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Dear Steemians,

Here is a quick post to tell you that I am doubling up on STEEM. One of the reasons is HF21 (find all the info from @steemitblog's post here) but this is neither the only one or the most important.

I think HF21 has its flows, yes it redistributes more to SP holder, but through this it will bring more investors, therefore more Buying pressure and a better STEEM Price I Believe.

More curation rewards also means more attention spent by SP Holder to curate content of quality. This would be beneficial to the entire STEEM Community.

In the end, what is the point to have 75% of your posts STEEM rewards / SBD if they are valued at a few cents, wouldn't it be better to have 50% of a post valued a few $$$?

Not to mention that your SP and current liquid STEEM would increase in overall value.

As you know, a good STEEM price increase would attract new users, which will make prices go up : Virtuous circle.

Lately, I have assisted to many projects which confirm that STEEM is the Home of an innovating ecosystem with great entrepreneurs

  • @actifit launching its token on Steem-engine
  • @steem-engine allowing projects to get some kind of funding
  • @steemmonsters keeps on rolling ! Guilds are online and I think the phone APP launch will be the "going to mainstream" moment
  • @drugwars developments are continuing and even if the last release was not to the liking of some in the Community, th game is heading in the right direction
  • @nextcolony is launched and people seem to enjoy it
  • @steem-bounty increases interactions between Steemians
  • @steemhunt has maintained a high level of engagement
  • @partiko is working smoothly and is still my go to app on a mobile phone. (@esteem is also very popular)
  • @steempress allow bloggers all over the world to publish on Steem so easily
  • @dtube and @threespeak allow "Youtubers" to share and earn through the STEEM Platform
  • @appics is entering its final phase of development and will launch its token very soon

I could go on and on ! So many great projects out there !

Later, in another post, I will also share with you some doubts about some of the coins that popped up on Steem-Engine and are valued at delirious levels.

Later, in another post, I will also share with you some doubts about some of the coins that popped up on Steem-Engine and are valued at delirious levels.

My Latest Transfers to Steemit


On July, 30th

Preparing HF21

As I want to be very active after this HF21, I decided to increase my SP in order to curate some of the best content creators I know on the STEEM Platform

If you happen to have some Spare SP, do not hesitate to fill my offer on @minnowbooster !

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did : upvote, comment and resteem. I will upvote answers and set a nice @steem-bounty.

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I am totally with you. I think the low price is an opportunity this time. The opportunity is latent and the Ecosystem is maturing.
I specially like that @threespeak is a specific platform for free speech which we will need more of everyday.
Also a huge fan of @nextcolony . A perfect example of the level of detail that Steem based games can achieve.

Thank you, at least we will be wrong TOGETHER 😂.
I have issues with @nextcolony, it is so slow to even just take another planet ! I am waiting forever for this level 12 in explorer skills 😭

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If we are WRONG together, at least we are not insane. Insanity is a minority of one.
Smart fella like you, I will bet along with you.

Read your article and let me Think back one thing.
At the end of 2016, STEEM’s price fell below $0.2.
After May of 2019, its price began to up.
Until the beginning of 2018, the price reached a record high of $8.
Expect STEEM to be able to cheer up again.

Formally, steem used to be one of those coins that people talk about when it comes to bull run and now, the case is different.
People now regard steem as one of the Shitcoins the world ever had while others say that steem has no future and that with time, I will crash to the pit.
Only God knows what will happen to us if this happens.

Agreed that the previous mistakes of Steem Inc. made people leave and disregard the entire projects. I believe the STEEM image could change if we continue to innovate and thrive.

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What innovations are you pegging your hopes to in regard to boosting the value of $STEEM? Please don't say the unicorn, SMT's. I've been here for 2 years this month and have heard of the SMT and its arrival, and where are we still? SMT's nowhere in sight.
Mass adoption won't save STEEM. Especially since it's a better upswing for people's fiat to go into the BTC market rather than the hope and a prayer of STEEM.

