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I just got done listening to @exyle's weekly radio program and it was a great one.

All I can say is to hold onto your STEEM...things are going to get very interesting around here. Steem is going to make all of us look like total geniuses.

It is easy to fall prey to looking at things how they are now and believe it is how it will always be. I can tell you, after that broadcast, I can see some more of what is taking place behind the scenes.

I will do a full write up in the morning about what I think about the topic of discussion.


Steem is evolving and presents an opportunity to everyone who is on here. Those who realize how early we are in this game will understand how the payoff can be enormous. The price of STEEM is getting battered because the crypto world turned its back on it.

The key here is the business world did not. And that is something that we are going to see coming in the next wave.

Innovation and creativity are what is paving the future. Each person on here is providing a service that is helping the Steem ecosystem to grow. While it is a slow process, exponential growth takes place when things appear slow. It is only in hindsight that one can see the massive change that was gearing up.

When discussing technology, it is easy to get caught up focusing upon the molehills while missing the entire mountain. For more than a year, I wrote how Steem is no longer a blogging platform. That ship sailed as Steem evolved into something completely different. Now do not get me wrong, it is still a part of the Steem experience yet the term "content creation" means a lot of things today.

Unfortunately, many still want to focus upon that. An unwillingness to change does not stop progress. The Luddites proved that more than a century ago. Instead, what happens is people get run over by it.

There is a lot taking place right now that is transforming Steem right before our eyes. Being on here daily makes it difficult to see. It really only happens when someone publicly provides a view of what is taking place behind the scenes with different projects. This happens from time-to-time, providing those who are attentive a glimpse into the future.

The bear market will not last forever. STEEM's plunge will not last forever. For those who think it is going to zero, think again. Holding that view might be the biggest mistake anyone can make. Simple understanding of blockchain and how things are unfolding on here show how that is impossible.

Think about it this way: there is a point when STEEM becomes so cheap that some of the hands on here will buy it up by the truckload. Do you really think a guy like @theycallmedan would not be backing the truck up to load up on STEEM at a cent? Of course he would along with many others.

We are starting to see things happening that is reaching outside the ecosystem. This might not be apparent at this point but I can see some of the tentacles spreading. Many people put in a lot of time into projects that are doing just that. Fortunately, some of it is starting to emerge.

I usually do not watch the price of STEEM since I am in for the long-term. Now, however, I am looking at it daily. I have another bit of fiat set aside for the purpose of adding to my holdings. I am doing this because I believe that the time for STEEM to stop falling is getting closer. It might still be another 6 months away, there is no way to tell.

What I can tell everyone is there is a lot taking place that is adding to the value of Steem and will make the token desirable. We will see buying activity step in at some point. The good thing about this is that it is not going to come from speculators or crypto traders.

The next wave of buying is going to come from businesses looking to leverage what is on Steem.

For that reason, it might be best to hold onto those STEEMies.

The day when the outlook is radically different could be nearing.

Keep in mind, none of this is financial advice.

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I hope so man, you think $3 again is possible?

Please please please...

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I think you are going to see STEEM levels that really blow the mind. There are 120M STEEM on the open market, which sounds like a lot until you start to do some simple math.

Watch Oracle-D and 3Speak. They have ways of getting a lot of that STEEM eaten up.

But the question is how does STEEM get burnt? If bidbots are getting taken down, then where does all that previously locked up STEEM go? Maybe they will implement a simple burn-to-vote feature like the Tribes? Is Stinc smart enough to do that?

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At 1 cent, a truck wouldn't do. Would need a oil tanker.

!giphy tank

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How. Much does Crypto weigh?

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This right here is great to me. Shows just how real crypto is and how it’s definitely not going anywhere. :) We refer to steem and other crypto as things we can physically put places, despite their digital nature. That’s how real this shit is to us. ;) we will literally fill physical things with digital things. I love it. Lol

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Also, my mind created an oil tanker that was made of electronics cards. From GPUs to ASICs to hard drives... it was quite the vision of a tech tanker... I might be a little too stoned for this. Haha!

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!giphy oil tanker

Amen 🙏!
We totally agree. I just wrote a piece on the same topic yesterday.
I am also waiting to add more STEEM to my account ASAP.

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I’ve almost gotten bored with Steemit, Steem, and SBD. My posts are not shared with #share2steem anymore and the value is terrible. I will hodl just for the simple fact that my investment has went down so far and I’ve lost so much now that selling makes no sense and I may as well hold “just in case”.

Thanks for the motivation and reassurance though.

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Need to make your own value. But votes with smart market and make 20% roi...

I'd love to help for sure!

