Well free is free....
This might not be the next pal, but on Discord there is a user/ channel where he is very deep into trading.
I love the blogging, but Steem-Engine would not be a success if there weren’t a lot of traders/ investors.
I think SteemLeo will attract investors looking for that additional Upvote that focuses on the world they are already in!

Hey! Glad you're out here spreading the word :)

Yes, we are not trying to be the next pal. The nature for people to speculate is pretty clear, but we're focused on building a network for investing content. The short term fluctuations aren't really a concern of ours. We're working on getting this platform ready to onboard a steady flow of hundreds and then thousands of users each month with the help of a Steem Ninja integration.

If people want to speculate on the token, then that's fine. We're just trying to create a content network that has good content discovery and properly incentivizes content creators and audience members.

I am staking and stacking. I wills say, it might make be branch out a bit for a few different articles. There are some sports tokens too that has a few people excited. So far I have no paid for any tokens, but I am trying to accumulate more.

Still don't know why it tells me my vote is worth 0.632 Leo but it doesnt show up when i upvote. Hope they fix this....

Guess i just need to reload the page

Yep that's the Scot node and actually isn't Steemleo specific. that's how all tribes operate currently because it takes time for it to load. Typically the best way is to upvote, wait about 30 seconds and then reload.

Ahh ok, yeah it was throwing me off with the delay

I did a post on why it works perfectly with steemsilvergold. I Think They may do well on time so I did stake 90 of my 99. Any gains I make I might sell off for steem. Thanks for sharing!!

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The skepticism is totally understandable. The token has definitely exploded in popularity beyond our initial expectations. We like to reiterate that this is a long-term vision. Our goal is to build a real network for the long haul while a lot of people are really focused on the short term speculation of the token.

Our vision will become more clear with time and as we implement our ideas for onboarding users from outside of the Steem blockchain onto Steemleo and set them up with a Steem account. We're building a platform for investment content. Our goal is to have hundreds... thousands.. of new accounts being onboarded through Steemleo in the coming months. We'll be doing the marketing that Steemit should've learned to do 2 years ago and we're only 3 days old.

We hope you decide to stick with the platform and keep posting your investing-related content here on Steemleo. We are always open to criticism and we take it as an opportunity to grow and evolve into the platform that we know we can become. Feel free to hop into our discord if you'd like and you can DM khaleelkazi on there/chat/get a feel for what we're building. Thanks for being a part of this journey ;)

p.s. the reason for oversized payouts is because of the network launch being delayed by about 1 week. This caused the tokens to build up into an excess flow and now they are being distributed. We had a test post up before we launched and upvoted it with a 1,000 LEO stake and it was paying out over 20,000 LEO. Now it's down below 10 LEO as the network finds its equilibrium. They will continue to find a proper equilibrium before the payout window closes and may even continue to do so for a few days after that.

@steem.leo take a look at my post a d see if you think our group and possible our future tokens may work well together. Thanks.

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Steem Leo??? Are you a seller or a Buyer?

Neither, because they didn't do their drop right. I decided to power down my PAL, because I'm not fully trusting of the centralized nature, and I don't like how everyone's so gung ho and dismiss issues. So I didn't get any of the drop. Of course, I'm not sure if I would expect them to fix their drop for people that were powering down their PAL. I don't think I even like that they chose to airdrop to people that had chosen to power up their PAL.

But I'm a I actually will occasionally post on trading, and perhaps is a bit disconcerting...but I also don't really like the centralization of these communities. I myself think I might wait for SMT's if I want to work on a community. I would also have to think about what I would want to do to make the community more decentralized, intelligently, so it wasn't just a dictatorship, even if I would be a malevolent though intelligent dictator.

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