Introducing steemleak! Feedback requested, service is active from NOW

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Wikileaks has changed the face of world diplomacy

By forcing transparency wikileaks have exposed corruption, toppled governments, inspired citizen-journalists and revolutions around the globe.

Wikileaks is comprised of a worldwide network of volunteers, working with whistleblowers since 2007 to expose injustice, environmental destruction and the corruption of the democratic process .

Wouldn't it be nice if you could use your vote to financially support Wikileaks ?
You can and its simple - fund wikileaks with your vote !

How does this work ?

I have a multitude of ideas for bringing value to both steem and wikileaks . I'd like to open all aspects of these ideas for discussion, so we can find the best solutions and create something we can all be proud of!

After discussion and feedback, formal proposals will be submitted to the steem blockchain to act as a contract and statement of intentions.

For now, I'd like to focus on these as they are most fitting for the steemit platform. This social trust and reputation network is amazing and is a powerful foundation to build tools on. I suggest:

1 : The most advantageous for wikileaks would be for @steemleak act as a donation proxy for wikileaks:

  • Any and all donations, post, comment and curations rewards acquired by @steemleak will be converted to Bitcoin and sent to the official wikileaks public donation address 1HB5XMLmzFVj8ALj6mfBsbifRoD4miY36v listed at This address has been in constant use by wikileaks since 2011
  • Conversion will happen as often as is economical with transaction & exchange fees taken into consideration. Efforts will be made to make the process as efficient, automatic, transparent and secure as possible.
  • Donation reports will be regularly posted with transparent blockchain proof of the whole process. Reports could feature a list of the top supporters in terms of both direct donations and vote weight.

2 : Curated regular wikileaks news updates - to spread knowledge & generate valuable discussion

  • All efforts will be made to ensure updates are well written and illustrated , exposing specific leaks and attempting to generate further discussion and investigation into the issues of the week. Are you an internet detective ? Get paid for your skills!
  • Supporters that participate by bringing relevant, intelligent comments and get rewarded for your time! An intelligent discussion thread generates value for everybody involved - fund wikileaks with your brain

Why do Wikileaks need my help ?

WikiLeaks is entirely supported by donations from the general public.

These donations aren't easy to get, with ongoing payment blockades from all of the major payment processors since late 2010 . Founder Julian Assange noted in his latest book that without bitcoin and the rise of cryptocurrency, they never could have survived this long.

What do Wikileaks do again?

WikiLeaks is an independent, not-for-profit online publisher that works to defend freedom of speech, media publishing and the improvement of our common historical record.

WikiLeaks publishes documents of social, historical and political value that other organisations are unwilling to publish in full.

It publishes original source material alongside news stories so that readers and historians alike can see evidence of the truth.

The best source for more background information on wikileaks is the about page on

Who controls the account keys ?

The account was created by @ausbitbank , on a securely configured QubesOS machine. Master keys were then regenerated, encrypted and placed in offline secure storage in multiple locations. Secure practices are followed to the best of my ability.
As proof I will be the first donation on the blockchain to @steemleak

Can you be trusted ?

I DO NOT want to personally profit from the works of wikileaks, I just want to help support them in any way I can. I have connected my online identity together in a way that would destroy my reputation and a possibly a good chunk of my wealth if I stole funds. I'm also perfectly happy to hand over full ownership to the account keys and matching domain for free if a better solution is found and democratically chosen

Feedback wanted! Tell me what you think in the comments


SteemIt is SteemItLeaks by itself, everything you post can't be censored. It's already a place for journalists and whistle blowers to post their information.

Loving all the applications people are coming up with for Steemit!

Assange Approval™

What's the link how can we use this tool?

Great Idea Ausbitbank, this is a great addition to the Steemit Ecosystem :)

There is a new cool project in our community! I'll keep an eye on your project.

I'm with you guys 100%! Keep up the great work!

I posted about this subject around 3 days ago, I wonder why I didn't receive as much support as you lol but yes steemit should be a more secure platform for leaks.

Good, I hope you bring us constant update to keep the information available for everyone :)

its cool to see all these new apps for this platforms, nice to know many people are in this for the long run

Would be good to get Wikileaks to endorse Steemitleaks. The put there own front end on Steemit.

I like WikiLeaks they provide transparency and balance to this no so perfect world

Upvoted because it is innovative and beneficial. Keep up the good work! Both with the application and wikileaks :)