SteemKitchen Recipe Contest 4 (Week 1 : Starters ) 200 SteemPower delegated for 7 Days to the 2 winners. Yes you heard it.... 2 x 100 sp winners

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The Contest

Week 1 : Starters

Always evolving and learning in steemkitchen our contest is moving to a new themed set format. To make it simpler to plan we will have a revolving set of themes by week.

  • Week 1 : Starters
  • Week 2 : Mains
  • Week 3 : Deserts
  • Week 4 : Snacks
  • Week 5 : Breakfast
  • Week 6 : Drinks/Cocktails

This also in an effort to start building content for the steemkitchen website. If you have further categories that you think needs adding please leave a comment below.

We are going to include a few tips

  • Start your post with a picture of the final product.
  • Add a detailed description.
  • Add the prep time, cooking time and serving size.
  • Add a bullet-ed list of ingredients. ( like this list )
  • Add a numbered list of instructions and include photos if possible.
  • Add a closing paragraph to thank your readers and maybe include why you love this recipe.
  • Include the tags as stipulated below.


Follow these tag structures.

  1. The very first #tag to use will be #steemkitchen to find all our content in one place. (without the #)

  2. Secondly you need to indicate that it is a recipe post by using #steemkitchen-recipe.

  3. Next we want to determine whether the recipe belongs to breakfast,teatime,brunch,lunch,main or dinner and you can write it like this ( dinner-dish or breakfast-dish or desert-dish ect.).

  4. Our next filter will be the cuisine and the origin of the recipe ( chinese-cuisine or french-cuisine or vegan-cuisine ect. ) use what is applicable to the recipe.

  5. Lastly we want to identify the main ingredient in your dish. This we will do by using ( main-potato or main-chicken or main-lambshanks ect. )

Here is an example of a tag list....

steemkitchen steemkitchen-recipe dinner-dish chinese-cuisine main-noodles

If you are using or a third party app to post that takes up one of the tags or a supporter of another community then you can leave out number 5

Tags no 1 to 4 must be included.

Simple hey !!!

To be considered in our challenge :

  1. Use all the guidelines stipulated on top and then bring your link to our Discord Server and post it for us into the contests-submissions channel.
  2. Resteem this post or even better write an article about it and feel free to use any steemkitchen banners from this post.

Rules :

  1. Your entry must reach us before the payout of this post.

  2. The winner of the previous round will be naming the winner of the next round. The previous winner will not be able to win or be chosen in the following weeks contest.

  3. You are welcome to submit more than one entry.

  4. SteemKitchen reserves the right to veto a chosen winner if we see gaming of the system or not all requirements are present. The contest is meant to be for the community by the community.

Sponsors :

We are proud and very thankful of our Contest Sponsor @rishi556. He kindly made available another 200 SP for us to be able to give another prize of a 100 sp per week to our members.

Be kind and support his blog and ventures on steemit.

Winners From Contest no 3 ( TuTTi FruTTi )

Firstly I would like to thank all the participants for all the wonderful recipes received for the contest.

We received top quality entries from @lizelle, @rusdiana, @avizor, @jennifer78 and @sigilmancy but as with all contests winners need to be chosen. Show some love for the effort and time these members put in to give us these fantastic recipes.

The two recipes that was chosen to receive the Delegations for this week by last weeks winners @lizelle and @joyrobinson is :

@avizor with her rendition of Tutti Frutti strawberries coconut crisp shake


@sigilmancy with her recipe for Sunday Apple Pie

Congratulations and enjoy the 100 steempower delegation for the week. (Ps. please coordinate between you to choose the winners of the next round )

For tips and discussion on this challenge you are welcome to come chat with us at the Discord Server.

Hope you have lotsa fun!!!!



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Congratulations to the winner

Congratulations to the winners, enjoy your SP!
Thank you for the contest @steemkitchen, nice that we can do some forward planning :)


Thank you very much for your input and direction.


Only a pleasure :)

Ahhh thank you, I feel so honored to have been chosen as a winner again! You guys rock so hard, and congrats to the other winner as well :D

Congratulations @avizor and @sigilmancy 👏🏻👏🏻

congratulations to the winners, to enjoy their 100 sp

I will probably wait for week 4 for snacks..... unless I can find something in the past for mains...

My mains look more like snacks haha.... as I like to eat in small portion but in a more frequent way.