Daily Quest Reward of Steemmonsters: 10th Pack of This Season (30.10.19).

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Hello Steemians

I hope you're having a great day!

I've got 7 cards for completing a daily quest.

Let's see the whole pack.


I can't say a lot about these cards as I know very little.
So I'm taking help from "lore" of steemmonsters.com to show a proper details about these cards.


Some Dark Eternals choose to turn their back on the Dark Codex, giving in to the temptation of Soul Harvesting. It is a disgusting and archaic practice that takes over the soul of its practicer. Eventually the Soul Harvester becomes addicted, needing to feed off living souls to survive. This is the birth of a Vampire. Source of Image & Details.

My opinion about VAMPIRE:

In one sentence... I hate this card.
It's a total massacre.
Although it helped me in a match long ago as far as i can remember.
I had it with higher level and then I sold/converted it.


The Javelin Throwers are an especially savage small tribe of female warriors who live in the Giant Grasslands of Primordia. Well known for wearing suits made from the skins of reptiles they kill, these wild women are rarely seen in any settlement or city. Source of Image & Details.

My opinion about JAVELIN THROWER:

It's of earth splinter.
I thought it would be a great asset and then made it higher level.
But I don't find it so helpful nowadays so stopped playing with it.


The creatures of Anumün generally despise the Dark Eternals. There are few Goblins or Lyverians who give up their souls by signing the Dark Contract, but the nomadic Minotaurs of the south are simple-minded. They can occasionally be tricked into signing by the more devious Dark Eternal Missionaries. Source of Image & Details.

My opinion about UNDEAD MINOTAUR:

It's another card that I don't think that I used it for a single match.
It's in death splinter and death is one of my favorite splinter for some great and helpful cards.
But this one?
I just don't like it.
It costs 6 mana yet it's not giving a good potential as I think.


The Sea Genie simply waits quietly in his dark, deep lair at the foot of Maka Peak. He is the only resident of the Cave of Mysteries, a powerhouse of magical force. The Genie was first summoned hundreds of years ago, and now he is prisoner to the ΛZMΛRÉ summoners, doing only their bidding and little else. Source of Image & Details.

My opinion about SEA GENIE:

It looks like the genie of Aladin.
So cool, right?
Although there is not any summoner like Aladin in water splinter.
Yeah it's of water splinter and I don't play with water splinter.
I had this card with high level and then sold/converted it when I stopped playing with water splinter.


The aptly named Exploding Dwarves are newcomers to the Splinterlands. No one knows from whence they came; the Dwarves simply emerged from the Molten Mountain caverns a decade ago, quickly reproducing and settling across the Burning Lands. It is best to keep distance from them (especially when they are exploding). Source of Image & Details.

My opinion about EXPLODING DWARF:

I never did found it helpful, don't know why. I've seen many players using it in many matches and it did fantastic job. But i just don't find it helpful.
So I normally sell/convert this card.


There are rumors of Sea Monsters that can swallow a ship whole. The truth is, there are Sea Monsters big enough to swallow the Sea Monster that swallowed the ship whole. Most land lubbers cannot conceive how deep within the planet or how far beyond the horizon the oceans go. Source of Image & Details.

My opinion about SEA MONSTER:

It was my very first choice whenever I played with water splinter.
Although it costs high mana; it's attack power was great with it's healing power.
Right now I don't use it as I stopped playing with water splinter.


This mechanical monstrosity is a recent creation of Gurklies Gobson, the wild and wealthy Goblin scientist. As with everything the Goblins make, it runs on Goblin power, meaning that it’s full of Goblins, turning cranks and pulling levers. The Mech is run by seven Goblins in addition to the pilot. Source of Image & Details.

My opinion about GOBLIN MECH:

It's everything is good except the amount of mana. It costs 10 mana which is a lot for a match.
It's attack power, speed, health, shield everything is nice.
Once I made it higher level for me and then sold it as I don't find it so helpful because of it's higher need of mana.

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one rare card.Not bad at all.


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