to stomp the enemies..

I am just trying to remember a vague movie lol.

When you do, let me know. It sounds like a fabulous way to spend a couple of hours. :-)