@steemkitchen "Picks of the week" from the SteemKitchen community (Week Ending 18/05)

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@steemkitchen will choose 5 recipes from our community each week and feature in our weekly "Picks of the week" post.

This feature is to encourage our users to improve on their content and recipe posts and to have an incentive to produce the best recipe collection from across the world in one place.

This feature will also in time stand as a benchmark and example for all the users of SteemKitchen to aspire to.

Here follows our forth edition of recipes:

  1. The first recipe by @ladycasper features again a soup. For the fish lovers among us this looks to be a recipe to try. It looks real easy to prepare and the final product looks yum. Click here to visit the recipe.

  2. The second featured recipe is by @vipnata. Potatoes is a family favorite in our house. One of the most versatile ingredients with so many uses. This dish proving that anything is possible. Click here to visit the recipe.

  3. Our third recipe is by @plantstoplanks. Here you get a double yummy. Yes you heard it right, two soups in one post and both prepared with lots of love for the healthy cooking minded among st us. Click Here to visit the recipe.

  4. The forth featured recipe is by @daisyt23. Looking for a salad with a twist. Click Here to visit the recipe.

  5. Our fifth and last recipe for this week is by @nicoleslife. Don't think I know a person that does not love pancakes. With this recipe there will be absolutely no excuse to pass the desert table. Click here to visit the recipe.

That's it for our "Picks of the week". We listed some recipes from across the globe. Some posts perfectly prepared and some others that stand out because of the content that was provided. Highlighting these users in hope you will visit their pages and give them some love within our community. Next week it might just be you.

Thank you for reading and make sure to join our Discord Server and follow @steemkitchen for more curated recipes and fun contests.

Important note to @steemkitchen members : These recipes are chosen from posts using the #steemkitchen and #steemkitchen-recipe tag


Hiya steemkitchen! Thanks for upvoting my baked potato and ogling my steak 😎👍

...i’ll be back

Wow.. Thanks @steemkitchen for being the chosen picks of the week! I am very grateful and more inspired, thank you so much :)

Thank You for inspiring us with your recipe and post.

Congrats Daisy!
Lami 😋

Good stuffs 😋😋😋

Looks good! Thanks!

Is a good thing and of a priveilege finding myself among this great community. Congratulations to picks of week. Wish oneday my african receipe will be featured as a pick of the week.

Thank you so much for the feature 😊❤

Heeey, I am really happy to see my post featured here! It's really flattering to see my work appreciated! Thank you!

Keep stacking those original recipes

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