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RE: Introducing the STEEMCROONERS to dimimp ( a music band in the steemJET community )

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I'm very glad to work with the steemcrooners and Once the site is modified, I will make sure this is on our activity page as a segment for showcasing steemcrooners and their talented works. For the moment, I will create a community category under our discord server for steemcrooners.

I like your initiative and I'm giving it an approval and a GO - Ahead. You guys will make steemjet a better place.


Thanks for your support and kind words @gutzygwin. Your support is a positive step in the right direction. We must reach out to more people about the benefits of steem.

~steemcrooners (songwriter)~

you are hired!

Thanks @dimimp. I really appreciate this

Congratulations @mikay

Congratulations @mikay

Thank you very much @gutzygwin for your support. This is our main aim.. The Job must begin today.. Let the steemjet activities commence.
An account for the steemcrooners is being created at the moment.

Thanks for recognizing us and supporting our band. @gutzygwin
And wow, It would be really wonderful if you'd support us in every way you have stated in your comment above.
I think i speak for every member of the steemjet crooners ...when i say we are very grateful.

congratulations, you are hired!