I believe the steem community has matured in many ways, there are many talented people who contribute daily to our ecosystem to grow and evolve.

The current price of steem is a great opportunity to invest, of course, no one can be sure, but I think after a couple of months we will see a rise in our currency.

Amen 🙏. This is the thing I wish the most.

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"I think HF21 has its flows, yes it redistributes more to SP holder, but through this it will bring more investors, therefore more Buying pressure and a better STEEM Price I Believe."

Why do you think it would bring more investors? In fact I think if Steem has such a great future the price at which it is now should already be bringing in masses of investors, Steem has been alive for over three years you would think it should be very well known in the crypto world and yet while all other coins surge it stagnates in fact it goes down.
The 50/50 reward is betting on the big holders changing their voting habits and that they will look for the best content to curate, I don't see it that way I see these guys getting some percentage points of rewards more for the same thing they are doing now with no benefits for the rest of us, idem for the other two EIP ideas.

Agreed, but investors will have more incentive to hold in order to maximize returns.
Also, new investors will have a better passive income even if they do not want to post.

I agree with you that it will be hard to allow a change from the big SP holders but through proposals and new projects, latest entrepreneurs kind of caught up, their interests are align with us in that they would love to see Steem price rockets as they take usually a percentage of the service they are offering.

It is clearly a bet but I am willing to take the risk. Steem has been there for 3 years but it evolved and matured a lot. It stayed alive and has some of the greatest community oriented projects I know.

Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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I cannot afford to buy in now, but I am blogging more to take advantage of the increased sp I get on my posts. It adds up faster these days, and I am glad to get it.

This is the way to think about it ! Keep posting :D

That's a lot of steem you buying . Wish I could afford to buy some.

Just buy as much as you can ! If we were all doing this we would be all richer 😂

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The fact that steem is extremely cheap and undervalue at the moment besides the upcomming changes make the perfect match for anyone to double down and accumulate, btc will continue to go up until months before the halving so expect alt coins to suffer, great post

I don't think it's undervalued. During the last 13 weeks, it lost 1/3 of its value in dollars and 2/3 of its value in BTC. No matter what magic you do - you can't win

You will see, markets follow trends. If it start pumping you might even buy some at $0.70 !😂
The thing is I believe STEEM is stronger than a year ago. So either it was overvalued back then or it is undervalued today

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There is totally NO VALUE... It's a game.

It used to not only be the case during the bull market, BTC and altcoins could go up together, lately, Top 3-5 go up and others suffer 😂

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I engaged with many of the same projects you list here and continue to dollar cost average into Steem. Given the recent prices, I am seriously considering a double down as well as it gets me one step closer to 50k which is really where I would like to be and now seems like a great moment to dive in!

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Indeed, I think Steemians sold steem to get steem alts (SE tokens). But most projects are either launched or kind of took advantage of this « SteemICO » frenzy.
People lost money, they might come to the true and only one ! @steem 😂

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In the end, what is the point to have 75% of your posts STEEM rewards / SBD if they are valued at a few cents, wouldn't it be better to have 50% of a post valued a few $$$?

I’m excited for HF21, but I think this is a bad statement to make. This assumes that just because the reward distribution changes, so will people’s rewards... you’re not all of a sudden going to be getting dollars when you’ve only been getting cents. If people weren’t that into your content before, this isn’t going to change that. Lol. Sure, it MIGHT promote more manual voting, but does that mean that all of a sudden the value of posts will all rise? Not at all...

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What I meant is that investors would have better return through curating only, most investors do not have the time nor will to post.
It could attract them which would make the STEEM price go up and total rewards increase. But it is jus a thought probably even a “dream”.
Thanks for leaving a comment @lookplz

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Thanks for using bounties!

Always been a big fan of @steem-bounty 😉

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I think the new changes are going to be very interesting in steem and will change the dynamic. I hope for positive change I'm.glad you are behind it!

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Hopefully we are both right and not blind 😂

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With the present dip, people like you are an inspiration. We are here and we are not going anywhere. Thank you for the motivation.

the HF21 will bring more investors, a better STEEM price of it will be more productive and will bring greater growth that I hope God through I have three years here and I do not change steem I love him ..

