Update: Alpha edition Packs SOLD OUT! Contest will Resume

in steemmonsters •  4 months ago

Update: I had planned on closing the contest at midnight to give everyone fair warning when Steem Monsters announced 15,000 Alpha packs left, but when it got to the last 6,000 packs, I decided to close NOW.

As I was preparing the names for the random tool selector, the alpha edition packs SOLD OUT! I will have to send out beta booster packs to the winners. ☹️

Contest will resume until post payout. I tried to get the Alpha packs out, but the Steem Monsters community snatched the cards up way too fast!

Update below is now outdated. My goodness!

This update will be short and straight to the point.

The Alpha booster packs are selling out fast on steemmonsters.com. Read the official Steem Monsters post here. At the time of this post, the count is now at 11,676 available packs.

alpha packs.JPG

Due to FOMO 😎 and since I will be purchasing the booster packs to send to the winners, I’d rather not take the chance of having to send beta cards and not alpha. I will be CLOSING the contest EARLY! Today will be the last day to enter. Initially, I said 12:00 AM EST, but Alpha packs are going fast! So I am now changing the deadline to NOW.

No time to set up video, so I will simply use the random picker tool to choose the winners.



If you are new to Steem Monsters or if you would like to let me know why you do/do not support the witnesses behind @steemmonsters, stop by the post and let me know today. You may also comment on this post. Entry will be valid on both posts.

Disclaimer: IF the alpha packs sell out before tonight, I will have no choice but to send beta packs.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who stopped by with your congratulatory wishes! I read the comments, but have yet to find time to comment back. Today is my first day back to work and I have a ton of catching up to do. I did read everyone's comments though!

beeyou copy-paula.final.jpg

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Thanks for hosting this awesome contest @beeyou. I am extremely picky with my witness votes. The reason I do not vote for just witness is because I want to research and get to know the witness prior to casting my vote. I want to ensure that these witnesses support the newbie communities' best interests.

Having said that, I have voted for @yabapmatt because I have met him several times and he is a cool guy. I mentioned to him about @newbieresteemday, and he stopped by and showed support to our community members. He cares about the things I care about.

I have not voted for @aggroed because I do not know him yet. Aside from seeing his generosity with SteemMonsters giveaways, I have not researched his witness campaign. I will do so soon though.

I also don't have a starter pack yet and would love to win one from your contest. I know, i know, very late to get one. I did pledge to the Kickstarter though.


Thanks for the comment @mellofello. Even though you commented on here and not the original post, I will consider this a valid entry. Applies to everyone else who chooses to comment here!

I never got to meet Matt in person unlike you and Andy, but I too have seen his kindness and generosity to others on the blockchain. I admire his commitment to this platform. He has my full support!


Oh, haha. I thought it odd that I was the sole entry, lol. I thought you were popular on this platform.

And yes, more witnesses like Matt is what STEEM needs.


Lol, nowhere near popular. Just happy to have made some good friends on here.


Lucky you @mellofello! Good thing I didn't forget you put an entry on this post.

Congrats, you won a booster pack from the random picker.


Woohoo. Thank you thank you. I hope I get a GF AOL or SS. I'll give you 10% if I do, haha.

Newest update - Alpha packs sold out, since packs are not available for purchase right now, I will let the contest resume until payout.

Update: closing my contest today since the SM alpha booster packs might sell out. Tagging everyone who stopped by the original post with the update. Not everyone below entered the contest. Still time to enter!

@davemccoy, @diogosantos, @revisesociology, @onefatindian, @maquemali, @headchange, @pardinus, @yogajill, @palikari123, @trisquelwhare, @doomsdaychassis, @themanwithnoname, @maverickinvictus, @lynncoyle1, @simplymike, @rentmoney, @sparkesy43, @herbertholmes, @warpedpoetic

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