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@taskmaster4450 i always admire your positive posts about Steem blockchain and have to admit i always admire your perseverance...
Of course that people like @theycallmedan, @exyle, You and Me and a lot more others will buy it up by the truckload specially at one cent (just in case it will reach there) but the problem is a totally different one. We do have a lot of development on our blockchain maybe more then hundreds of other projects all together, is just nobody knows about us, or if they do they have a very wrong idea about what is happening on our blockchain...
Now that Steemit figure out how to cut costs maybe it's time to invest in a professional marketing team and in the same time bring few major names and players on the platform... Yes it will be a bit of investment but without this i think we are a bit doomed!
Just to have an idea take a look at our latest investors: Full steem ahead...Don't get me wrong, it's great that @bitcoinman in this case power up a bit over 3100 SP...but he states in his post that he did that because: "I am a big fan of steemit and a big believer", not to mention that he power up everything and then he started to power down because: "to have some for trading if there is some serious price action"... maybe was a little bit simple to power up just a part and keep some just in case!
But i think a lot of people have absolutely no clue what is happening around and sadly this are our last investors.. the new wave!
And i can give you a lot of more examples.. easy it is to take a look at first of each month at the #spud movement and see some of the reasons why some are powering up. It is great people are powering up don't get me wrong as even me i am doing that but what i am trying to say is that even a lot of people from our community don't have a proper culture about our blockchain so what do you expect from the "outside world"...
It is time for proper marketing and a proper team behind it and it is time for Steemit to make this happen, and as well to bring "couple of big boys in the city", even if there are here just because they are payed...
Otherwise... we will do what you mention in this post... start buying at one cent!

Yes, and I will.
As a consumer of content, and a lowly content creator/commenter/upvoter feeling the upcoming wave of positive developments is a real breather. As saturation of cryptos slowly entering into the scene, investors and “influencers” started to look for real world use cases and application, as well as truly determining the number of community members of many tokens.

Slowly steem will pass their radar and will have a second look, then BOOM, spotlight will be on steem.


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Come back steem! And yeah about to 1900! Loving this week and the 140+ steem power that's happening.

Love this world...

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My fiat wallet is just itching to get some more; trying to be patient but it will be soon when I back up the truck.

After the bearish stuff I have been reading; this is a vitamin boost

I saw the price drop today and all I could think was: How can I buy more?


That’s what I’ve been saying too, I see these times as a gift I’ve been wanting more stake since I got here now that I’m getting it on the cheap I’m smiling form ear to ear if it keeps tanking I’ll keep adding, steem is just moving from weak hands to strong ones and strong ones who have a vision for this place, it’s not a matter of if, only a matter of when this chain takes its rightful place!

People are so focused on users and prices and they forget every big company or tech was shit at one time! Do you think anyone was buying google and Apple stock at year 3? Lol I may have missed the bus with the 2 dot.com runs and a few great BTC runs but I won’t be dumb enough to make that mistake again

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Steem is much more than just blogging, but I hope it does not become just about speculation and exploitation like some coins. I want to see it do well, but irks me that some nasty types will do well from that. I'd rather see them power down now.

The key here is the business world did not. And that is something that we are going to see coming in the next wave.

The thing I think a lot of people forget about as well, is that the business world also includes individuals. :) people like me may not have the ability to dump tens of thousands into crypto, but we do what we can because above all else, we see the true potential that lies behind these concepts, these currencies, this place, these ideas. There is so much more behind the veil that even the people with the most understanding of the current and possible future climates, can’t predict or begin to comprehend. The beauty of nature and life in general is that everything we do and everything we are is chaos. Nothing is set and anything is seemingly possible. There have been many things that “weren’t possible” that ended up coming to fruition through one avenue or another. To believe that the success of steem and its relative partners (dapps, tokens, games, etc) has already been seen, is ignorant, in my opinion. So being that I am also business-minded, it would also be ignorant not to participate and purchase steem. :)

I think my point is mostly that I may not be a large stake holder, but I am one of many who has potential to operate so as to provide gains of my own. The added fact that many people lose hope, get discouraged, can’t see past today, tomorrow, a month from now... are selling their stake, their potential, means that there is even more potential for gains for people like me, with small stakes.

The 50/50 curation alone appeals to me, as that means that now my tiny little vote, will be a bit more mighty. It won’t give much more, but it will benefit me more overall.

The beautiful thing is, if people like myself can get a hold of enough steem while it’s undervalued, when it rises, it means we’ve been stepped up a slight bit on the scale. Not something I’d be unhappy with at all. ;)

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Shit another novel... sorry guys. Lol!

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