No Such Thing As ______ Killers

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We've all heard the tales of projects the likes of EOS, Cardano, Tron, etc. being referred to as the dreaded "Ethereum Killers". Supposedly, the marketing teams and shills of these projects make the claim that their product is superior in every way. Not only is this a lie, it is just downright foolish when you actually start thinking logistics.


DLT is a very inefficient technology. To claim that a DLT is efficient, decentralized, censorship resistant, fast, and cheap is just outright delusion. Each project has to pick and choose what attributes they want to prioritize. Once the priorities have been chosen and coded in, there is very often no way to turn back.

It is this diversity that makes DLT great. Each community has their own niche with their own advantages and disadvantages. Every project is a platform that could potentially be the best host of a particular dapp or function.

Overhead cost

Even if an 'Ethereum Killer' was better than ETH in every way it still wouldn't sap away the development community that has sunk thousands of hours into learning Solidity programming. Because let's be honest, these aren't products; these aren't currencies. These are communities. If the Denver Broncos win the Super Bowl 10 years in a row everyone isn't going to become a Broncos fan, and it's downright foolish to think that would be the case.

This is the same reason why there can be no Steem killer. How many programmers here have spent hundreds of hours trying to figure all this stuff out? They are suddenly going to jump ship and spend hundreds more hours learning the ins and outs of another project because it might be slightly better? No.


Don't believe the hype. There is no one community to rule them all, and if their was, we should be glad that something so incredibly genius was invented to unite the entire world in harmony. Which is exactly why something like that would never ever happen. We'd be hard pressed to even get 10 people in a room to agree on a controversial topic. Why would blockchain be any different?

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you make a good and valid point here buddy
enjoyed the article

That's why I think the future is in interoperability between DLTs, Eth is secure and decentralized but is slow as hell, Steem and EOS are really fast and more or less secure, but they lack decentralization, if we can use them all in a giant ecosystem where we got some more secure than others, some faster than others, some more decentralized than others, it would be amazing!

Yeah funny I think maybe I should get an etherium wallet. Someone else mentioned they're doing a drop or something right now. No kidding it's such a strange world. Over the weekend I was giving my daughter grief because the meat flavour in her Beyond beef burgers freaking cultured from you no human tissue or whatever Bill Gates is like involved with that or something. I know it seems like something's up the marketing on that shit is huge! And there's just something about the smell that creeps me out. But then I realized today that you know once to three times per day I take a probiotic that has baby poop in it. I say baby poop because somehow that makes me feel better. God it's a strange world! ‍♀️

I'm just learning about ETH now from the game Gds Unchained. The Gas fee's are a killer.. IMO I'm always worried how much is in my tiny wallet and I need to constantly make sure I have at least $1 of ETH.

Otherwise, I'm happy to see useful dAPPS on different chains. It is the internet 3.0

Well not all devs will jump ship.
1 top witness did. @jesta.
At one point no1 witness now ran off to EOS.
Stuff like this happens and its more of a sloe bleedout then anything else when it indeed happens.

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