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RE: Cannabis Co. Caliva Partners W/JAYZ 🤑

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Forget Jay-Z, that gotta be some wack homegrown.. ;)
Since i got conscious in 2008, i realized that he's just
an opportunist, that are his real friends...
Ah yeah, I am selling all my Jay-Z Vinyls from Reasonable Doubt
'til American Gangsta... holla! ;)


Lol, he isn't an idol of mine but he does churn out bank..Their products are actually really high end, I've tried them. Never would I buy them personally but if any company can get out of Cali and possibly the USA it's this one. They have a good vision and unlike most other cannabis companies they claim to not be simply looking for acquisition and merger. We shall see tho ???

Here u go

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:) I got you!
Respect on the "Ether" selection ;)
I mean, for sure, Jigga is a good business man,
but he def. sould his soul, and when you did that...
Business comes your way...
So what is his real skill?
Selling his soul...

All facts, integrity is a priceless...

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