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The steemjet music department presents the first ever steemjet musical, a music competition created by @langford and sponsored by @dimimp . We are searching for the best of music talents on the steemit community. The steemjet community is here to stay on this platform and we will continue to grow. If you think you got what it takes to be the first steemjet musical superstar and claim a spot in the spaceforce as well as win the grand prize then show us what you got.




  • Winner - 200 steems plus a slot in spaceforce one

  • First runner up - 150 steems plus a slot in the spaceforce

  • Second runner up - 100 steems plus a slot in the spaceforce

  • Fourth and Fifth Places - 80 steems each plus slots in the spaceforce

  • Other 5 contestants that makes it to the top ten all get slots in the space force

  • Consolation prices available



The audition stage will commence on Wednesday 20th of June 2018 (20/06/2018) and close Wednesday 27th of June 2017 (27/06/2018)

  • Interested contestants are to submit one video entry for the audition stage.

  • Interested contestants must be following this account and must resteem this post.

  • Any contestant that post more than one entry in a particular stage will be disqualified.

  • All entries must have steemjetmusical as first tag and steemjet should be one of the other tags.

  • After submission closes judges will select top 20 contestants to go into the other round.


This stage starts Friday June 29th and closes Tuesday July 3rd 2018

  • In this stage the top 20 contestants picked by the judges will submit another video entry.

  • Standard for judging will be increased at this stage so you have to give in your best.

  • Double entries not accepted.

  • Judges will select top 10 entries that will go into the next round.


This stage commences on Thursday 5th of July 2018 and ends on Saturday 7th of July 2018

  • In this stage the top 10 contestants will drop 1 video entry each.

  • Judges will select top 3 entries to go to the final stage.

  • The public will vote for 2 other contestants to join the judges' pick in the final.


This stage commences on Monday 9th of July 2018 and ends Tuesday 10th of July 2018

  • The top 5 contestants are to drop one video entry each.

  • Extra credits will be given to original songs.

  • Judges will review videos and announce winner and runner ups.


  • All entries must use the tags #steemjetmusical and #steemjet

  • All video entries should not be less than 2 minutes.

  • Winner will be tasked with composing the official steemjet anthem.



Lovely, I like the style you approach things. Are you also a song writer?

Yeah I’m a song writer and I write all my songs . Thanks mate

Super great voice, such a talent.

Are there any other disqualifications or is it just a double entry can get one disqulified

No double entries

Thats a very nice one i which i have that talent to sing never the less who knows i may find my self in the muddle of this all may be i will give it a try.

I want to know, are instrumentalists accepted too??!!... I mean a music video without vocals. Just a person playing the instrument. And also, can a person play for someone else to sing??!!... IS that an acceptable video for this contest??!!...

Here is my entry. It's about 30mins to midnight. I hope it is not too late?

Do i upload the video through dtube, dlive or youtube? @steemjetmusic

You can use either, YouTube is more preferable as @langford replied already in other comment.
Make a post, use the # and you can drop the link to the post here.

My entry for the Steemjet Musical Contest
I hope you love it :)

Thanks for putting up this wonderful contest bro. Here's my entry

I just saw this contest and I just have to join it. Thanks to the organisers. Below is my entry.

Each entry, are we to drop different song or same song as the contestant is progressing to another stage?

Also where are we to submit our video entry? Is it here as a comment or where? I need all this details so I can start as soon as possible. Thanks

Just use the tag and you can also post link here too. Normally it will be different songs for different stages

This is a good question. I also would like to know where the videos would be dropped. Should we create an article and drop the link here or just drop the video link as a comment??

a question should the entries be in the English language or can they sing in Spanish? Thank you

You can sing in any Language. It's for everyone

I'm not a superstar when it comes to singing but I'm not totally bad. I'm gonna do this.

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i wil do what i can do

Wow this is cool....I love music 🎶
I’m gonna do my entry 💃🏼

Please do apply.

Since any song is allowed, i can enter the contest with a song i recorded in the studio right?

This is interesting, even though I am not good in singing, I will resteem this post, so that more talented people can get to see it

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Thanks for organizing this contest

Here's my entry

I hope you like it

Thanks, cheers 🍻

Ooh wow, I wish i found this earlier!
I'll definitely participate in the next one

Wow this is lovely....
Please is it any kind of song at all?
What about instrument? Is it allowed?
Are we to use Dlive or can we use Youtube?
What criteria are we looking at please?
So we wont make mistakes.
Thank you so much.
Long live @Steemjet
Long live @Steemjetmusic

Youtube is more preferable but you can either.. Any type of song is allowed and you can add instruments to your singing

Thank you so much for replying. :)

Here's my entry, only heard about it today, and the post had already paid out so I couldn't resteem, hope I won't be penalised for that.

hi guys, just seeing this. sorry i couldnt resteem. its past the payout. here is my link to the video. Thanks

I sound like a dying toad when i sing so this contest is not for me😢 but if there is ever gonna be the best bathroom singer contest then im in😁

Here is my entry guys..thank you for the opportunity.

Greetings to the steemjet community especially the organizers of the steemjet musical contest. This is MY ENTRY TO THE STEEMJET MUSICAL CONTEST.
I'm sorry l was aware of the audition and it only Godspeed that has enabled me submit this today,l hope it is considered because l have put in so much to this.. I'm so sorru for the inconveniences l have caused the noble organizers.

I don't have any idea. Yet about steemjermusicl but is it okay to used anysong to compete ? Cover songs?

Can a group enter the contest or is it just for individual Acts?

Yea all of you will share the price then if you win

Yes why not you can.

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