Cannabis Co. Caliva Partners W/JAYZ 🤑

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Jigga Billionaire Banking On Bud

One of California's leading cannabis companies has signed a multi-year deal with Jay Z (Sean Carter). Jigga has proven himself to be much more than a mogul of Hip Hop and has now set his sights on taking on the legal cannabis industry.

Jay-Z’s portfolio is impressive encompassing liquor, art, real estate (homes in Los Angeles, the Hamptons, Tribeca) and stakes in companies like Uber. He has recently made it onto the Forbes list of billionaires and seems to have the Midas touch.

Plus he is married to Bey, so I'm definitely going to keep an eye on this latest venture of his and expect the Caliva brand to go public in the very near future. Partnering with Mr.Carter is by far the best move I've seen a cannabis company make to this date and while it might seem like a slice of pie in the sky today, this move could be the first step to caliva becoming the Nike of weed. Big pimpin slanging G's is not an investment opportunity I'm going to puff puff pass on!

video interview with caliva CEO
publicly traded cannabis stocks
Jayz Brand Strategist Company page

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Forget Jay-Z, that gotta be some wack homegrown.. ;)
Since i got conscious in 2008, i realized that he's just
an opportunist, that are his real friends...
Ah yeah, I am selling all my Jay-Z Vinyls from Reasonable Doubt
'til American Gangsta... holla! ;)

Lol, he isn't an idol of mine but he does churn out bank..Their products are actually really high end, I've tried them. Never would I buy them personally but if any company can get out of Cali and possibly the USA it's this one. They have a good vision and unlike most other cannabis companies they claim to not be simply looking for acquisition and merger. We shall see tho ???

Here u go

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:) I got you!
Respect on the "Ether" selection ;)
I mean, for sure, Jigga is a good business man,
but he def. sould his soul, and when you did that...
Business comes your way...
So what is his real skill?
Selling his soul...

All facts, integrity is a priceless...

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Recently listened to his old album from 1996! Pretty good shit yo!

I personally can’t stand him. I bought the Black Album and rocked it hard, back before I wised up. I try to no longer give power in the form of my dollars to people or companies I don’t believe in. (Have you seem the documentary Ethos?)
All these celebrities selling their names to cannabis corporations make me sick. They don’t care at all about health and freedom for the masses. They are nothing but prostitutes. They see $$$$$. I’m not surprised though. They make their billions off people worshipping them and following their every move. I’m sure this partnership will make a few people a lot of $$$$🤮

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