Introducing the STEEMCROONERS to dimimp ( a music band in the steemJET community )

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Good day everyone on the steemJET space force. Good day to Our exclamation - inspiring Boss @dimimp. First, I would love to thank @dimimp for this initiative. Not every one that finds gold at his backyard calls others to come and mine.
Well I would be introducing to you guys and to @dimimp, a group of singers and songwriters on the steemjet community. We have adopted the name SteemCrooners. We are aimed at the production of songs with catchy backgrounds or themes that would carry the words of steem and cryptocurrency.

You sir in your last post made it clear that not everyone has a Steemit account. But we are talking global adoption here Sir. So this is why our songs are going to be published on more prominent platforms like sound cloud and YouTube for example.

Like you earlier said sir, the audio and video people on the space force have a huge part to play in the mass adoption. Also the tech people too. So with their assistance, we will move only forward. This is why we the SteemCrooners would work and walk with the tech department headed by @gutzygwin to promote our work which is invariably steemjet's work.

Here is a demonstration sir. It is a very primitive demo but it is a song written by our song writers and performed by two space force singers. We used an android karaoke application as we were not able to get audio equipments so we had to make our lyrics into an already existing melody. Here it is sir.



I'm in dirt baby,I need a bath
I need a shower shower
I need it now

Your burning passion
Put into work
Earns a bath, ohh!
Mine and get some.


The steem comes showering down
The love is going around
And then you'll come here to stay

They'll see that you going up
They'll see that its one way up
N then they'll come here to have (some) .....


Steemjet , steem bath
Won't you come and put it down on me
My heart, my mind
To the force is all I'll give
You put me in the force and make me work right
So all can see this in my life
Steemjet , steem bath
You better put it down on me.


I want that jet yoke.
I need that steem on me
I want that something that wanna make them all come and see
That there's a way to mine
And there's no Better way
Cause steem jet's hotter than the northern Nigerian day

Steem jet is a way,to have a job that pays.
Now common let's get on this, the sky's no limit
I'm in...

The song is titled "Steem Bath" and it was written into the melody of "sugar" by maroon 5.
It was produced by


@yourmercury (sf 7)


@adamzi (sf 7) and a recording artiste
@yourmercury (sf 7)

Steemcrooners is a group of talented musicians on the steemjet community aimed at producing songs that would preach the gospel of Crypto- currencies.


@adamzi (sf 7) (singer)
@yourmercury (sf 7) (singer)
@benlegend-1 (sf 7) (singer)
@juderoyal (song writer)
@mikay (songwriter)
@drumstix (drummer)


On the wings of super stars we are words and steem

We hope you accept our proposal
By @yourmercury sf7


amazing stuff! I am making sure that all members of your team get on SF7 at least!

My sincerest gratitude to you, Boss @dimimp. We're very lucky to know you and feel incredibly blessed. @steemjet is going to keep flying.

-steemcrooners drummer-

Thank You for your approval @dimimp. We are very happy to be given into your service. SteemJET is leaving turbulence .

My deepest gratitude sir @dimimp

It's a nice one.

Thanks for supporting @uche-nna

I'm very glad to work with the steemcrooners and Once the site is modified, I will make sure this is on our activity page as a segment for showcasing steemcrooners and their talented works. For the moment, I will create a community category under our discord server for steemcrooners.

I like your initiative and I'm giving it an approval and a GO - Ahead. You guys will make steemjet a better place.

Thanks for your support and kind words @gutzygwin. Your support is a positive step in the right direction. We must reach out to more people about the benefits of steem.

~steemcrooners (songwriter)~

you are hired!

Thanks @dimimp. I really appreciate this

Congratulations @mikay

Congratulations @mikay

Thank you very much @gutzygwin for your support. This is our main aim.. The Job must begin today.. Let the steemjet activities commence.
An account for the steemcrooners is being created at the moment.

Thanks for recognizing us and supporting our band. @gutzygwin
And wow, It would be really wonderful if you'd support us in every way you have stated in your comment above.
I think i speak for every member of the steemjet crooners ...when i say we are very grateful.

congratulations, you are hired!

Wow! My oh my, this is real talent. As funny as the lyrics may be, this was an exceptional performance and production. Well done @yourmercury and all who put in efforts to produce this

Thanks very much. Its the motive of the force that is inspiring it

Thanks very much. Its
The motive of the force that
Is inspiring it

                 - yourmercury

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Wow @steemjet recognizes!!
Im so glad!!
Steemjet all the way!!!!

This is awesome. Joining y'all soon

It would be my pleasure working with you my man!

You are already in the band my man.

Welcome!!! Bienvenue!!!!!

Sometimes it can be really hard to figure out what to write when you want to express thanks, but all I can say is I am really glad I found steemjet
And I'm really happy the project that we the steemcrooners have been working on for some time now is a success.
I hope to work on many more projects for steemjet, to help advance the mission of this organization.

                      -jude royal
   A songwriter of the steemCrooners

Nice one man!

This is great work, The steemjetcrooners are really reward deserving

I like your idea, it's S brilliant one. Am always a lover of music, I do some project on talking music
You may derive pleasure in seeing this

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