Can Steemit be used to store public leaks on the blockchain? Steemit might not only be a threat to social platforms!

in wikileaks •  3 years ago  (edited)

I was thinking about this, Steemit has everything stored on the blockchain.
Why don't we start sharing public leaks in here, you know the kind of leaks that big companies/governments would want to delete at all cost if it was to be exposed.

Wikileaks is a great website, but It can always be hacked someday, it can always be shutdown and end up losing valuable leaksof information. Steemit can be more then a threat to social networks, reddit is already fearing the steemit buzz and has been in contact with coinbase recently.

We already see what kind of pressure Steemit is able to push on these big names.
Knowing Steemit store everything on the blockchain and the only way information's on the blockchain can disappear is by hard forking the chain! We have a platform that has probably the most transparent public information on the internet!

What do you think? Can Steemit overtake platforms that seeks to share secret knowledge to the public? Would Steemit be a better choice due to the (almost) unbreakable security the blockchain provide?

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