With the present dip, people like you are an inspiration. We are here and we are not going anywhere. Thank you for the motivation.

We need to calm down and look at the progress made since the beginning of 2019. We achieved things ! Dapps are rolling and improving, Steem Inc is finally getting with us and working hard. We just need more Steemians now and this is our job to bring them to STEEM.

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Overall, site traffic seems to be going down so I think Steem will have to think & work hard about reaching farther out globally.

Indeed, this is a constant fight for survival.

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All this effervescence now, some buy and power up and others withdraw their money. I support the optimists and hope that the pessimists deceive themselves ...

Amen 🙏

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@vlemon, Great to go through from this blog. Without any doubt the idea 💡 should be bringing more value to Steem and changes should be welcomed and without experiencing the change we will never know where we are moving. Good to see that you are incoming more Steem. Good wishes from my side and keep up the good work.

Thanks mate ! Happy to see you around !

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Welcome and have a pleasant time ahead.

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Exciting times ahead. I just hope this works out for the best. I know gaming is popular but I really think fitness and sports are going to be what kicks things off as far as adoption on here. They really help give people a good feeling and bring people together all around the world. Those are two genius things to build communities around.

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I think gaming and social apps either through fitness or other activities are they key for STEEM to thrive in the future.

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Cool, this is solid action! While for my end, I’m keeping it a consistent habit to post and engage within my ability.

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Keep doing it, it will pay-off !

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I also try to reach dolphin level at least but it seems like impossible at the moment.

Hang in there. Patience pays out in the end 😉

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I think it's an opportunity to encourage users to invest in order to keep winning and besides that to make others win, to recognize the quality of other authors, and good to encourage that it's not the same group of users who are in the spotlight by abusing absurd amounts of votes by means of bots, which eliminate the possibility of authors making themselves known.

The platform is already supported by itself, and for me it is thanks to the thousands of people who have had faith in this platform and have done things well, the investmentist will come and arrive as we have seen in these three years ... but it would not bother me the steem up ... greetings

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I hope you're right, @vlemon! But as more and more people say, there will never be another altcoin season again. And this applies for STEEM too. I personally think this is wrong and the alts will surge again someday. OK, maybe not like the 'good old times', but some rallies will happen.
Who knows, maybe in time STEEM will slowly detach from the other altcoins and find its own way through the market, being less influenced by these aggressive downtrends. But for this to happen, we need more adoption...
Regrading your post, that's what I'm also intending to do: accumulate and power up. Unfortunately I don't have the budget right now to invest and that's why I'll stick to 'growing' the account through blogging and other actions on the platform.


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Dear @vlemon, it is very nice to see someone in still believing in Steem after it value is less than 0,2 usd....
I was steementusiastic and i changed 0,1 btc into steem in the past months, but see the value of btc now it make me very sad, now i could have over 1000 usd value but my steemit account value is just something more than 100 usd, how i can be satisfied?

Agree a the price is low and a good buying opportunity. How far will it go up? No idea if anything. Even if it says the same and you can accumulate more steem still worth it

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You got a 94.03% upvote from @promobot courtesy of @vlemon!

It looks like you really prepared to HF21! But not all of us have such possibilities!
Of course all of us believe in STEEM but after Litecoin halfing t's price fall down.
Anyway crossed fingers and hope that new stage after HF21 bring to all of us just positive emotions!

Certainly something is working well, as all innovation takes time and resources to improve it, I hope that in general steemit is on track

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The apps you mentioned have been built well and is getting adoption within the steemit community but we need a way to attract users outside steemit as well. And I don't think much of that is happening. The steem price is still in 'maybe bull run' so actually anything may happen. But of course Steem cannot die like many think.

The numbers talk for themselves and soon many people will regret not listening to them.

Btw, leasing at this moment is probably the best for me, because vacations are about to start and I´ll be away for quite a while... :D

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