We're down to the final 15,277 packs

in steemmonsters •  4 months ago

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 2.09.40 PM.png

Very likely we'll be sold out today or tomorrow. You've been notified.

PS Beta packs coming soon. In the meantime you can still find alpha packs through the Kickstarter.


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Now are 14,070. Will beta go on sale immediately after the end of alpha?


Good question. Sounds like if they sell out you can contribute to the Kickstarter to get alpha packs and the beta will be comin around shortly.

Congratulations!!!! Siked!

Glad I got enough packs to become a Maverick last night! Still searching for one more Legendary!!!!


Maverick status!


what's a maverick?


Mavericks are those who have purchased 500 packs or more.


I'm not even hallway there!

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This is awesome. Will the next set be available right away or will there be a cool off period before the next release?

dude... Stop giving me all this FOMO. I already brought but I want more:(


The FOMO is real

Yeah, that's 11,768 right now... @steemmonsters.

I'll just leave this poem here for you all.


Make that 14702 and falling by the minute! Don’t think they will last til tomorrow. 😁

Damn the last 50,000 packs disappeared fast.

Very exciting! Time to HODL those alpha cards!

that was 3 hours ago kiddo...we are down to 10,000

I did a pack opening video on DLive like 9 days ago, and that number was around 120-130k if I remember right? That means we're somewhere around 100k packs in a week! That's nuts!

I hope some of those alpha packs will make it for the fundition.io funding grrr....
When Monster-Lambo???

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steemmonsters you are most welcome

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